Next-Generation Singer-Songwriter Mekakushe Launches New Private Label, “Akogare Records,” and Releases New Song!

The next-generation singer-songwriter, mekakushe, who is widely popular among artists and creators, has established her private label, akogare records, within Bandai Namco Music Live. On November 27, she released her first digital single, “Kataomoi Magnet,” from this label. The arrangement of “Kataomoi Magnet” was handled by PRIMAGIC, known for arranging songs for artists like LiSA, … Read more

16-Year-Old Singer Yuyu Releases Debut Single “fam/Lullaby.” “Lullaby” (Prod. by Popular Vocaloid Producer Kanna Tateisu) Full-Size Music Video Also Released!

Illustration: Zombie Numata What You Need to Know: Yuyu, a 16-year-old singer who won the Grand Prize in the Next Artist category of the “Inucon 2022!” FlyingDog Artist Discovery Audition held last year, has released her debut single “fam/Lullaby.” Simultaneously, a full-size music video for “Lullaby” has also been revealed, establishing Yuyu as a next … Read more

“Witch & Lilies” Playable Demo Available at Anime NYC in New York from Nov 17 to 19!

What You Need to Know: Witch & Lilies is an upcoming dungeon crawler for Steam based on the theme of “romance between girls.” It is being developed by the up-and-coming game company Stromatosoft in collaboration with Bandai Namco Music Live. A playable demo will be showcased at Anime NYC 2023. At booth #621, a pre-release … Read more

Sneak Peek of Anime Finale Commemoration “Attack on Titan” Worldwide After Party (Nov 5 to 8) Grand Finale Revealed! Timetable and Additional Party Footage Also Released!

The Anime Finale Commemoration “Attack on Titan” Worldwide After Party, which drew attention with its key visual announcement on October 17, has now unveiled some screenshots of the Grand Finale. In addition, the event timetable has been released, along with additional footage of the party venue, providing a clearer picture of the whole experience. The … Read more

Nao Toyama Announces Three Consecutive Months of Digital Single Releases!

Voice actress and singer Nao Toyama has announced her first-ever three consecutive months of single releases as part of her 7th Anniversary/Christmas Eve Project! The concept behind these releases is Nao Toyama’s signature songs. The first release, titled “Shut Out My Lie,” focuses on Nao Toyama’s strong suit, dance, and is a dance music track. … Read more

Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue

What would you do when the rules of morale don’t apply? System: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC (Steam) Publisher: Aksys Games Developer: Dreamloop Games Release Date: October 19, 2023 Inescapable – Official Announcement Trailer – Various Platforms Imagine for a moment that you could possibly win over half … Read more

Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club’s 5th Album “Fly with You!!” to Release on October 4!

Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club will release their 5th album “Fly with You!!” on October 4, 2023 Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club is a spin-off project of the Love Live! series, and up until now, all of its members have released songs that showcase their unique personalities as solo idols. This … Read more

00 (JST) on September 28

What You Need to Know: Bandai Namco Music Live has announced their plans to open a new VTuber space named “MEWLIVE” on September 28, 2023, with the goal of creating a world where performers can freely express themselves beyond the boundaries of real and virtual. To commemorate this opening, a special livestream is scheduled for … Read more