10 Anime Couples That Disappointed Fans

Romance is a huge part of anime. No matter the genre, just about every series includes at least one great love story that leaves fans swooning. Anime portrays all sorts of relationships, and some of the most iconic romances of all time come from the medium. However, not all anime couples reach these heights, and many leave fans utterly disappointed.

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This happens for a number of reasons. Sometimes a couple just lacks the right chemistry, while other times, their relationship is far too toxic for anyone to support. No matter the reason, many anime couples start out strong but ultimately fail to impress fans who expected much better.

10/10 Eren & Mikasa Were Doomed From The Start

Attack On Titan

At the start of Attack on Titan, Eren and Mikasa seemed like the perfect couple. They were a dynamic duo, sticking together against all odds, and their undying support for each other easily made them a fan-favorite ship. Unfortunately, things weren’t so simple for this beloved pair, and as the series progressed, their once-solid relationship began to crumble.

Eren’s character changed drastically over time and he slowly became cruel towards Mikasa, leaving many to wonder if he ever loved her at all. Though they once were the power couple of the series, by the end of the story, it’s clear that their love was destined for heartache and disaster.

9/10 Maya & Masumi’s Relationship Is Ruined By One Devastating Moment

Glass Mask

Glass Mask‘s Maya Kitajima and Masumi Hayami are a rather questionable pair from the start, given their wide age gap. Nevertheless, at the start of the series, it’s hard to resist their chemistry together. Unfortunately, their budding romance is ruined early on after the tragic death of Maya’s mother.

After Maya learns of Masumi’s involvement in her death, she instantly begins to hate him. This drastic shift completely ruins their relationship, making it almost impossible to root for them after Masumi’s horrific mistake. Though Maya comes to terms with her mother’s death later and forgives Masumi, it still feels odd for the two to become romantic after this devastating moment.

8/10 Subaru & Emilia’s Romance Leaves Fans Underwhelmed


Re:Zero fans loved the blossoming relationship between protagonist Natsuki Subaru and Emilia when it first began. However, as the series progressed, Subaru met many other cute girls, and Emilia got a lot more competition.

Now, many fans feel that Subaru is better suited for one of the other girls, and his relationship with Emilia has left much to be desired. For a while, many hoped that Subaru would end up with someone like Rem instead, so when he finally professed his love for Emilia officially, it left a lot of viewers feeling underwhelmed.

7/10 Shikimori & Izumi’s Boring Relationship Is A Letdown For Fans

Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie

Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie is probably one of the most disappointing new anime of 2022. For most, the series’ worst letdown is the boring romance between the titular heroine and her boyfriend, Yuu Izumi. There’s no denying that the pair make for a unique dynamic, with the traditional roles reversed between Izumi and Shikimori.

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While this sounds like an interesting twist, in the end, most have found their dynamic lacking. As a result, this setup hasn’t been well received by most viewers, and many feel their romance is an overall disappointment.

6/10 Haruhi & Tamaki Never Got Together In The Anime

Ouran High School Host Club

To this day, Ouran High School Host Club fans debate over which host is the best for Haruhi. However, a resounding majority agree that she and Tamaki Suoh are made for each other. Throughout the series, the two share many moments together that leave viewers swooning and wanting more.

Unfortunately, the anime ends before they can become an official couple, leaving fans everywhere devastated. Luckily, the manga continues the story and shows Haruhi and Tamaki growing closer, eventually getting together and even getting married. But for anime-only fans, this couple is one of the most disappointing of all time.

5/10 Sesshomaru & Rin’s Questionable Relationship Ruins The Sequel Series


When Yashahime first came out, everyone wanted to know who the mother of Sesshomaru’s daughters was. There was much speculation over the months, but fans were utterly disappointed when they finally learned Rin was Sesshomaru’s wife and the mother of his children.

Given their relationship in Inuyasha, many felt it was extremely inappropriate and problematic to have them come together as a couple, even if Rin was now an adult. This disturbing relationship ruined the sequel series for a lot of fans, and many dropped it afterward.

4/10 Hiro & Zero Two Didn’t Get The Happy Ending Fans Wanted

Darling In The Franxx

Since its initial run, Darling in the Franxx has become infamous for its disappointing ending. What started out as a promising new mecha series slowly failed to meet fans’ expectations. One of the most disappointing aspects of the series is its main romance story between protagonists Hiro and Zero Two.

Just like the series itself, this couple started out strong and was one of the most popular new ships of the time, but it sadly crashed and burned by the series’ conclusion. While most were hoping for a happy ending for the two, Hiro and Zero Two’s story ended in tragedy and left viewers feeling empty and unfulfilled.

3/10 Ichigo & Orihime’s Endgame Relationship Shocked Disappointed Fans


Throughout Bleach‘s original run, fans couldn’t help but speculate over who protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki would end up with. Fans were split down the middle, with some hoping he’d choose Rukia and others wanting him to go for Orihime instead.

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Given the strong bond between Ichigo and his partner, it almost seemed inevitable that he’d get with Rukia, but to all fans’ shock, he and Orihime became the endgame couple after all. To this day, many fans are still upset by this choice and feel that Ichigo and Rukia both ended up with the wrong people.

2/10 Korra & Mako’s Relationship Was Doomed From The Start

The Legend Of Korra

When The Legend of Korra first came out, fans adored the budding relationship between Avatar Korra and her first love interest, Mako. Many were excited to see where they went, and it was one of the most popular ships at the start of the series. However, it all came crashing down after the infamous kiss they shared while Mako was still dating Asami.

From there, their relationship only got worse and worse, until it eventually imploded, and they broke up. Even years after the series’ conclusion, these two remain one of the most hated couples in the series, and Mako is still one of the most disliked characters.

1/10 Naruto & Hinata’s Marriage Caught Everyone By Surprise


It’s safe to say that though Naruto is definitely a masterpiece anime, it’s not the best love story. Just about every romance in the series is poorly written and makes little to no sense. However, the most shocking and mind-blowing romance of all doesn’t appear until the very end of the series. Everyone knows that Hinata has always crushed on Naruto, but no one ever expected him to return her feelings.

Nevertheless, the two are revealed as husband and wife at the story’s conclusion, and even have two kids of their own. No one could have guessed this outcome, and many were disappointed that Kishimoto chose Hinata of all characters to end up with Naruto, especially when they barely share any meaningful moments throughout most of the series. It’s a decision that fans still object to today, even years later.

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