Canceled? Will It Ever Return?

Even as the first season continues to air, the news of Oshi No Ko Season 2 renewal is in the air. And the season seems to be in the news for all the right reasons. While the manga was releasing chapter after chapter, the anime’s release was in high demand. And now, a similar case … Read more

SPY×FAMILY S2 Episode 8 | AngryAnimeBitches Anime Blog

I expected this part of the arc to pop off and they certainly did not disappoint. While I do admit that there were parts that felt a bit stiff in animation and weirdly shot, overall, it was still a good fight scene. The arc was definitely building up to Yor essentially taking on the entire … Read more

Under the Sky – All the Anime

December 1, 2023 · 0 comments by Helen McCarthy. Classical pianist, hard rock drummer, guitarist, composer, songwriter, producer, visual kei pioneer, founder of two record labels, fashion designer, collaborator with brands from Baccarat to Hello Kitty and beyond, keynote speaker at a Stanford University conference on the future of social tech – all this, plus … Read more

Top 13 Upcoming Anime Games of 2024

Table of Contents[Hide][Show] Anime has been growing exponentially for the last several years, and in 2024, there will be several anime-style titles to enjoy! #13 Palworld What better way to start than with an anime knockoff? Okay, there are many better ways to start, but when it comes to Palworld, there’s no other way to define it. … Read more

Fan-made multiplayer Attack on Titan game looks far more satisfying than the anime’s ending

The core premise of manga-turned-anime series Attack on Titan has always been fantastic: humans armed with swords and equipped with mechanical grapple guns that basically turn them into Spider-Man take on enormous naked giants who are trying to eat them. With the series’ action built around the incredible manoeuvrability and momentum of the Omni-Directional Mobility gear, the genuine unnerving threat of the titans, and the relatively fragility of its human heroes, it’s just primed to be mined for video game inspiration.

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16-Year-Old Singer Yuyu Releases Debut Single “fam/Lullaby.” “Lullaby” (Prod. by Popular Vocaloid Producer Kanna Tateisu) Full-Size Music Video Also Released!

Illustration: Zombie Numata What You Need to Know: Yuyu, a 16-year-old singer who won the Grand Prize in the Next Artist category of the “Inucon 2022!” FlyingDog Artist Discovery Audition held last year, has released her debut single “fam/Lullaby.” Simultaneously, a full-size music video for “Lullaby” has also been revealed, establishing Yuyu as a next … Read more

Top 10 Best Dance Anime That You Must Watch!

Dance is perhaps the MOST entertaining form of art and its styles vary in every region. However, being a dancer isn’t easy at all as it requires a lot of hard work, practice, and patience. Dance anime series are a perfect start to understand appreciate this form of art. Have you peeps ever wondered what it … Read more

Confirmed? Release Date & Details

Fans globally are waiting for Lookism Season 2. This popular manhwa was adapted into anime in 2022, and when it came out, it quickly became a blockbuster hit. Fans loved this adaptation, which is, so far, the best manhwa adapted into anime. But is there going to be Lookism Season 2? Well, the first season … Read more

SPY×FAMILY S2 Episodes 6 + 7

Episode 6 The anime is doing very well with this arc as expected since it definitely does better when action is involved as opposed to the slice of life segments. Though I will say that they are landing the comedy a lot better these days and I have been cackling at how they’ve been executing … Read more