Stop ignoring the old Marketing Channels for the new shiny ones

Stop ignoring the old Marketing Channels for the new shiny ones

When most marketers are asked to come up with digital marketing strategies for a brand, they will often look at the new shiny channels that are mushrooming everyday. Talk of Tiktok, Youtube shots and Instagram reels.

You will never hear of most  talking about old methods such as radio, TV or print media. 

No, they are outdated, right?


What most of these digital marketers forget  is that to have an omni-channel approach in marketing, you also have to look at the old channels so that you can reach as wide an audience as possible.

Let’s explore some old strategies that data backs up showing that they still have a good audience.

The Radio

Yes, you read that right.

The radio is not dead yet.

There are still some folks who listen to the radio and therefore you can reach them to pass your adverts and pass brand messaging.

You might also be a fan of the radio, right?

According to Aljazeera, the radio still rules the airwaves even when the internet has spread its wings all over the world.

People are listening to portable radios, radio apps on their phones and even streaming to live radio on the internet.

So, you see that the radio is far from dying?

It has morphed itself in a great way to stay relevant even in these modern times.

SMS Marketing

You think that with Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Google chats  being here with us that the good old SMS is fading away?

Think again.

It isn’t.

Statistics show that the Sms is still here with us to stay. One awesome thing is that it has a high open rate of over 90% and therefore is an appropriate medium for B2B and B2C marketing communication.

But as you use it, you need to be careful so as not to spam into people’s inboxes. At the same time, you need to know that it only has a maximum of 160 characters and therefore your messaging needs to be short and precise.

Buying people’s phone numbers so as to build your SMS list is a no-go zone. They need to opt in voluntarily if you really want to see conversions from the platform.

In leveraging this new marketing channel, tech developers are making it easy for automation of bulk sms marketing such that they can be sent out at certain appropriate timings and also helping with segmentation of your audience.

The Television

Even with the prevalence of live social media streaming video platforms, the TV is going nowhere. According to Statista, in 2021, there were 5.36 billion people watching their TV. As we move forward to 2026, it is predicted that there will be over 5.68 billion people who will still be watching their TVs.

The numbers are actually going up!

Not down.

Advertising and pushing your brand messages on TV therefore is a great way to reach a bigger audience. It gets even better when you push those messages during the TV prime times while at the same time targeting different people through the use of TV that are geographically bound.

If you are pushing an international brand for example, you could for example reach out to TVs in India and communicate in the local language while the message in the US is in English and tailored to what is trending in that country.

Email marketing

The email is also old but it is not dead yet. Great for B2B marketing, it can also be used by ecommerce platforms that want to push new products to old customers who bought related items.

With an open rate of 20%,according to Mailchimp, it is great in that you own the audience and therefore do not have to depend on some external algorithms.

Print Media

Print newspapers are dwindling in terms of production and reach. As time goes by, less and less people are reading print newspapers or even magazines. It is understandable because we now want to read our news on the laptop, smartphone or tablet.

The oldies, aged 65 years and above, however will still read their papers according to Statista. Therefore if you are looking to target this audience you can still reach them through this platform.

Let say for example that you are trying to push adaptive equipment for the aged or are running a care giving home. You could still reach your target audience who are still reading their print newspapers and magazines.

Wrap up

Marketing is all about numbers. Reaching as many people as possible and having some convert into customers or subscribers to your brand. Getting as many eyeballs as possible to see your brand is therefore any marketer’s dream.

If you feel that with your new digital marketing channels you are not reaching as many people as you would wish, you could as well try some of the above old methods.

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