Power makes an appearance in Chainsaw Man, Miss Nagatoro second season release date, and much more

Over the last seven days, anime fans all around the world have witnessed some of the most exciting news coming out. Not only did we get confirmation about a long-awaited anime being released soon, but we also saw our heroes continue their adventures.

We saw the introduction of many new individuals, as well as the return of beloved characters. To help anime fans keep up with everything that took place last week, we have compiled some of the most important news and episode recaps. Below, you will find the best of what took place during the last week of the anime world.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for various anime series.

Chainsaw Man English and Blue Lock English dubs released, Heavenly Delusion anime adaptation announced along with many more anime news.

RIP Muscle Devil girl, they skipped her in a way that wasn’t obvious at least but I am not a fan of scenes getting cut to save time, especially since she does come back later, even if in a small way

RIP Muscle Devil girl, they skipped her in a way that wasn’t obvious at least but I am not a fan of scenes getting cut to save time, especially since she does come back later, even if in a small way https://t.co/0QvA1fokfE

Chainsaw Man fans received some disappointing news right at the beginning of the past week. The second episode of the show would not include a scene revolving around the Muscle Devil from the original manga series.

Many fans were disappointed with Studio MAPPA for cutting the sequence from the anime adaptation. However, the animation studio managed to avoid the sequence in a way that would not affect the overall story of the show.

Aki as seen in the anime adaptation (Image via Studio MAPPA)

Fortunately, the Chainsaw Man fandom received some amazing news that made up for the missing sequence. The English dub for the anime adaptation of Fujimoto’s manga already has an official release date.

The dubbed version of the series will begin streaming on Crunchyroll from October 25, 2022, at 3:30 pm PDT. Like the Japanese version of the series, English dub also gave the chance to lesser-known voice actors to join the cast.

Daily Wire host on anime: “I think it’s all Satanic. I have no argument for it — I have no argument for why it’s Satanic, it just seems that way to me”

Daily Wire host on anime: “I think it’s all Satanic. I have no argument for it — I have no argument for why it’s Satanic, it just seems that way to me” https://t.co/LTNCluYeDR

A famous right-wing journalist made some serious accusations against the anime community a couple of days ago. Matt Walsh, a prominent figure in the American conservative scene, claimed that all anime is linked to the Christian Devil.

When asked what he meant by that statement, the commentator stated that he “had no argument as to why anime is satanic.” As expected, Walsh received harsh criticism for his uninformed opinion.

A new anime to be excited about (Image via Production I.G.)

An anime adaptation of the acclaimed manga series Heavenly Delusion was announced on October 18. The series is expected to be released in 2023, although a specific date has not yet been released.

Production I.G. will be the animation studio tasked with bringing this popular series to life. The story will follow a girl named Mary, who will leave behind the confines of her heavenly home to explore the remains of a destroyed Tokyo. She will be aided by Kiruko, her best friend and loyal companion.

We need to say goodbye to our favorite characters from Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (Image via Studio Trigger)

Last week was sad for fans of the anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. Fans of the show were expecting Projekt Red to continue the show, which will sadly not happen. The manager of Japan’s CD Projekt Red announced in an interview that the show will not have a second season.

According to him, the series was created to be a standalone work. There are no plans to extend the story or bring the characters back. Nonetheless, the manager hinted that another project revolving around the Cyberpunk universe could be in the works.

Fans can now enjoy The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting in English (Image via Studio Gaina)

The English dub for The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting was released last week, on October 20. Toru Kirishima, one of the main characters in the series, is voiced by Jonah Scott, who is best known for his work as Legoshi in Beastars and Katakuri in One Piece.

The protagonist, Yaeka Sakuragi, is voiced by Emi Lo, who has lent her voice to Lucy in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and Suma from Demon Salyer. Fans can now enjoy the series in English via Crunchyroll.

The key visual for season 2 of Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro (Image via OLM Incorporated)

The release date for Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro’s second season was announced at the end of last week. The long-awaited anime sequel will begin airing in January 2023, although a specific date has not yet been announced.

The announcement was accompanied by a key visual depicting the most important characters for season 2. In it, we can see Nagatoro teasing Senpai inside the Art Club’s room. The rest of the cast can be seen behind them.

Suzume no Tojimari will soon be released (Image via CoMix Wave Films)

After three years of waiting, Makoto Shinkai’s new movie, Suzume no Tojimari, will get a trailer release soon. Last week, via his official Twitter account, the filmmaker announced that the first trailer for his upcoming anime movie will be released on October 28.

The trailer will air during a presentation of Shinkai’s globally-famous movie, Your Name. The film is expected to come out in Japan on November 11, 2022, and will be brought to the rest of the world via Crunchyroll in 2023.

Isagi as seen in the anime Blue Lock (Image via Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Kodansha)

Fans of the hit football anime Blue Lock were ecstatic last week. The official English dub of the series was released only a couple of hours ago, on October 22nd, 2022. Fans who were waiting to see the show in English can do so via Crunchyroll.

Along with the release of the English dub, Blue Lock episode 3 was also released on this same date. This meant that fans could enjoy the original version of the series as well as the newly released English one.

Episode recaps

Ichigo is ready to fight in Bleach TYBW (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War released its second episode this past Monday. Fans saw Ichigo reunite with Nell, who warned our hero about an attack against Hueco Mundo. They immediately headed there to rescue the Arrancar living there.

It was also revealed that the former Espada, Tier Harribel, was captured by the Father of Quincy, Yhwach. The cruel Sternritter J Quilge Opie, Executive Hunting Captain of the Jagdarmee, was introduced in episode 2. The episode ended with Ichigo ready to fight against this new and enigmatic enemy.

Aki and Denji in Chainsaw Man (Image via Studio MAPPA)

The second episode of the latest hit series, Chainsaw Man, became available for fans to enjoy a couple of days ago. The episode mostly focused on Denji getting acquainted with his new life as a member of the Safety Commission. The boy also met Aki, his senior, who became jealous of his relationship with Makina.

Denji and Aki had a dispute, which ended with Denji fighting dirty to defeat his senior. A few days later, our hero was introduced to Power, who would become his new partner. The woman turned out to be a Fiend, a Devil that took control of a human corpse. The duo went out to the city, coming across the Sea Cucumber Devil, which Power proceeded to attack.

Mob and Dimple in Mob Psycho 100 III (Image via Studio Bones)

Mob Psycho 100’s season 3 released its third episode over the past week. The episode began with Mob talking with various girls from his school. This boosted his confidence exponentially, to the point where he believed he was the most popular guy in town.

He would later encounter Dimple, who absorbed the energy from the Divine Tree to become stronger. The spirit tried convincing Mob to join the Psycho Helmet Religion. Our hero would go to a meeting of the aforementioned religion, where he would find the titular Psycho Helmet claiming he was the creator of the Divine tree.

Alexia as seen in the show (Image via Studio 8bit)

The Eminence in Shadow continued telling Cid’s story in the Midgar Kingdom with its third episode. The episode began with the Seven Shadows telling their mater that they needed to disband and kill the members of the Cult of Cosmos. Cid, who was still unaware that the cult was real, thought he was being abandoned. Seven years later, Kageno could be seen as a Midgar Academy student.

He was challenged by his friends to confess to Alexia, the most popular girl in school. The girl accepted his feelings, although it was later revealed that she did so to escape her engagement. One day, Alexia complained about her lack of swordplay skills, prompting Cid to try and make her feel better. Sadly, this angered the girl, who ran away and disappeared mysteriously.

Dabi as seen in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)

Hawks had to face the consequences of his actions in My Hero Academia season 6 episode 4. After witnessing the number two Hero kill Twice in front of him, Dabi lost control of himself. He began attacking his former friend with his hottest fire, burning all the feathers on his back. Far from there, Endeavor and his team fought the remaining high-end Nomus in Jaku’s hospital.

Mirko continued searching for Garaki and Shigaraki’s capsule, despite being gravely injured. The Rabbit Hero managed to destroy the pod but was unable to kill Shigaraki. The doctor revealed that Shigaraki was the new user of All for One, shocking the Heroes. After fighting the ghosts from his past, Shigaraki woke up, ready to destroy Hero Society.

The Forger family in Spy X Family (Image via Wit Studio)

With the Doggy Crisis over, Spy X Family episode 16 continued with the everyday life of the Forgers. During the episode, fans could see Camila teaching Yor how to cook. Despite the many lessons they had in the past, Yor still remained a horrible cook. Camila was about to give up when Yuri reminded Yor about a dish their mother would prepare for them.

Camila realized that the Briars’ mother’s dish could be the perfect dish to teach Yor, as she remembered what it tasted like. Thanks to the blonde, Yor managed to create a dish that made her family happy. A few days later, Franky tried to get a date with a girl he had fallen in love with and asked Loid for help. Unfortunately, the girl rejected him and Loid did his best to make his friend feel better

Baxchira as seen in Blue Lock (Image via Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Kodansha)

The first selection tournament began in Blue Lock episode 3. Isagi and Team Z had to play against Team X and their ace, Barou. Tragically, as everyone in Team Z wanted to be the one to score a goal, they could not work together. Barou, on the other hand, led his team to victory by knowing when to work alone and when to ask for help.

Isagi took notice of this but it was too late to do anything about it. Our hero and Bachira decided that they would work together to score a goal. At the last second, Isagi gave Kunigami the chance to score. Despite this, Team Z lost 5-1, forcing them to win the next two games if they wanted to keep competing.

Uzaki as seen in the show (Image via Studio ENGI)

Uzaki-Chan Wants to Hang Out!! Double released episode 4 just a couple of hours ago. After receiving confirmation via fortune-telling that her relationship with Senpai could work, Uzaki began telling everyone the story. However, she did so in a way that would leave her upper classmen looking desperate to be with her.

Shinichi asked Uzaki’s mother to teach him how to cook. During this lesson, many misunderstandings occurred, which caused Uzaki to feel jealous. Fortunately, she calmed herself down by joining the lesson and keeping Senpai’s attention on her.

Queen attacking Chopper in One Piece (Image via Toei Animation)

The Onigashima raid continued on One Piece episode 1036. The episode started with Sanji rescuing Chopper from Queen and Perospero. The Straw Hat was crying over Luffy’s apparent death, but the cook told him to trust their captain.

Elsewhere, Kin’emon was trying to stop Kaido from harming Momonosuke, who ran away with Shinobu. The samurai remembered all the good times he spent with Oden’s son, who he saw as a child of his own. Momonosuke told everyone inside the castle that Luffy was still alive and looking for a way back.

Final thoughts

Power as seen in the show (Image via Studio MAPPA)

While not all the news we received during the last week were good, many made anime fans all over the world jump in happiness. Many English dubs were finally released, bringing joy to those fans who were waiting to enjoy their favorite anime in their language.

We also saw many important and thrilling adventures take place in the anime series we all love. Ichigo is about to begin a fight against a new imposing enemy, Isagi needs to figure out how to lead his team to victory, and Luffy’s return has finally been announced. We can only hope that next week will be as exciting as the last seven days have been.

Edited by Abhipsa Choudhury

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