Like Domestic Girlfriend? Watch This!

Shounen Romance anime is the lesser known cousin to RomCom anime but shows the more complicated side of human romance. Domestic Girlfriend is a stand out from recent years, landing in the Winter season of 2019 to mixed reactions, some hailing the anime as the flagship of modern romance, others touting it as a ‘dumpster fire’ full of fan service and degeneracy. So today, we thought we’d highlight some of this season’s complex love stories that follow the same suit as Domestic Girlfriend, full of step-siblings falling in love, love triangles, quadrangles, and all other shapes and sizes.

Whether you find Shounen Romance anime to be too much drama in your love stories, or you enjoy the spice of life that comes with rampant misunderstandings and compromising positions between two people, there exists a special place within anime for shows like Domestic Girlfriend. We hope to have given two good recommendations for fans of the show this season.

What Romance anime has caught your eye this season? Also, if there are any others you feel we have missed, let us know in the comments below!

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