10 Strongest Villains In Magical Girl Anime, Ranked

The magical girl genre has evolved tremendously since its inception in the 1960s, providing anime fans with some of the most original stories on television. Whether they’re the princesses of distant planets, battle-hardened warriors, or simple magic students, magical girls have proven that they’re just as heroic as their shonen counterparts.

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Throughout their journeys, countless magical heroines have encountered some of the strongest villains in anime. They have defeated them with essential lessons in girl power, friendship, and love. Shows like Sailor Moon, Kill La Kill, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica feature some of the most formidable villains in magical girl anime.

10/10 Croix Meridies Used Her Knowledge Of Magic & Electronics To Create Magical Devices

Little Witch Academia

Croix Meridies debuted in Episode 13 of Little Witch Academia as the new Modern Magic teacher at Luna Nova Academy. Considered a prodigy since her youth, Croix used her vast and advanced knowledge of magic and electronics to create several devices she named Magitronics.

After the Claiohm Solais chose Chariot over her, Croix turned colder and manipulative, harboring deep vengeful intent over what she thought she deserved. Throughout the story, she kills countless innocents in her quest for power and even creates tension between Chariot and Akko in retaliation.

9/10 Presea Testarossa Could Manipulate Magical Energy With Ease

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

In the original Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Presea Testarossa was a powerful mage with the ability to manipulate magical energy from external sources. Desperate to obtain the Jewel Seeds, she sent Fate, her only daughter, whom she was often cruel and abusive toward, to Uminari City in search of the Lost Logia.

When Fate lost to Nanoha, Presea stole her nine Jewel Seeds and activated them so she could travel to the lost world of Al-Hazard. Though she was successful in opening a portal, her actions caused a giant rip in time and space that eventually swallowed her into a void.

8/10 Finé Wanted To Destroy The Curse That Prevented Her From Taking Over Humanity


An impressive but cruel scientist, Finé was Chris Yukine’s abusive mistress at the beginning of Symphogear. Through her many descendants, she spent thousands of years researching relics and heretical technology to destroy the Curse of Balal and effectively take over humanity.

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As Finé could not use the Symphogear System she created herself, Finé used a defensive technique called Asgard and relics like Solomon’s Cane. When she donned the Nehushtan Armor, she acquired regenerative powers that were only defeated by the Synchrogazer.

7/10 Fenrir Could Summon & Command An Entire Army Of Demons


Before turning into Fenrir, Takako was a 16-year-old Prétear that fell in love with the Knight of Wind, Hayate. When her feelings weren’t reciprocated, evil consumed her. She transformed into the Princess of Disaster, an evil being whose only purpose is to destroy the substance that preserves life known as Leafé.

Though Fenrir was sealed away inside a tree, she eventually escaped 15 years later and summoned an army of demons. Fenrir could possess others, disguise herself as a normal human, and even invade someone’s dreams to attack them in their sleep.

6/10 The Ophiucus Princess Wanted To Get Revenge & Rule The Universe

Star Twinkle Pretty Cure

Towards the end of Star Twinkle Pretty Cure, the show’s main antagonist, Darknest, was revealed to be a Star Princess named Ophiucus. She was one of the Star Princesses that created the universe, but as she grew more power-hungry and tried to force the others to follow her commands, she was exiled.

Alone and needing revenge, the Ophiucus Princess recruited the Notraiders to help her destroy the other Star Princesses and take over as the sole ruler. She was powerful enough to power the Notraiders, send holographic projections, and create black holes.

5/10 Deep Blue Wanted To Reclaim The Earth Humanity Had Ruined

Tokyo Mew Mew

In Tokyo Mew Mew, Deep Blue was the leader of an alien race that wished to reclaim Earth, as humanity had been damaging the planet for centuries. Initially appearing as a disembodied voice, he was later revealed to have been asleep inside Aoyama, waiting to be awakened by his servants Quiche, Pie, and Tart.

Since Deep Blue didn’t share Aoyama’s affection for Ichigo, Deep Blue had no trouble attacking her after returning to his original form. Aside from wielding the same sword as Aoyama’s alter ego, Blue Knight, he could teleport without restrictions and create dark blasts of energy from his palms.

4/10 Ragyo Kiryuin Used Life Fibers To Make Herself Superhuman

Kill La Kill

The true antagonist of Kill La Kill, Ragyo Kiryuin was Satsuki and Ryuko’s mother and the CEO of the evil Revocs Corporation, a terrorist association masquerading as a textile company. She was a sinister, abusive, and power-hungry woman who never stopped until she obtained what she wanted.

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After conducting several experiments, many of which Ragyo performed on her two daughters, Ragyo was able to fuse with Life Fibers and gain an array of superhuman abilities. Not only was she capable of flight and regeneration, but she could also sew Life Fibers into the brains of her victims, turning them into mindless puppets.

3/10 Dark Princess Emeraude Could Destroy Her Entire Country With A Single Blow

Magic Knight Rayearth

Princess Emeraude was the ruler of Cephiro and a god-like figure among her people. At the beginning of Magic Knight Rayearth, she was thought to have been kidnapped and killed by the high priest Zagato, but it was later revealed that they were lovers, and she had set up her own death to revolutionize her country’s government.

Upon Princess Emeraude’s lover’s death, she was consumed by despair and emerged as a dark version of herself. She summoned thunder and lightning at will and was able to destroy Zagato’s castle with a single blow. She was so strong that the three Magic Knights struggled to subdue her, killing her only after a long and arduous battle.

2/10 Kyubey Harvested The Souls Of Magical Girls To Counteract Entropy

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

In Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Kyubey was a cat-like alien that lured young girls into making “contracts” with him, promising to grant their wishes if they became magical girls and dedicated their lives to fighting witches. In reality, he was an Incubator that harvested energy from magical girls to save the universe from entropy.

A subversive take on the cute magical girl companion, Kyubey was a completely emotionless creature whose actions were guided by practicality. It could communicate telepathically with humans, garnering energy and transforming it, granting wishes, collecting souls, and even replicating itself after death.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Galaxia from Sailor Moon was already a powerful villain on her own, but joining forces with Chaos made her the strongest force in the universe. As the ruler of Shadow Galactica, she made it her mission to become the most powerful entity in the galaxy. To achieve her goal, Galaxia destroyed entire planets and then killed the other Sailor Guardians to extract their Sailor Seeds.

Once Chaos had taken over Sailor Galaxia’s body, she turned into Eternal Sailor Moon’s biggest enemy, almost defeating her several times. Sailor Moon ultimately expelled Chaos from Galaxia’s body and saved her. Galaxia then regained the soul Chaos had taken from her and left to return the Star Seeds she’d stolen.

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