The Most Iconic Anime Mechanics

The anime world is known for taking a job that might not seem entertaining and making it great. Being a mechanic and having a chance to work on cars and planes is cool, but anime kicks it up a notch for most working in this field. Some anime mechanics create new mechanical limbs for others and help them maintain them. Others keep their respective teams’ spaceships or other equipment in tip-top shape.

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Their skillset doesn’t just stop at being a mechanic and most have other useful skills. They’re invaluable allies to have and some of the smartest characters in the anime world. If anyone is looking for a great anime mechanic, these are definitely the best ones to recruit.


10/10 Heihachi Hayashida (Samurai 7)

One of the younger samurai who is a skilled mechanic, Heihachi wants to avoid fighting if he can and was a combat engineer during the Great War. He wasn’t on the frontlines in battle, however, and instead put his engineering and mechanic skills to use. Heihachi also works to collect machine parts and works by chopping wood to exchange for them.

This might not make him sound like the most intimidating character and may even make him seem a little weak, but Heihachi is actually a pretty strong samurai. He’s not as skilled as some of the other members of the group, but he is the best when it comes to making weapons.

9/10 Lavie Head (Last Exile)

The coordinator and vanship mechanic, Lavie is proud of her lineage as shown by how protective she is of the vanship (believed to have belonged to her and Claus’ fathers). She just wants to live free and hates how vanships are used for military purposes. Lavie isn’t happy that Claus wants to become a combat pilot, and she’s happy with their roles as mail couriers.

Lavie keeps up with the maintenance of the ship as well as taking care of Claus. She makes sure there’s food that can be preserved for a long time, which comes in handy for Claus throughout the series.

8/10 Amuro Ray (Mobile Suit Gundam)

The very first hero in the Mobile Suit Gundam series, Amuro Ray is not only the pilot for the RX-78-2 Gundam but also has a variety of other skills outside of piloting. One of them is being a mechanic in which he is the one responsible for creating the sphere-shaped robot Haro. He was also a mechanic on Side 7 of the Earth Federation until Zeon attacked.

Though Amuro pilots plenty of Gundams throughout the series, he also helps design a few to fit his specific style. Considering that he wasn’t trained as a soldier or a pilot, Amura Ray has come a long way from just being a mechanic to now being one of the most iconic characters in the Mobile Suit Gundam series.

7/10 Charlotte E. Yeager (Strike Witches)

This is one girl that has accomplished a lot in her short life. She was the first person to break the sound barrier which is possible because of her Speed Boost magical ability. She’s a talented mechanic and does the maintenance and adjustments of her Strike Unit. Fitting to her high speed, she tuned it to make it extremely fast and even changed her shield to allow her to move at these speeds.

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Aside from her Strike Unit, Charlotte has also restored an unusable transport truck and made it usable again by strengthening it and giving it a new engine. She’s even restored other vehicles and planes whenever she can, proving herself to be one of the best anime mechanics around.

6/10 Hiraga Gengai (Gintama)

Kabuki District’s greatest mechanic is a little out there. He has a slight obsession with soy sauce and modified Kagura’s umbrella and Gintoki’s wooden sword to shoot the salty liquid. Though he’s a genius, Hiraga tends to forget how the users wanted their equipment modified which often leads to him getting in trouble.

On top of this, the machines that he makes are rather crude and ugly. Hiraga is a smart man and has helped throughout the series. He repaired Tama’s body using No. 305’s body and helped out when she had a virus later on.

5/10 Leeron Littner (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

A mechanic that keeps Dai-Gurren’s Gunmen in tip-top shape, Leeron is very intelligent and even Lordgenome considers them the smartest human in the series. They are also very creative and modified the Gunmen into a variety of forms. Leeron will also keep the Dai-Gurren team up to date on what’s happening in the universe.

To top off how smart they are, they are responsible for making many scientific breakthroughs and have a great ability to learn and adapt to everything around them. Leeron doesn’t directly fight, but they provide tactical support for the team and help any other way they can from behind the scenes.

The grandmother of Winry Rockbell and a grandmother figure to the Elric brothers, Pinako is a very skilled doctor, master automail engineer, and mechanic, and is famous all over Amestris for her skills. She trained Winry and her granddaughter would go on to be one of the best automail mechanics in Amestris.

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Pinako also has a reputation outside her home and is known as “The Leopardess of Resembool.” Feared, but respected, Pinako has decades of experience and could easily find bigger success in a larger city. However, it’s obvious she’s a country girl at heart and is more than happy with her relatively quiet life in Resembool.

3/10 James “Jim” Hawking (Outlaw Star)

He’s only eleven years old, but Jim is arguably more mature than his best friend and partner in crime, Gene. Jim is a co-owner of Starwind and Hawking Enterprises, often answering phone calls and making deals with clients for any odd job as long as it’s legal.

He’s a brilliant hacker and a great mechanic, often doing maintenance on the Outlaw Star ship during his downtime. However, Jim does have a horrible habit of overworking himself, but Melfina will step in and take care of him. While he lacks the physical prowess of his adult comrades, Jim is the one they’ll always turn to when needing information or repairs.

The best friend of Edward and Alphonse Elric, Winry became a mechanic and apprenticed under her grandmother, becoming a very talented automail mechanic. Anytime Edward needs repairs, he calls her for help even though he knows she’ll yell and throw wrenches at him for ruining her work.

As she’s gotten older, Winry has become even more well-known than her grandmother Pinako, who is a master-level mechanic in the automail world. Though Edward regularly needs her help, Winry’s work is pretty durable and lasts for a long time. Winry is one girl who has both beauty, brains, and strength, and a good friend that the Elric brothers can always rely on when they need her.

1/10 Benny (Black Lagoon)

The hacker and mechanic of the Lagoon Company, Benny is very protective of his equipment and won’t let anybody touch it if he can help it. Though he’s a college dropout, he studied computer engineering until he got in trouble with the FBI. He keeps everything up and running for the company, being the brains of the group.

Though he lacks a violent nature like Revy and Dutch, Benny is not helpless without them. Being part of the Lagoon Company, Benny has been hardened and is willing to turn a blind eye to Dutch and Revy’s unorthodox ways of getting a job done. Even Dutch has said there’s something dark lurking in Benny that just hasn’t come out yet.


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