10 Anime Love Letter Confessions That Touched Our Hearts

Anime love confessions feel like a love letter to old-school crushes and childhood memories. There’s something so refreshing about seeing earnest feelings expressed by anime characters, especially when those confessions are poetic and meaningful. Romantic confessions give people the courage to show love in reality, so they are always a joy to watch.

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There are many ways to confess love in anime, but the best love confessions are thoughtful to the recipient. While considering who a person is at their core, anime characters have a particular grace when showing devotion. Whether the result comes out like a whisper or a shout, these characters put their hearts on the line for love and show everyone the true potential of romance.

10/10 Sawako Is More Courageous Than Most

From Me To You/Kimi ni Todoke

Sawako has a rough beginning in From Me To You, as her classmates liken her to the frightening ghost from The Ring named Sadako. Although no one seems to understand Sawako, Kazehaya makes a point of being kind and greeting her. Sawako learns the true meaning of friendship thanks to him, so when she confesses her gratitude in an empty classroom, the moment holds a lot of weight.

While hiding behind a classroom door, Sawako expresses how special he is to her and hopes that he understands. Sawako is normally too shy to convey her feelings, so her love confession is more courageous than most.

9/10 Otani Pushes Aside His Insecurities

Lovely Complex

After rejecting Risa once already, Otani from Lovely Complex finally accepts her feelings for him. He hesitates at first because he’s shorter than her, and the two are known as the comedic duo at school based on their height difference. Otani pushes aside his insecurities and surprises Risa when he shows up at the fireworks event.

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The moment is impactful because Risa pines after Otani for a long time, and their friendship is tested by the romance. Otani builds self-confidence through his love for Risa, and his heartfelt confession on the rooftop is thoughtful enough to be a love letter.

8/10 Edward Makes A Serious Moment Funny

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

In Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Edward’s love confession to Winry feels entirely organic, and that’s because he expresses himself in the best way he knows how. Using the alchemy phrase “equivalent exchange,” Edward tells Winry that he wants to spend his life with her. The moment feels last minute because he’s about to board a train, and his phrasing is not the most romantic in anime, but the confession is genuine because of their comedic dynamic.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood doesn’t focus much on the romance between the two childhood friends, so Edward’s clumsy confession is golden to fans. The expression of love feels like an ode to their shared childhood, which more than qualifies the moment as a love letter confession.

7/10 Usui Pleads For A Serious Answer


Usui spends most of Maid-sama! teasing Misaki for her secret identity as a maid, but his feelings for her are entirely serious. Misaki doesn’t trust the popular boy because his way of showing love is mischievous. However, she learns that underneath his playful persona is a more mature side, and he reveals that side of himself when he pleads for Misaki to take him seriously.

In an empty classroom, Usui corners Misaki and earnestly confesses his love. In a moment of shared vulnerability, Usui’s confession feels sincere enough for Misaki to accept. After many episodes of relentless teasing, the quiet moment between the high schoolers seems long overdue.

6/10 Mikasa Shows Love Like It’s Her Last Chance

Attack On Titan

Mikasa is cool even when she’s confessing her love to Eren. With the ever-present threat of Titans rampaging the land, it’s hard to convey romantic feelings. However, Mikasa doesn’t let the circumstances stop her from telling Eren how much she cares for him. In fact, it’s because she feels close to death that she reveals her feelings for the Attack On Titan protagonist.

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The confession is special because Mikasa often hides her emotions and doesn’t express love often. While holding on to Eren’s red scarf, Mikasa bares her soul like it’s the last thing she’ll ever do. Though the context is grim, Mikasa’s confession remains the sweetest moment in the series.

5/10 Miyamura Makes It Clear That He’s Not Going Anywhere


In Horimiya, Miyamura’s first confession to Hori is so casual that it seems like breathing to him, and his second one feels just as natural. When Hori becomes sick, she doesn’t know how to ask him to stay with her. However, Miyamura wastes no time telling Hori that he’s not going anywhere. The moment isn’t a clear expression of love, but that’s what makes it so authentic.

Miyamura’s willingness to stay with Hori conveys his feelings better than anything. By reassuring Hori and staying attentive to her needs, Miyamura shows a mature form of love. His smooth confession is the love letter that everyone needs in their life.

4/10 Hinata Risks Her Life To Save Naruto


After Sakura’s insincere confession to Naruto, Hinata’s genuine feelings are a relief to Naruto fans. Hinata fights to save Naruto’s life when Pain pins him down with steel rods, even though she knows it won’t end well. The moment is heartbreaking because Naruto doesn’t realize Hinata’s feelings until the last second. Much like Naruto’s effort to save her from bullies as a child, Hinata risks her life to protect him.

Hinata confesses her love for Naruto through action, and her sincerity speaks volumes. Based on the tragic timing, Hinata’s confession feels like a handwritten letter to a lost love.

3/10 Sakuta Shouts For The World To Hear

Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

Sakuta from Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai is out of pocket for shouting his feelings so loud, but his sincere feelings for Mai can’t be denied. With more courage than most high schoolers, Sakuta runs outside and tells everyone how much he loves Mai’s bunny costume. She feels embarrassed and slaps him afterward, but Sakuta regrets nothing. His loud declaration of love shows how much he cares for her.

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Even though the moment is cringy, Sakuta’s bold confession still deserves praise. The rushed nature of the confession doesn’t change how earnest the moment feels.

2/10 Nanami Doesn’t Care If She Gets Rejected

Kamisama Kiss

In Kamisama Kiss, Nanami pours her heart out to Tomoe, knowing he doesn’t return her feelings. The ironic part of the confession is that their mutual friend, Kurama, suspects Nanami’s love for Tomoe based on her young age. When Tomoe brings the subject up casually, she’s determined to confess no matter the outcome.

As expected, Tomoe harshly rejects Nanami’s confession and tells her to get some cool air. Still, Nanami holds firm to her unrequited love for Tomoe, not letting the bittersweet moment change her mind.

1/10 Kyo Apologizes For Hurting Tohru’s Feelings

Fruits Basket

Kyo’s confession to Tohru is the most satisfying moment in Fruits Basket. Although Tohru runs away from him, Kyo is determined to explain himself and apologize. When they finally meet, he wipes her tears and confesses his love. Even if he’s cursed as the cat spirit, he still wants to be with Tohru.

The reciprocation of feelings is instant, and the curse breaks for Kyo soon after. The couple’s newfound freedom feels like a long-awaited love letter that touches the hearts of all Fruits Basket fans.

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