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Announcers in anime have made minor appearances since the beginning. Although announcers are usually not very significant characters in anime, they play an essential role in emphasizing the events and encouraging the main heroes.

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Many anime classics have introduced hosts and announcers for tournaments and contests. This role has become pivotal to the success and entertainment of such tournaments in anime because it is essentially the middleman between the participants and viewers. Of all the announcers that have appeared in anime, here are the most iconic characters.

Warning: Spoilers for Yuri!!! on Ice Ahead


10/10 Cocco – Hunter x Hunter

Cocco is an announcer for the Heavens Arena, the most popular fighting tournament location. Cocco’s enthusiastic personality surpasses her physique. She is a minor character in the Heaven Arena arc, but her passion as an announcer makes up for that.

Cocco makes an appearance in both Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge and Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission. Her recurring appearance in the franchise makes her one of the most iconic announcers in anime.

9/10 Urara Kawashima – Food Wars

Urara is a second-year student at Tōtsuki Culinary Academy. In addition, she frequently acts as the announcer for the majority of the Academy’s events. She enjoys this specific undertaking and works hard to maintain her professionalism and knowledge.

This job provides Urara with the opportunity to lead and be the center of attention, which she milks to no end. Urara makes it evident that she thrives on attention. She remains iconic because even though she isn’t everyone’s favorite, she is one of the most driven characters.

8/10 Chapati Lola – Fairy Tail

Chapati is perhaps most known for his unusual facial features. He first makes his appearance in Fairy Tail as one of the two announcers for the Grand Magic Games, the other being an older gentleman named Yajima, who owns a popular restaurant.

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Chapati is a short, bald man who tends to spice up his looks with a multitude of wigs. He also seems enthusiastic about his job and engrossed in the Grand Magic Games. He seems to be a natural commentator and appears to know what the audience wants.

7/10 Itomimizu – One Piece

Itomimizu is introduced during the Long Ring Long Land Arc of the series. As part of the Foxy Pirates crew, Itomimizu acts as the announcer for their games and events. He is a thin man, garbed in colorful clothes.

Itomimizu’s personality is as colorful as his costume. His enthusiasm for his job as an announcer could rival many other announcers in anime. Much like his crew members, Itomimizu possesses the qualities of a pirate. However, as an announcer, he appears to be a bit fairer than his crew.

6/10 Jimmy Firecracker – Dragon Ball Z

Jimmy Firecracker, known initially as Cell Games Announcer, is the head announcer of ZTV, one of the most popular news stations in the series. Jimmy is enthusiastic about his job but in an almost aggressive manner.

Although Jimmy dresses the part for his job (a black suit and combed hair), he does not act entirely professionally. In other words, he comes off as biased, allowing his personal beliefs and opinions to affect his job as an impartial announcer. However, he remains a classic and an icon to many Dragon Ball viewers.

5/10 Hisashi Morooka – Yuri!!! on Ice

Hisashi appears in the first episode of Yuri!!! on Ice and is introduced as an announcer for figure skating competitions. As such, he is a passionate figure skating fan, ultimately making him the perfect fit for his job.

Though Hisashi only makes a few appearances in the anime, his impact is immeasurable. After Yuri places last in the Grand Prix Final, Hisashi fiercely commands him not to give up. He also urges him not to retire and give up so quickly.

4/10 World Tournament Announcer – Dragon Ball

The World Tournament Announcer is called such because his identity remains synonymous with his career as an announcer for the World Martial Arts Tournaments. Although his name is never revealed, the World Tournament Announcer is such a significant minor character that he makes appearances in Dragon Ball video games.

The World Tournament Announcer is a blonde and well-kempt man who tends to be loud and animated (no pun intended). He clearly feels passionate about his career, based on his inflection and behavior. He is one of the most iconic announcers due to his recurring appearance in the Dragon Ball franchise.

3/10 Yua Sasaki – Food Wars

Like Urara, Yua is also an announcer for Tōtsuki Culinary Academy’s events. However, Yua differs in every other way. Unlike Urara, who needs to be the center of attention, Yua is shy. It takes a lot for her to be an announcer because of her timidness, but she does her best.

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Yua also gets frightened easily and intimidated by other students. Despite her anxious and shy disposition, she is iconic because of her tenacity and perseverance. Yua does not necessarily possess the qualities of an announcer like Urara, but she tries her best.

2/10 Kei Kunieda – Yes, No, Or Maybe Half?

Unlike many announcers who play minor roles in an anime, Kei Kunieda is the protagonist. Kei serves as an announcer who is so dedicated to his craft that he spends a lot of his time researching ways to improve himself as a presenter.

On the outside, Kei seems perfect. He is handsome, kind, and pleasant to be around. However, this is merely a facade. On the inside, Kei is cheap, vain, impatient, and irritable, but he keeps his true personality a secret in order to advance his career.

1/10 Present Mic – My Hero Academia

Hizashi Yamada, also known by his Pro Hero name, Present Mic, is a teacher at U.A. High School. Along with his teaching and Pro Hero jobs, Present Mic hosts his radio show, where he plays music once a week. Present Mic’s quirk of ‘voice’ encourages him to possess the attributes of an announcer.

While he isn’t an announcer full-time, Present Mic tends to host events, such as the U.A. Sports Festival. Given his larger-than-life attitude and loud quirk, he is one of the most iconic announcers in anime.

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