10 Best Attractions For Anime Fans At New York Comic Con 2022

New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2022 is just around the corner, and there’s been several big announcements that should have any anime fan excited to attend! NYCC takes place October 6th-9th 2022, and is the hub of popular nerd culture-including, but not limited to, comics, movies, television, and anime.

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NYCC has a diverse amount of attractions for any anime fan to get involved with while attending the popular convention. From meet-ups to panels to autographing sessions, there are a lot of ways for fans to get involved and have fun at NYCC, including some attractions that will appeal especially to anime fans.

10/10 Photo Meet-Ups Are Great For Cosplayers

Both anime fans that like to cosplay and even those who don’t will be excited to learn about the cosplay meet-ups that happen at NYCC. At certain points of the day, different popular anime like One Piece and Dragon Ball Z have meet-ups scheduled where fans cosplaying from those shows meet up at a certain place to take scheduled photos with each other.

These meetups are a great opportunity to meet other people cosplaying characters from the same anime or take pictures with a particular character. Even for non-cosplayers, it can be fun just to observe all of the fun shenanigans that are likely to happen during the photo shoot.

9/10 Learn What’s New At Anime Distributor Panels

Anime and manga distributors like Crunchyroll and Viz will be hosting panels where they’ll discuss all of the upcoming news and features that will be happening in the next year. Both Crunchyroll and Viz will have panels at different times on Friday, and they’re a must-see for any anime or manga fan that wants to know what’s coming down the pipeline!

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There’s nothing better than getting to see announcements happen in real time. These events are sure to have exciting news and exclusives for anime and manga fans, so it’s definitely something to check out if able!

8/10 The My Hero Academia Concert Will Be Super

On Friday night at 8:30pm, there will be a live performance that My Hero Academia fans won’t want to miss! The “My Hero Academia Live Concert” will feature a rock band-plus special guest, voice actor Justin Briner- performing iconic songs from My Hero Academia soundtracks.

The concert is sure to provide an amazing, immersive concert experience for any fan of the popular shonen anime. Fans can only hope they will create a performance that ranks just as high as Class 1A’s own rock band performance!

7/10 Buy The Best Art From Artist Alley

Artist Alley is a section of NYCC where artists from across the country come together to showcase and sell their works. Fans can browse the hall for art of their favorite characters and series and meet a variety of small-time artists.

There’s often a variety of work available for purchase, from prints to pins to stickers to T-shirts. It’s a great place to stock up on more anime merchandise, since fans can always use more! Plus, many of the artists will even do commissions if fans want a particular, lesser known character.

6/10 Watch Anime Streams With Other Fans

There’s also a variety of options to watch episodes or new releases for different anime at New York Comic Con. There’s typically streaming events for new or iconic episodes, and occasionally even big releases. For example, this year there will be streams for both One Piece (episodes #1029 and #1030) and Bleach (episode one of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War).

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Anime streams are a great opportunity to watch new or popular content of fans’ favorite animes, especially when it’s exclusive content. Plus, fans can even bond with other people at the viewing over their love of the same anime!

5/10 Listen To Anime Records

This year at NYCC, there will be a panel specifically focusing on music in anime. “Records of Anime: Collecting Anime Music Vinyl” will teach fans about the difference listening to anime on vinyl records makes, as well as everything fans need to know to start amassing a record collection.

This panel is even sponsored, and will feature special giveaways with vinyl prizes! It’s truly a great way to learn more about vinyl records and better understand its superiority when it comes to listening to anime soundtracks.

4/10 Celebrate Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon fans will be excited to learn there is a special event commemorating its anniversary! “Sailor Moon Fan Club: Celebrating 30 Years Of Sailor Moon” will be hosted Saturday afternoon, and is the perfect panel for any fan.

This panel will feature podcast host Victoria L. Johnson as she brings together content creators and industry leaders to discuss the impact of Sailor Moon. This is a great opportunity for any Sailor Moon fan to reconnect with the joys of the anime and truly bring it back to life again.

3/10 The Exhibitor Hall Will Drain Your Wallet-In A Good Way

The exhibitor hall is one of the largest attractions of NYCC, and features a huge hall filled with companies selling a wide range of merchandise- including anime products. These retailers sell a variety of products-from clothing to prop weapons to figurines and more. It’s a great place to stock up on more anime pieces for any fan’s collection.

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The exhibitor hall is often crowded, but it’s definitely worth maneuvering through even just to see the wide range of products available for purchase. Some fans might even get inspired to watch something new!

2/10 Don’t Miss The Chainsaw Man Exclusive Premiere

Any fan who is excited about the anime debut of Chainsaw Man will want to check out the “Chainsaw Man Dub Cast Panel and US Premiere”. This panel will start by featuring a conversation with the English dub cast to get fans geared up for the upcoming release.

Even more exciting, this panel will also feature the exclusive US premiere of the first episode dubbed! It’s a don’t miss for any fan of the popular manga series who has been waiting for the anime adaptation!

NYCC also features an assortment of autographing sessions with popular voice actors in anime. For example, dub voice actors Justin Briner and Chris Sabat will both be hosting autographing sessions at the convention, which is a great way for fans to meet the voices behind some of their favorite characters.

Plus, fans get to leave with a special piece of the character and actor to take home- a signed photo. Autographing sessions are a fun way to connect with the actor behind many fan-favorite characters that fans love.

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