10 Best Romance Anime With a Happy Ending

Tired of sad endings in romance anime? Fret not! Here are the best romance anime with happy endings.

A romance anime with a happy and joyful ending for the main characters always evokes a satisfying feeling in fans. There are plenty of anime series and movies with tragic and sad endings, but we’ve compiled a gleeful list of the best romance anime with happy endings!

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  1. Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You

    Nasa Yuzaki is a studious young boy who is determined to get into a top-notch high school. He is absolutely certain about what he wants his future to look like.

    On the day of his high school entrance exam, he comes across a beautiful girl named Tsukasa.

    Mesmerized by her looks, Nasa approaches her but almost gets hit by an oncoming truck.

    Fortunately, Tsukasa ends up saving his life, but Nasa sees the beautiful girl go away.

    He is wounded but gathers the strength to go after Tsukasa and asks her out.

    She is impressed by Nasa’s resolve and accepts his confession, but there is a catch – they can only be together if they get married.

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  2. My Love Story!!

    Goda Takeo is a high school freshman with a muscular build, and his friends consider him a hero for being a courageous boy.

    Moreover, Goda is blessed with a gentle heart. Unfortunately, he is not so lucky in the love department.

    To add to his misfortune, all the girls his heart flutters for end up falling for his best friend, Makoto Sunakawa.

    Things change for Goda when he saves a cute girl named Rinko from being groped. He instantly falls in love with Rinko.

    However, he fears that she might be in love with Makoto. Goda then decides to be her cupid despite his feelings for her.

    Deep down, Goda yearns to be Rinko’s boyfriend.

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  3. Tamako Love Story

    Mochizou’s final year is almost here, and he decides to move to Tokyo for his university studies.

    However, he has to make the tough choice of leaving his loved ones behind, including Tamako who is his childhood crush.

    Tamako has no plans to move out as she wants to work in her family’s small mochi shop.

    The time for Mochizou’s departure nears and he must get prepared to confess his love to Tamako.

    He doesn’t wish to leave with his love going unnoticed.

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  4. Seiren

    Shouichi Kamita is an ordinary high schooler who is ready to take his university entrance exams, but he is worried about his future.

    Later, Shouichi meets with three girls and he could see himself as their boyfriend.

    The anime revolves around Shouichi’s bonding with these three girls in three different arcs.

    The mutual feelings grow as their friendship blooms into something more special.

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  5. Toradora!

    This romantic comedy follows Ryuuji Takasu, a gentle and kind high schooler whose intimidating face makes him appear like a delinquent.

    In his second year of high school, the class rearrangement puts him together with his crush, Minori Kusheida, and his best friend, Yusaku Kitamura.

    Minori’s best friend, Taiga Aisaka, joins the trio. Taiga looks like a doll but possesses a strong personality.

    Taiga, who is in love with Yusaku, decides to become Ryuuji’s wing girl, but she wants him to help her get closer to Yusaku.

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  6. The Ancient Magus’ Bride

    Chise Hatori has lived an abusive life and is devoid of anything that is close to love. Her troublesome life is taking a toll on her.

    Just when she thinks all hope is lost, she meets a man with the head of a beast. He holds mysterious powers and buys Chise at a slave auction.

    After joining the mysterious beast man, Chise’s life is about to transform for the better.

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  7. Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

    An otaku named Tomoya Aki dreams of creating the finest visual novel game ever.

    However, he doesn’t have the skill set to perform all the tasks necessary to create such a video game.

    He enlists his childhood friend, Eriri Spencer Sawamura, to draw the illustrations.

    Tomoya also recruits literature maestro Utaha Kasumigaoka to write the story for his novel.

    After assembling the perfect team, he sets out to find the main lead and ends up meeting Megumi Katou, who agrees to act as his novel’s main character.

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  8. Tsuki ga Kirei

    A budding writer named Kotarou Azumi and an athlete named Akane Mizuno become classmates for the first time in the final year of junior high school.

    They were complete strangers at first, but after spending time together, they realize there is a spark between them.

    However, this love story has its ups and downs as Kotarou and Akane encounter anxiety and heartache in exploring their blossoming feelings.

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  9. Just Because!

    The lives of a group of high school students change after the arrival of transfer students in the final year.

    Eita Izumi returns to his hometown after four years and meets with his old acquaintances namely, Ena Komiya, Haruto Soma, Mio Natsume, and Hazuki Morikawa.

    When these five meet each other, their destinies take an unexpected turn.

    They were expecting a smooth graduation, but this sudden reunion will reignite past memories and relationships.

  10. Our love has always been 10 centimeters apart.

    Haruki Serizawa and Miou Aida fall on two different ends of the spectrum. But as they near their high school graduation, they start bonding with each other.

    They become good friends despite the differences in their personalities, but both Haruki and Miou have never thought about becoming more than just friends.

    As they get closer to their graduation, they have just one year left to express their hidden feelings for each other.

    Haruki and Miou might just be 10 centimeters apart, but the struggle to reduce this distance is real.

    Can they get past this distance and reveal their true feelings to one another?

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