Welcome to Demom School, Iruma-kun: The Anime’s Babyls Students

Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun! is a popular isekai anime series that’s set to return in the Fall 2022 anime lineup, and even in that competitive crowd, Iruma-kun! stands out. It can’t beat the likes of Bleach or Chainsaw Man at their own game, but the Iruma-kun! anime does offer cheerful, colorful isekai fun that the likes of My Isekai Life and Black Summoner certainly failed to deliver in the Summer season.

It’s time for a new semester at the Babyls school in the Iruma-kun! anime, and protagonist Iruma Suzuki is in for the challenge of an isekai lifetime in the “Harvest Festival” story arc. He and his fellow students must fight for their very lives in the jungle with their teachers watching, so anime fans will want to remember who’s who before this high-stakes challenge begins. Iruma and his classmates are a fun bunch, to say the least.

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Iruma Suzuki Is the Kind-Hearted Human Underdog

The protagonist himself, Iruma Suzuki, never thought any of this could have happened. Up to age 14, he lived with his parents doing all kinds of odd jobs for them, but then he got himself sold to demon lord Sullivan, never to see his parents or the Earth again. Iruma’s life actually changed for the better down in the Netherworld, becoming Sullivan’s beloved foster grandson and attending the exciting Babyls school for young demons while in disguise. Iruma is a naturally helpful, generous boy who simply can’t refuse any request for help, and he also tends to luck his way through danger or rely on his advanced dodging skills to survive. Meanwhile, Iruma’s otherworldly status and his magical Ring of Gluttony hint at his future potential as the new demon king, succeeding the previous king Derkila — or at least, Sullivan thinks so.

Azazel Ameri Is Iruma’s Student Council President Friend

Most anime high schools feature a powerful student council president, and the redheaded tsundere demon girl Azazel Ameri is Iruma-kun!‘s own student council prez. She is a proud, confident and disciplined demon who takes her duties extremely seriously, but she also has a soft spot for shojo manga and Iruma himself. Now they are unlikely friends, and Ameri now finds Iruma’s courage and optimism inspiring. By the end of Season 2, Ameri was ready to date Iruma for real and show him her feelings, and she also helped him fight off some giant monsters in Walter Park with her devastating demon bloodline ability, based on her self-confidence.

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Asmodeus Alice Was Iruma’s First Real Friend

Iruma was terrified of his demon classmates early on, and he hoped to avoid any arguments or fights with them. Then the pretentious, noble-born Asmodeus Alice picked a fight with Iruma using his fire magic, only to inexplicably lose. Impressed and humbled, Alice became Iruma’s most loyal friend and protector, though as Sabnock pointed out later on, Alice is having trouble identifying himself outside his relationship with Iruma. Who is Alice, and what does he stand for aside from protecting Iruma? These are questions that Asmodeus Alice must soon answer, but in all likelihood, the wholesome power of friendship will be the only answer he needs. Racing to claim the empty demon king’s throne is nothing compared to everyday fun with his small circle of friends. It’s a humble life, and that’s what makes it so pleasant and easy.

Valac Clara Is Iruma’s Troublemaker Friend

The green-haired Valac Clara is Iruma’s classmate in the so-called abnormal class, and even by that misfit class’s wacky standards, Clara is a real standout. Clara is an energetic, playful, unpredictable and fun-loving demon girl who comes off too strongly but also has a heart of gold, which is why Iruma befriended her despite their awkward first meeting. For the most part, Clara simply takes life as it comes, but she also has an interest in demidols, or demon idols, and she has the unique ability to fabricate items from the pockets sewn onto her uniform’s skirt. She also just might have a big crush on Iruma, and she helped the tightly-wound Asmodeus Alice realize there’s more to life than ambition and pride. The everyday comforts of home are enough for Clara, and that should be enough for her friends Iruma and Alice, too.

Kerori, Jazz, Caim, Elizabetta & More Round Out the Abnormal Class

Another handful of students completes the abnormal class of Babyls, to which Iruma, Clara and Alice all belong. These are all Babyls’ most notable rejects — oddballs and all-around unique individuals — and they rank among the anime’s best students. One such student is the seemingly innocent Kerori, who is in fact the mega-popular demidol nicknamed Kuromu, and she dearly wishes to keep her two lives separate. She can’t stand the idea of all her fans knowing who she really is and harassing her in everyday life. Iruma certainly knows her secret, though.

Caim Kamui is a short, owl-like demon student with a pervy streak, not unlike My Hero Academia‘s Minoru Mineta, but with a slightly nobler personality. This class is also home to Andro Jazz, a vaguely punkish, dark-haired boy with rings on his fingers and the ability to steal things with his demon bloodline ability. He and Caim Kamui, along with their sword-slinging classmate Goemon, all fought together as MHA-style student heroes against the monsters of Walter Park. Finally, there’s the lovely Elizabetta X, a horned demon girl who’s a hopeless romantic and a friend of Clara’s.

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