10 Best Josei Anime With The Worst Reputations

Josei is not a well-known anime genre, so it can be hard to classify what anime are josei and what are shojo. Since there aren’t many josei anime to begin with, it can be hard to find a really good one that’s engaging to watch. Sometimes the large differences between josei anime and more mainstream anime make josei seem less entertaining.

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The unique plots and characters featured in josei anime make up for some josei anime’s simplistic nature. Nodame Cantabile, Super Seisyun Brothers, and 07-Ghost are examples of josei anime that have a reputation for seeming ordinary or boring at first, but have great storylines that make them worth watching.

10/10 A Destructive God Sits Next To Me’s Characters Are Relentlessly Funny

Seri, from A Destructive God Sits Next To Me, spends his days trying to ignore the antics of his classmate, Hanadori. The anime is a chaotic story about the active imaginations of school students.

Although this josei has an immature and childish storyline, its light humor is an excellent counterpart to all the dark josei out there. The fun characters’ designs and personalities in this anime make A Destructive God Sits Next To Me worth watching, despite the trivial plots each episode focuses on.

9/10 Nodame Cantabile’s Portrayal of Love Is Accurate & Appropriate

Nodame Cantabile is an anime about the relationship between prodigious music student Noda and an aspiring conductor named Shinichi. This josei anime has a similar premise to Ristorante Paradiso. Both anime focus on the development of a young adult’s love life as they find the career that calls them.

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However, the romance in Nodame Cantabile is more appropriate and depicted better. These romances have comedic elements, but still portray romantic relationships in a more realistic light. This anime is not well-known, but it’s a great anime for josei and classical music fans.

8/10 The Sibling Interactions In Super Seisyun Brothers Are Entertaining

Super Seisyun Brothers is an anime about the high school lives of two pairs of siblings. The anime has a very light vibe and aesthetic, so it’s perfect for casual viewings. The short episodes also make this anime less of a commitment to watch since it could be binged in approximately a day.

While Super Seisyun Brothers may seem lackluster at first, it has a soft comedic nature that is similar to The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. There isn’t much of a greater plot. Still, the chill atmosphere of this anime shouldn’t be overlooked because of its episodic format.

7/10 The Comedy In Jingai-San No Yome Is Wholesome

The storyline of Jingai-san No Yome is based on middle school student Tomori’s impromptu arranged marriage with Kanenogi. Jingai-san No Yome is one of the light josei anime that focuses on the funny moments in high school rather than darker or more mature themes.

Josei anime are known for their depictions of the hardships of adult romance and general life, so comedy josei aren’t often as popular as darker josei like Paradise Kiss and Tomie. Despite this anime’s differences from josei, it still has many funny elements that can even draw in viewers who don’t typically like this genre of anime.

6/10 SERVAMP Is Both An Action & Josei Anime

In SERVAMP, high school student Shirota accidentally teams up with a vampire named Kuro. Before they met, Shirota took on many responsibilities by himself and struggled to accept help from others. Later, after Shirota witnessed another vampire attack his friends and instinctively jumped in to help.

However, Shirota didn’t have enough strength to defeat the vampire on his own, which is when Kuro stepped in. Both Shirota and Kuro value their independence and time alone to the point of it being detrimental to them. However, when they team up, they learn to trust the other person. SERVAMP has dark fantasy elements and includes bloody fight scenes, but this show is a good choice for fans of action and thriller anime.

5/10 The Characters In Code: Realize~Guardian Of Rebirth Have Great Personalities & Designs

Code: Realize~Guardian of Rebirth’s plot follows the story of Cardia, a young lady with the ability to involuntarily incinerate any object or person who touches her. As a result of her strong abilities, many organizations hunt her down to attempt to control her power. She is taken by Lupin and Impey, who hide her so the government can’t use her abilities to hurt others.

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This anime’s beautiful art style complements its storytelling. Similar to Amnesia, this anime is based on a game. Although this anime is lesser-known, the detailed character designs and interesting plots featured in Code: Realize~Guardian of Rebirth make it a good choice for fans of josei and action anime.

4/10 The Main Friendship In 07-Ghost Makes It A Hidden Gem

The plot of 07-Ghost follows Teito as he escapes from a military school. He was initially one of the most promising students, but after overhearing a conversation he wasn’t meant to witness, he was forced to run away.

Even at Teito’s lowest, his close friend, Mikage, helped him sneak out and gave him a getaway vehicle. 07-Ghost is much lesser-known, but it has great character depth and an interesting plot. This josei has many sci-fi elements, but it is definitely worthwhile to watch.

3/10 Orenchi No Furo Jijou Has Cute Relationship Dynamics

Orenchi No Furo Jijou is an anime about a merman named Wakasa who ends up living in the main character’s, Tatsumi’s, bathtub after his lake gets too polluted to live in. The large differences between Wakasa’s peppy, bright attitude and Tatsumi’s reserved nature and darker aesthetic create an interesting dynamic between the characters.

They fit the popular trope of the cheerful blonde and his stoic, dark-haired friend. While the fantasy elements of Orenchi No Furo Jijou differ from the realistic elements of stereotypical josei, the surprising relationship that blooms between Wakasa and Tatsumi creates a wholesome dynamic that fans of romance anime may enjoy.

2/10 A Summer Snow Rendezvous Focuses On An Unexpected Love Triangle

A Summer Snow Rendezvous is a romance josei about Ryosuke’s struggle to woo a young widowed woman named Shimao despite the interference of her husband’s, Atsushi’s, ghost. The anime has an endearing portrayal of lasting love and shows the sadder side of romance.

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A Summer Snow Rendezvous’ calm slice-of-life vibe isn’t as noteworthy as other anime. Its plot is unique, but not outstanding, and the art style is similar to more popular anime. However, the journey to accepting the loss of a loved one shown in A Summer Snow Rendezvous is accurate and comforting.

1/10 The Unique Plot Of xxxHOLiC Is Informative

The plot of xxxHOLiC focuses on high-school student Watanuki’s interactions with the fortuneteller Yuko. This anime is episodic, and each episode tells the story of a modern event inspired by Japanese legends.

xxxHOLiC has an iconic art style and is known for its depiction of tall and slim characters. This anime also depicts the effects of the spiritual world on the living world in an entertaining way. The nature of this anime may make it only appeal to some, but it’s still a quality show.

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