Top 10 Underrated Anime For Pros Who’ve Watched It All

This article is for the pros! The legends among legends! The ultimate weeb lords who’ve seen it all! We’ve carefully cherry-picked and curated the best of underrated anime gems that even pro otakus like you guys might have missed.

So without further ado, let’s count down the top 10 shows for pro anime fans who feel like they’ve watched it all.

List Of The Best Underrated Anime For Pros

10. Tokyo ESP

Tokyo ESP - Underrated Anime For Pros

Kicking things off at number 10 is Tokyo ESP. This is the story of a normal girl whose life gets thrown into chaos when she starts seeing a penguin and a school of goldfish flying around in the sky. And no, she’s not high!

When one such goldfish passes through her body, she gets the supernatural ability to phase through matter. Yep, that’s Lady Mirio right there!

Now, what would a normal teenage girl do when she gets supernatural powers? Become a superhero, of course!

This story is about her fighting criminals and other evil villains who have gained superpowers just like her.

I’d give this anime a solid 8/10 for its stunning visuals, brilliant plot, and its interesting cast of characters.

9. Ikebukuro West Gate Park

Next up, we’ve got Ikebukuro West Gate Park, an underrated anime about the lawless side of Tokyo. This story is about a guy who is pretty much the messenger of peace, who goes around resolving the conflicts between rival gangs in town.

But, things get crazy when a new faction called the “Red Angels” occupy the turf of the infamous G-Boys. Things escalate real quick, with the gang members going at each other’s throats and almost murdering each other.

It is up to our MC to figure out a way to stop the gang war and save dozens of lives.

This anime was actually kind of trending when it was released back in 2020, but nobody is talking about it these days, so I’m adding it to this list.

8. Rewrite

At number 8 on our list is Rewrite, a somewhat old and outdated anime that has been long forgotten by fans and haters alike. To be honest, it had more haters than fans, but hey, I’m telling you, it’s actually not as bad as they claim!

The story is about a boy who has the ability to permanently rewrite any aspect of his body. Supersonic speed? Superhuman strength? You name it! He can do it!

Being kind of a freak himself, he gets drawn to other supernatural entities in his school and joins the occult club. Soon after, he uncovers the secrets of his new club members and a dark fate that only he can rewrite.

With a total of two seasons, it is the perfect show to binge this weekend!

7. Blade & Soul

Coming up next is this underrated anime called Blade & Soul. For those who’ve played the original game, this anime was a disaster. But for those who’ve never heard it, it was a pretty good watch.

This story is about a lone assassin and her quest for revenge. Along the way, she meets other people who have ties with her slain master, makes new friends and enemies, as she has to fight her way out on a journey to find her soul.

While the anime is nothing extraordinary, it is still a decent watch considering this is one of the very few shows focusing on a female main character.

6. Sunday without God

At number 6 on our list is one of my personal favorites called Sunday without God. This anime takes you on an unforgettable journey as you follow along the story of a lonely little girl who lives in a world that is abandoned by the gods.

As the only surviving “gravekeeper” in town, her job is to bury the dead and save their souls from becoming undead.

With a cast of well written characters and unique plot points, the only drawback is its outdated and low resolution visuals. Other than that, it is a brilliant show that is totally worth watching.

But fair warning guys, this anime is so full of emotion that it might even make you cry. That said, at the end of it all, I assure you that you will thank me for recommending this show. It is that good!

5. Astra Lost in Space

Next up at number 5 Astra Lost in Space, an underrated anime that I’m sure will blow your mind with its insane plot twists.

This is an award-winning series set in a futuristic world where interplanetary space travel is normal. Our main character, Kanata, is an athletic person who is about to go on an excursion to another planet with a group of other teenage travelers.

But the worst possible thing happens as their ship is sucked into a strange black hole that teleports them into deep space. Now, the group has to survive all on their own and find a way back home.

Now this is not the entire story, but revealing any more detail would be a spoiler, so I’m not gonna do it.

4. Boogiepop and Others

Coming up next is yet another personal favorite of mine called “Boogiepop and Others.” This is an underrated anime about a girl who is your average high school student by day, and a supernatural guardian entity by night. The best part is that the girl is not even aware of her alter ego’s existence. 

The entire story is pretty much about Boogiepop fighting otherworldly monsters one after another, protecting people from a threat they cannot see. But the story telling and visuals are so brilliant that you can’t help but fall in love with it. That said, it is certainly not for everyone. Seinen fans are going to love this, but shonen fans might not love it as much.

3. Chaos Head

At number 3 on our list is Chaos Head, an underrated anime written by the same creator as the popular Steins Gate series. But I’m gonna be honest, guys, it is not as amazing as Steins gate, but it is still good in its own right.

This story is about a carefree otaku who spends all his time playing games and watching anime. However, his ordinary life comes to a crashing end when he gets caught up in a series of brutal murders.

One day, an unknown user on the internet sends him an image of a man staked to a wall.

Later that day, he sees the same incident happen in real life right in front of his eyes! Having caught the attention of evil people, he finds secrets about himself and the world all the while having to survive and fight the killers along with his new-found friends.

2. The Millionaire Detective – Balance UNLIMITED

Runner-up at number 2 is The Millionaire Detective – Balance UNLIMITED. This is probably the most popular anime among all the other shows we’ve mentioned on this list, And for a good reason.

This anime offers a fresh new outlook on a detective story, teaming up a regular, justice loving police detective with a millionaire who uses his infinitely deep pockets to solve criminal cases.

Watching these two detectives with polar opposite personalities go at it is simply hilarious. With a ton of comedy and a few heartwarming scenes, The Millionaire Detective totally deserves all the fame it gets.

1. Nobunaga Concerto

Finally, at the number one spot on our list is Nobunaga Concerto, a super underrated anime series that literally nobody knows about. While the series is somewhat popular in Japan, the rest of the world is completely sleeping on it.

This is a one-of-a-kind isekai anime about a laidback and carefree high school boy who gets transported into the Edo period of Japan, where he will have to play the role of Oda Nobunaga, the historical figure who united the country.

Except, the uniting nation part has not happened yet and our MC has to take care of it.

Equipped with modern knowledge and his history book from school, he has to navigate his new life and succeed as the infamous emperor that dominates that warring states period of Japan.

There we go guys, these are the top 10 super underrated anime shows that not a lot of people know about, which are perfect for pro weebs like yourself to watch!

Thank you for reading and have a fun day!