Goku Finally Has Competition As Anime’s Strongest Hero

Goku has been known to be one of the most powerful characters in anime. However, Rein from the new series Beast Tamer make give him some competition.

Warning: Contains Spoilers for Beast Tamer Episode 2Popular hero Goku from the Dragon Ball franchise could finally have competition as the strongest anime hero from the new series Beast Tamer. Goku is undoubtedly one of the most powerful characters in not just anime but fiction in general. This has led to constant fan speculation about who could reach his level with some throwing Superman into the ring only to prove that Goku is still stronger. Now, it looks like Goku may have finally met his match…depending on how the new character’s power works.


Beast Tamer is a new series that follows Rein, a person who can tame different animals to fulfill tasks in his fantasy home. When he decides to become an adventurer, he comes across Kanade, an Ultimate Cat Species, who willingly allows him to tame her after Rein saves her life. Now bound by a contract, the two work together to take on various creatures and help Rein fulfill his wish to be an adventurer. One of the most appealing aspects of the series is how Beast Tamer redefines one of the most tired RPG anime tropes. However, an interesting new detail revolving around Rein’s power has brought his potential into question.

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In the second episode of the series, Rein is challenged by another adventurer to an arm wrestling contest after he calls out the man’s harassment of Kanade. Rein is at first hesitant to take part because he knows he’s not very strong, but he’s shocked when he easily defeats the man and nearly snaps his arm like a twig. It’s here that Kanade explains that when he tamed her, the two bonded in a way where her Cat Spirit power has been transferred to him. This makes him just as strong as Kanade. This sets up a dangerous amount of potential for Rein in Beast Tamer because he can become incredibly powerful if he tames the right Ultimate Species. Of course, there’s a catch to this that can bring him up to Goku’s level.

How Rein’s Unique Ability Can Make Him Stronger Than Goku

While it may not appear that Rein can be on the same level as Goku with his Cat Spirit power, it’s become an important detail that he’s not like any other beast tamer. Kanade has been surprised to see that he can control more than one beast at a time, a feat that is nearly impossible for others in his class. This means that he could harness the ability of not just Kanade but many other beasts to wield immense power. In fact, the tease for the upcoming third episode hints that another Ultimate Species is about to make its way into Beast Tamer‘s plot. If his Cat Spirit power stacks with this new Ultimate when he tames them, he could have double the strength from the two of them. Including the other Ultimates that are shown in the opening sequence of the show, this means that Rein’s strength is literally endless.

Beast Tamer is currently simulcasting every Saturday on Crunchyroll as part of its Fall 2022 line-up. Whether Rein will be able to square up with the ultimate Saiyan is entirely up to how his power works when he tames another Ultimate Spirit. If it turns out that he can only use one of their abilities at a time instead of harnessing them all at once, Goku will still reign supreme. Until that happens though, Beast Tamer‘s Rein has all the potential he needs to give Goku competition and possibly take the Dragon Ball hero’s crown as the most powerful character in anime.

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