10 Weirdest Anime Swords

In the realm of Japanese anime, all kinds of cool weapons, powers, abilities, and vehicles are used, from classic giant robots and energy attacks to weapons such as firearms, bows and arrows, and most certainly swords. Most swords in anime are either modeled on real-life katana or fanciful versions of medieval European swords, most of all the legendary Excalibur.

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Some of these anime swords take it to the next level with their creative — and even weird — designs. Certain anime swords are capable of morphing into other shapes or are made of unusual materials, while other bizarre swords might even be alive and have their own personalities like a character in their own right. Sometimes, these weird swords’ wielders are just as strange.

10 Excalibur Is Both Weird & Incredibly Annoying

Soul Eater

In the world of Soul Eater, most fighters have a conscious weapon by their side — a weapon that can take a human’s form, with Camilla and Soul Eater Evans being two examples. Then there is the masterless sword called Excalibur, which has a personality that may sorely test any wielder.

Excalibur may be the world’s strongest weapon, but putting up with his pretentious attitude and arbitrary rules is an ordeal in itself. Only one character in Soul Eater even tried to humor Excalibur, and he made a total fool of himself in the process.

9 Samehada Is A Living Sword


In the world of Naruto, fighting with a sword is known as kenjutsu, and characters such as Killer Bee, Zabuza Momochi, and Kisame Hoshigaki are all famous for it. Zabuza’s executioner blade is a bit odd, but it’s positively mundane compared to the living sword that is Samehada.

This sword has a mouth and an appetite for chakra, and it can even think for itself. Samehada has a blade when it’s restrained in bandages, but when fully unleashed, it’s more like a scaly creature with a handle than a proper sword. It can even crawl around on its own.

8 Anubis Is A Masterless Sword Stand

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Most Stands in the world of JoJo’s are pretty weird, from the parasitic Cheap Trick to the ever-hungry Notorious B.I.G. When it comes to swords, however, the weirdest Stand is definitely Anubis, a masterless blade that wanders the realm of Egypt in the Stardust Crusaders story arc.

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This Stand can possess anyone who draws it and it will force them to fight its enemies, even if the wielder and target are friends and allies. Anubis can also turn partially intangible, so it can slice only specific targets while phasing through solid barriers and obstacles.

7 Arthur Boyle’s Plasma Sword Is Cool But Odd

Fire Force

Every fire soldier can create or manipulate flames and heat somehow, such as Shinra’s kick-based Devil’s Footprints or Lieutenant Hinawa guiding bullets with heated gunpowder and gases. Arthur Boyle, meanwhile, likes to LARP as King Arthur of Camelot. Naturally, he’s got a sword by his side.

This sword is just a carved wooden handle, but Arthur can use his ignition ability to create a plasma blade, just like a lightsaber. Amusingly, Arthur always makes the motion of “sheathing” this weapon, even though he doesn’t have to. It’s how he stays in character.

6 Suzumebachi Is A Stinger, Then A Cannon


Most characters in Bleach have zanpakuto, or spirit swords, that are unusual somehow. Among them, one of the oddest is Captain Soi Fon’s zanpakuto, Suzumebachi, which has the sealed form of a wakizashi. When Soi Fon releases its shikai and bankai, things get really strange.

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Suzumebachi’s shikai form is a metal, finger-mounted stinger that delivers guaranteed death to anyone stung in the same place twice. Then the bankai goes in the opposite direction, forming a huge arm-mounted cannon that allows Soi Fon to blow her foes away.

5 The Tenseiga Can Only Heal


Inuyasha got his hands on the mighty Tetsusaiga, a sword with an oversized blade that can perform the Wind Scar, Backlash Wave, and more. His half-brother Sesshoumaru coveted it, but instead, the older brother was given the Tenseiga as per their demon father’s will.

The Tenseiga is a pacifistic sword that will never cut an enemy. Instead, it can bring people back from the dead by destroying the pallbearers who carry away the spirit of the recently deceased. In fact, according to its creator Totosai, the Tenseiga can revive 100 people with one swing while the Tetsusaiga can slay 100 foes with one swing.

4 Dracule Mihawk’s Sword, Yoru, Is A Cruciform Weapon

One Piece

The oversized sword called Yoru might not eat chakra or turn into a cannon, but it is still unusual as an anime sword, and not just anyone is worthy to wield it. In fact, Dracule Mihawk the warrior thinks that not everyone is even worthy of facing Yoru, such as when he fought Roronoa Zoro with a knife instead.

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Yoru has the shape and decorations of a European crucifix, which fits Dracule Mihawk’s vaguely Spanish-inspired appearance. This weapon is too big and heavy for most swordsmen to use properly, but Mihawk is up to the challenge, and he can slice icebergs in half with it.

3 Ryuko Matoi’s Scissor Blades Weapon Is Strange But Still Cool

Kill La Kill

The action heroine Ryuko Matoi lives in a world where school uniforms are synonymous with rank and power, and destroying the enemy’s uniform signals the end of a fight. That may be why Ryuko wields a sword shaped like a pair of scissors, allowing her to cut up any foe’s uniform in battle.

This weapon comes in two halves, with Ryuko wielding the red half and Nui Harime having the purple half. Ryuko’s red sword features a hilt that can extend another blade in Decapitation Mode, and it can even grow or shrink for convenience’s sake. Not just any anime sword can do that.

2 Guts’ Dragon Slayer Sword Is Heavy & Blunt


Dracule Mihawk isn’t the only anime swordsman with a giant blade. There is also the legendary dragon slayer, a heavy, oversized weapon that is meant to cut a dragon’s head clean off. Godot the blacksmith forged it when his client submitted this unusual request, but the client was displeased.

No one could use that dragon slayer sword until Guts the mercenary came along. Not long after the Eclipse, Guts adopted the dragon slayer as his own weapon. This massive iron blade can crush foes with its strikes as well as slice them. Its impact alone is enough to slay most enemies.

1 Spinner’s Oversized Sword Is Many Weapons In One

My Hero Academia

The League of Villains member calling himself Spinner has a pretty weak gecko-themed Quirk, so he is most dangerous when he uses conventional weapons to commit crimes or fight Pro Heroes. Spinner also models himself after the villain Stain, so he sought a sword of his own.

Spinner’s sword is really a bundle of bladed weapons held together with belts, all with a long handle at the end. He threatened Mandalay of the Wild, Wild Pussycats with this mega-sword, but then Izuku destroyed it with a One For All kick, rendering Spinner practically defenseless.

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