6 Best Yaoi anime to watch in 2023: Hitorijime My Hero to Junjo Romantica

Yaoi is among the most popular genres in anime. Created by and targeted specifically for a female audience, Yaoi features homoerotic relationships between male characters. Its artworks are delicate and highly stylized, featuring androgynous or effeminate men in highly dramatic and often exaggerated romances. Numerous yaoi works exist in the world of anime, but not … Read more

Power makes an appearance in Chainsaw Man, Miss Nagatoro second season release date, and much more

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Looking back at the most iconic anime from Studio Madhouse’s 50-year journey

Studio Madhouse was founded on October 17, 1972, which was 50 years ago. The number of great animes this studio has produced since its inception is simply astounding. Most fans probably know the animation company for some of the 2000s animes they’ve worked on, which included titles like Death Note and Black Lagoon. The 2000s … Read more

Ichigo and Denji take over the internet, Latin-American fans are disappointed with Disney+, and more

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