Male Anime Characters With An Awkward Sister Complex

Siscons or characters with a sister complex are some of the creepiest and most inappropriate people in fiction. Even in anime where everyone is usually cute or cool, male siscons are hard to swallow. Their obsessive gestures whether furtive or blatant are perfect examples of what happens due to arrested development or lack of proper parental care.

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Even nature disagrees with their ways. But a lot of anime never fails to portray some of the most worryingly depraved siscons around. The worst among them are these male characters whose abnormal fixation on their sisters as they awkwardly try to continue their twisted relationships with their sisters, despite knowing full well just how gross they are to everyone.


7/7 Yuri Briar (Spy X Family)

The Briar family, or what’s left of them in Spy X Family, is a walking Freudian case study. One would think that Yor would be more morally bankrupt since she became an assassin at such as young age, but her brother Yuri was the bad apple in the family.

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Because apart from being an intelligence officer who tortures people as easily as he breathes, Yuri has an invasive obsession with Yor. He couldn’t even stand to see his sister kiss her own “husband” or any other man. Growing up, Yuri also had a toxic ambition of marrying his own sister. It doesn’t help that Yor is oblivious to his brother’s emotions, but Yuri remains ever so hopeless.

6/7 Junichiro Tanizaki (Bungou Stray Dogs)

There’s this one relationship in Bungou Stray Dogs and weird would be a massive understatement for it. It’s about the Tanizaki “siblings” who appear to be ambiguously related to each other as they carry out their romantic relationship while flaunting that they’re brother and sister.

The brother, Junichiro, seems reluctant about their status but nevertheless gives in often to his sister, Naomi. Thus, his siscon tendency is undeniable, and to reciprocate this, Naomi also has a brocon tendency. Junichiro awkwardly tries to hide it out of shyness despite everyone and their dog knowing about their relationship. It’s safe to say that a lot of viewers don’t know what to feel about them.

5/7 Koyomi Araragi (Nisemonogatari)

The odd Monogatari series and its dysfunctional exorcist protagonist, Koyomi Araragi, goes full swing in the Nisemonogatari chapter where a lot of the episodes are filled with sister complex fan service. There, Koyomi can be seen making some rather bold physical advances toward his sister, sometimes undressing her and even groping her nonchalantly.

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There’s also that one disturbing toothbrush scene where Koyomi shoves a toothbrush into his sister’s mouth while she lets out some rather suggestive vocalizations. They also took a bath together, which is made more disturbing by the fact that they’re not kids anymore.

4/7 Koshiro Saeki (Koi Kaze)

Awkward wouldn’t begin to describe Koshiro Saeki’s relationship with his sister in Koi Kaze. Because the two of them ended up getting linked romantically after their respective breakups before finding out that they’re siblings. Granted, they’re not really related since Koshiro’s father remarried and now he has to live with the prospect-turned-sister.

To make things more complicated, they have a rather significant age gap. Koshiro is a veteran slice-of-life man while Nanoka Kohinata is just a high school student. Needless to say, Koshiro’s life was suddenly turned into a maze of red flags as this anime explores several layers of taboo.

3/7 Komui Lee (D.Gray Man)

Komui Lee isn’t so different from Yuri Briar from Spy X Family, except he’s not an antagonist; Komui is one of the good guys in the series. Still, one of his most glaring flaws is how he typically crosses the creepy siscon line by overreacting whenever someone jokes that his sister is getting married.

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There weren’t many opportunities in the anime to show Komui’s obsession and awkward sister complex for Lenalee but of the few jokes about his sister’s fake marriage, Komui’s worrying bouts of anger are telltale signs. This is a 30-year-old man who desperately needs to re-evaluate his emotional intelligence.

2/7 Gauche Adlai (Black Clover)

Speaking of another siscon who can’t stand the thought of their sister marrying someone, Gauche Adlai from Black Clover is another good example. Throughout their childhood, Gauche has made it his life’s work to spoil his sister and devote his very being to her existence and happiness. That doesn’t sound too bad, except he constantly triggers his own nosebleeds just thinking about that.

And as soon as his sister Marie shows any sign of liking anyone, his default reaction is to become jealous. In fact, when Marie declares herself a future husband prospect, Gauche even goes as far as plotting to kill that prospect who happens to be the anime’s protagonist. That’s not exactly a healthy attitude for him and his sister. But thankfully, Gauche grew out of this.

1/7 Shin Natsume (Tenjou Tenge)

Tenjou Tenge is an anime filled with emotionally damaged and physically-battered teenage characters as they attend a school that fosters martial arts tournaments and clan-related violence. One of the worst among them was Maya Natsume’s deceased brother, Shin who killed their parents and made it his duty to “protect” his sister.

By “protect” he meant killing anyone who falls in love with his sister and tries to get “between” their “sacred” brother-sister relationship. That’s why everyone kept trying to steer clear of Maya as a potential partner and anyone who wanted to try would have to fight or even kill his older brother. Sadly, rehabs and child protection services didn’t exist in their anime world, or perhaps they did but were just too afraid.

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