anime expo® chibi game jam launches September 16!

The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA) is thrilled to host our first ever game jam competition for our inaugural event, anime expo® chibi! We invite developers of all levels – whether this is your first game or you’re a seasoned professional – to submit an anime-style video game adhering to a specific theme to build a game over a period of one month, from September 16th to October 17th. The theme will be announced on launch day. After submission, a winner will be decided internally by a team of judges at SPJA!

Anime and gaming go hand-in-hand, with no shortage of titles that have found world-renowned success. Submitters will have the opportunity to create an original anime game that reflects what YOU would like to play! This is a friendly competition to promote the versatility and crossover of these industries, and anything that you submit remains yours.

Game jams are all about creating and learning along the way, and it is our hope to foster a positive environment for anime and gaming fans to hone their skills and have fun doing it.

The anime expo® chibi game jam will launch on Friday, September 16th at 12 pm PST. For further information about the game jam and to sign up for the competition, please go to our official page here!