Detroit Lions’ Jamaal Williams reveals the ninja techniques learned from Naruto

Detroit Lions running back Jamaal Williams is making headlines for his enduring love for anime, and he’s not shy about explaining why. “Anime is basically just art that’s in cartoon mode. It’s still in the series. There’s some anime, it’s crazy. That’s literally just for adults,” Williams said. “But for me, I get more principles … Read more

Ninjas in Anime: Warriors of The Shadow

Ninja – a word associated with the assassination, espionage, and violence. They live in the shadows stalking their prey in darkness then strike when you least expect it. They use stealth and quickness to take down their targets. They usually do it silently with an array of weapons ranging from daggers to swords; to throwing weapons … Read more

Naruto Writer Announces Boruto’s Next Anime Arc

Naruto Writer Announces Boruto's Next Anime Arc

Naruto is busy this week with its new manga, and as always, Boruto Uzumaki has his own story to tell. The manga just released an update for readers, and the anime is in the midst of Kawaki’s Academy arc. And according to a new report, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is about to welcome a new … Read more

The Most Popular Male Anime Characters of All Time

You can’t sit with us. Seriously, this table is reserved for anime’s most popular male characters of all time. Get lost, loser. Go sit with the other rejects. The guys at this table are way more stylish and overpowered than anyone else, you included. What’s that? You wanna know who they are? How do you … Read more

Naruto Goes Viral With Perfect Cartoon Makeover

Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto is now celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the anime adaptation’s original debut, but the franchise has gone to a whole new level with a cartoon makeover that’s gone viral with fans! It’s been 20 years since the anime first premiered in Japan, and it’s been such a long and successful run that … Read more

Naruto’s 20th Anniversary Promo Reveals What an Anime Reboot Could Look Like

Naruto celebrated the 20th Anniversary of its anime’s original premiere in Japan with a cool new promo highlighting some of the anime’s biggest moments, and it was a great example of why the series should get a major reboot production! Originally premiering in Japan on October 3, 2002, the franchise has grown to explosive new … Read more