‘Death notebook’ found at Calera school was inspired by Netflix anime, officials say

An investigation is underway after authorities said a reported “death” notebook was found at Calera Middle School.

The notebook reportedly consisted of under 10 names of students and a cause of death for each but did not convey specific threats.

Calera Middle School Assistant Principal Jennifer Nabors sent out a notice to parents that read:

“We want you to be aware of a situation that we have been investigating concerning a notebook that was discovered similar to a notebook from a Netflix television series which mentioned specific students.

“The parents of the students mentioned in this notebook have been notified. We take threats very seriously and have worked in in conjunction with law enforcement in addressing the matter.

“It is our understating that this notebook is taken from an anime series on Netflix called, ‘Death Note.’ According to the series, the Death Notebook has supernatural powers such that a person listed in the book could die based on whatever methods are determined by the write.

“We are addressing the issue and taking the appropriate measures as required in the Code of Conduct and our investigation has found the threat not to be credible at this time.”

Calera Police Chief David Hyche said a school resource officer was notified by school officials Wednesday about the notebook. It wasn’t immediately clear when the notebook was found.

“We immediately began investigating the incident in conjunction with the school and conferred with our district attorney’s office,’’ Hyche said. “We will continue to be in constant contact with the school and the Board of Education and immediately follow up if new information is developed.”

A similar notebook was found in Trussville a year ago, but not made public until this week and has caused outrage in that east Jefferson County city.

Trussville High Principal Tim Salem is now on administrative leave after his reported failure to notify law enforcement of that notebook that remained in his desk since October 2021.

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