10 Underrated Anime Characters Who Need To Be Cosplayed More

Cosplay gives fans the opportunity to get creative with their favorite anime characters. Some cosplayers prefer to meticulously replicate each tiny detail from the original design, while others add their own artistic flair to the outfits. Characters like Demon Slayer‘s Nezuko Kamado and Naruto‘s Itachi Uchiha are popular at conventions, and it’s always fun to see how each fan interprets the character.

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Howver, anime is full of underrated characters that deserve their time in the spotlight, too. The characters that aren’t cosplayed as much have excellent designs, whether fans prefer to devote hours to creating ornate outfits, or if they wish to keep things a bit more understated, these characters deserve more attention.

10/10 Relena Darlian Can Pull Off The Politician And The Military Look

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Relena Darlian has a complex character arc in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. She was born into royalty and grew to become a heroic leader in her own way. Being raised in the upper-class enables her to navigate that world and adapt those skills for her own goals.

Relena looks self-contained and intelligent in her more politician and socialite outfits, which are understated but elegant, with an Edwardian-like silhouette. Her best outfit, however, is her military uniform with its white epauletted jacket full of gold filigree, a pale blue cravat, and a purple vest.

9/10 Draluc Is A Fun, Lighthearted Play On The Classic Dracula Character

The Vampire Dies In No Time

Draluc has a classic vampire look, with enough unique details that a cosplay of his character could be easily recognized by fans of The Vampire Dies In No Time. With a cutesy overall gothic style, and a prideful (though kind) personality, Draluc is a whimsical play on Dracula retellings.

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Draluc has black hair slicked into a style that mimics cartoonish bat ears, and a tuxedo and cape in a black-and-purple color scheme. His costume would be easy enough to style in a pinch but would also look amazing with creative embellishments.

8/10 Ayaka Wears Her Witch’s Hat And Cloak With Flair

Witch Craft Works

Witch Craft Works is an overall underrated witchy anime series with a stoic main character, Ayaka Kagari. Ayaka is incredibly intelligent, protective, and talented in the magical arts, particularly with wielding fire.

She makes quite the image in her witch’s outfit, especially when she saves Honoka and lifts him up into her arms. Ayaka’s witch costume involves a dark dress and a long red and white cloak with a tattered edge and a green bow. She also sports a unique witch’s hat that’s scarlet rather than black, with a huge Stetson-like brim, and a curve in the conical part of the hat.

7/10 Sir Owen Has Some Of The Most Beautiful Armor


Sir Own has the most capacity for compassion out of Griffith’s crew in Berserk, despite his ambition. Sir Owen’s closest friend and ally is Raban. The two men often go hand-in-hand in the plot, and they try to mitigate bloodshed while seeking institutional change. Both characters together would make an amazing cosplay moment.

Sir Owen wears a set of knight’s plated armor that would be fit for a courtly prince, with intricate medieval plated gauntlets and floral etching on his breastplate and pauldrons. Perhaps the blond pageboy hairstyle would be the most recognizable part of a Sir Owen cosplay.

6/10 Godai Miyako Dances As Odette, The White Swan

Dance Dance Danseur

Dance Dance Danseur is a relatively new anime that explores the gender binary present in classical ballet culture, and centers around the main character, Junpei Murao. Godai Miyako sees the potential in Junpei and encourages him to join her mother’s ballet studio.

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Godai and Junpei dance together in a rendition of Swan Lake, where Junpei performs as Prince Siegfried, and Godai is Odette, the White Swan. Godai’s costume and makeup for Odette is ethereal, with a white leotard and pancake tutu, a crown of demure swan’s feathers covering her ears, and eyeshadow and liner that looks straight out of the 1960s.

5/10 Romeo Is A Unique Character With A Dapper Silhouette

Romeo X Juliet

Romeo X Juliet’s main couple wear a striking pink and blue color scheme. Juliet wears a puff-sleeved dress the color of roses, while Romeo wears a blue surcoat, likewise with puffed sleeves that accentuate his shoulders. The soft blue colors and ornate coat seem to accentuate Romeo’s youth and romantic idealism.

Where Juliet is a sword-wielding warrior, Romeo is gentle and poetic. Like their color palettes, their personalities balance each other well. While it would take some effort to create such an involved ensemble, Romeo deserves more cosplay interpretations.

4/10 Hikaru Ichijyo Is At His Best

Macross: Do You Remember Love?

Hikaru Ichijyo of Macross: Do You Remember Love? has the large, spiky hair that’s synonymous with ’80s anime, along with a blue space suit. The Do You Remember Love? movie in particular, has a kind of dreamy quality to its animation.

Hikaru is a military pilot with a goofy personality. His look changes from series to movies. For instance, his hair is a bit less large in different renditions. His blue space suit could be easy enough to modify from a basic jumpsuit, so long as the fantastically exaggerated shoulder pads aren’t forgotten.

3/10 Lady Oscar Is A Vintage Romance Icon

Rose of Versailles

The swashbuckling Commander of the Royal Guard of the French Court, Lady Oscar may get a well-deserved resurgence in appreciation soon, as a new movie version of Rose of Versailles is on its way. Lady Oscar is by no means an unpopular character, in general, but the show and manga are older.

They were written over forty years ago, and the classic anime is entitled to all the flowers it gets, and more. Lady Oscar has a particular look, with thick, feathered blonde hair, beguiling blue eyes, a decorated military uniform, and a rapier ever-present at her side.

2/10 Seiya Kou Is Just As Interesting As Tuxedo Mask

Sailor Moon

Seiya Kou arrived much later in the Sailor Moon series, alongside their fellow Sailor Star Fighters. Their look is unique among the Scouts, with long black hair grown well past their waist and pulled back into a ponytail, plus a level of swanky personal style that rivals even Tuxedo Mask’s.

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Seiya also always wears a pair of celestial earrings, both with their civilian dress and in their Starlight uniform. Whether they’re in their Sailor Starlight uniform, or if they’re performing in a well-tailored suit and tie on stage, Seiya makes an unforgettable image.

1/10 Mikochi Looks Like She Stepped Right Out Of A Storybook

Hakumei and Mikochi

Hakumei and Mikochi is a slice-of-life fantasy anime about two forest-dwelling ladies small enough to ride on woodland creatures. Hakumei is fiery in spirit, whereas her friend Mikochi is more introverted.

Mikochi wears a hat and dress in pink, white, and green, with dainty blue ribbons fluttering about her temples. Overall, Mikochi is earthy and sensible in personality, and in dress. If a cosplayer wanted to a more covered up and cozy, feminine outfit, Mikochi could be a perfect character.

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