Rent-a-Girlfriend 2nd Season First Impressions!

Since the start of Rent-a-Girlfriend in season one, Kazuya has gone from being dumped by Mami and seeming destined to be forever alone to starting season two with a fake rental girlfriend in Chizuru, a girl that actually wants to be his girlfriend in Ruka, and a jealous ex-girlfriend that can’t seem to leave him alone. Alongside this, Kazuya has had more screen time with Sumi Sakurasawa, Chizuru’s shy friend from season one, who goes on rental dates with Kazuya as practice meaning the story is set up for a five-way love pentagon that would fry anyone’s head!

The parallel between Kazuya’s love life in seasons one and two sets the character up for some form of considerable conflict further into this season, and we’re all kinds of excited to see silly situations befall our main character. But, of course, all bets are on for which powder keg will explode first, be it Mami discovering Kazuya’s true feelings for Chizuru, Ruka realising that she’s third wheeling on the main love interests, or if a new dynamic will blow the whole anime wide open.

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