Housing Complex C Is a Rare Anime Original Horror With Potential

Horror anime is one that is often overlooked within the industry, with popular anime streaming sites like Crunchyroll having no horror category, and a very limited collection on Funimation and HIDIVE. Still, horror is an incredibly popular genre, with popular titles such as Death Note, Junji Ito, Parasyte, and many others standing tall despite being treated as an underdog.

Joining classic horror titles just in time for Halloween, Housing Complex C is an upcoming anime series set to premiere on October 1st, on Adult Swim’s Toonami. Directed by Yuji Nara, the anime’s script and original concept by Amphibian and animated by Akatsuki, Housing Complex C is expected to stand out as one of the few anime-original horror series coming out this Fall.

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What We Know About Housing Complex C

As an original anime with no previous light novel or manga to give viewers a hint of the story plot, the four-episode horror series is perfect for the spooky month of October. Not much is known about the plot of Housing Complex C, with very little revealed in both the short synopsis and trailers provided by Adult Swim. Still, what has been disclosed is enough to grab the interest of horror fans, with many waiting eagerly for the start of Fall 2022’s Anime Season to see just what this series will bring.

The story follows a young girl named Kimi who lives in the seaside town of Kurosaki in a low-cost housing complex. Disturbances seem to follow Kimi wherever she goes, and soon the housing complex is haunted by horrific incidents that begin to occur after strangers show up in their quiet town. Whether Kimi can survive against the ancient evil stalking the residents of Housing Complex C with both her mind and body still intact, and whether she can uncover a way to escape the horror along with her friend Yuri will be uncovered in October.

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What To Look Forward To

Produced by animation studio Akatsuki, known for other projects such as Clockwork Planet, High School Fleet, and Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo “Shounen Tanteidan” Yori, fans of horror and thrillers can expect high-quality animation with precise attention to detail that is sure to send chills down the watchers’ spines. With a glimpse of the quality of animation shown in Housing Complex C’s trailers, the horror awaiting to be revealed is sure to gain attention.

Aside from top-class animation quality, viewers can also expect excellent voice acting from Housing Complex C with an English voice cast including Xanthe Huynh, known for playing Takina Inoue in Lycoris Recoil playing Kimi, and Kayli Mills, previously known for her role as Enoki Yukigaya in Tribe Nine, as Yuri. Along with several other talented voice actors credited to the upcoming anime, the series is bound to display great bone-chilling moments. Although the Japanese cast for the anime has yet to be announced, the English voice actors are unlikely to be inferior in skill and are something to look forward to this October.

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Expected to stand out among the strong anime titles being released this October, with an original plot and high-end production, Housing Complex C is highly anticipated by horror and thriller fans this Fall 2022 Anime season as it provides another addition to the minority horror genre within the anime world.

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