10 Anime Villains Chainsaw Man’s Denji Can Defeat

Chainsaw Man is a brand-new shonen action anime starring the wild antihero, Denji. For years, Denji lived in hopeless poverty, but now he’s got a second chance at life with his powers as Chainsaw Man. His new job: to fight and destroy devils on Makima’s orders.

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In addition to his new powers, Denji’s combat prowess is further enhanced by his high tolerance for pain and innovative thinking. In a fight to the death, Denji would hold nothing back, and he’d prove to be a formidable foe for many anime villains.

10/10 Spinner Wouldn’t Last Long Against Chainsaw Man

My Hero Academia

Powerhouse villains in My Hero Academia such as Overhaul and Tomura Shigaraki could obliterate Denji in a fight, since their Quirks are much stronger than Denji’s chainsaw abilities. But Denji would have a much easier time against League of Villains members who fight with more conventional tactics.

That includes the gecko-like Spinner, who isn’t very tough. He follows the Hero Killer Stain’s teachings which makes him judge worthy heroes and this ironically limits him in battle. Denji could easily break Spinner’s oversized sword with his chainsaws, then shred Spinner with his merciless chainsaws.

9/10 Kazuki Is Nothing Compared To Denji

The Rising Of The Shield Hero

If Denji became an isekai protagonist in The Rising of the Shield Hero, he’d be an even bigger antihero than the grouchy Naofumi Iwatani ever was, and he wouldn’t take the new world too seriously, either. If Denji found himself in exotic lands, he’d fight to survive.

Kazuki, from the Glass world, wields a sword and magic in battle. This still wouldn’t prepare him for Chainsaw Man’s reckless, aggression. Even if Kazuki can use healing magic, Denji would simply shred him first, and Kazuki will need much more than a sword to block his chainsaws.

8/10 Loly Aivirrne’s Zanpakuto Is Underwhelming Compared To Chainsaws


In Bleach, some Arrancars under Sosuke Aizen’s command are powerful and have fascinating abilities. But that’s not true for the low-ranked Loly Aivirrne, who is all bark and no bite. Loly does wield a zanpakuto, a small one shaped like an oversized dagger, but this wouldn’t mean a thing while fighting Chainsaw Man.

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Loly lacks the endurance to stand up to Denji in a fair fight. Though her zanpakuto can wound him, it’s not a real threat. Most of all, Denji wouldn’t even give Loly a chance to release her centipede-themed zanpakuto. He could simply gore her with his chainsaws and finish the fight in a hurry.

7/10 Denji Won’t Gamble With Daniel J. D’Arby

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo’ Bizarre Adventure Stand users use a wide variety of abilities and tactics, ranging from DIO’s time-stopping abilities to Yoshikage Kira’s fearsome explosion attacks. Denji would struggle against those Stand users, but the high-stakes gambler Daniel J. D’Arby, wielder of Osiris, should be easy to fight.

Daniel would most likely invite Denji to play a game of chance and tempt him with a fabulous prize. Denji would probably reject this invitation, assume his Chainsaw Man form, and shred Daniel in a surprise attack. Daniel wouldn’t even have a chance to block it with his Stand.

6/10 Tsukasa Shishio Can Slay Lions, But Not Chainsaw Man

Dr. Stone

The power levels in the isekai anime Dr. Stone are fairly low, since no characters have magic or spiritual powers to call upon. In the new Stone Age, stone spears, muscles, and gunpowder are the best weapons, so a half-devil monster like Denji would slaughter everyone with ease.

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If Denji and Tsukasa Shishio were to ever face off, Denji would have nothing to fear from Tsukasa’s powerful punches, since chainsaws beat knuckles any day. Tsukasa has no real defenses against Denji’s chainsaws, and he’d be torn to gory bits in a matter of seconds.

5/10 Kisaki Tetta Is No Match For Denji’s Might

Tokyo Revengers

Ordinary human antagonists such as Kisaki Tetta the delinquent don’t stand a chance against Chainsaw Man. Characters like Kisaki Tetta may have more combat experience than the rookie Denji and have better technique, but Denji makes up for it with his devilish power.

Kisaki could beat up Denji in his ordinary human form, even though Denji is older. However, if Denji pulls on his ripcord, Kisaki is doomed. His chainsaw would rip Kisaki to shreds before he even knew what was happening, ending Kisaki’s reign of terror in Tokyo Revengers for good.

4/10 Askeladd’s Sword Can’t Kill Chainsaw Man

Vinland Saga

The fearsome Viking commander Askeladd is the merciless villain who killed Thorfinn’s beloved father Thors in the Faroe Islands, and now Thorfinn burns for revenge. In the original Vinland Saga, very few characters could best Askeladd in combat, but Chainsaw Man might beat him in single combat.

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Askeladd may be an expert swordsman, but he can’t overcome Denji’s natural endurance and fearsome chainsaw powers. Denji can drink Askeladd’s blood to heal himself, then strike Askeladd once again to finish him off for good.

3/10 Sugou Nobuyuki Was Never Ready For Real Combat

Sword Art Online

The creepy, widely disliked villain Sugou Nobuyuki assumed the identity of King Oberon, then kidnapped Kirito’s girlfriend Asuna Yuuki to have her for himself. Oberon is no king, though, and nor is he a real fighter. His strategy relies on not having to fight anyone at all.

Oberon panicked when Kirito defeated him with the pain suppressor turned off, and if Denji ended up in this MMORPG world, the same would happen. The aggressive, violence-loving Denji would pounce on his enemy and obliterate him at ease, soaking the Sword Art Onlinegame world in virtual blood.

2/10 Millions Knives Can’t Handle Chainsaw Man’s Raw Power


Trigun‘s main villain Millions Knives is a plant, or a humanoid energy source, just like his heroic brother Vash the Stampede. Unlike Vash, Millions Knives looks down on humans and wishes to exterminate them on the planet Gunsmoke, and he’ll even fight Vash to accomplish that goal.

Denji is no longer fully human, but he’d still clash with Millions Knives. In Chainsaw Man mode, Denji could endure Millions Knives’ punches and bullets, then rush in and slash Millions Knives with his three chainsaw blades and tear him apart. Millions Knives simply has no defense against chainsaws, and he’d pay for it.

1/10 Beast King Would Just Become Prey

One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man villains like Boros the alien warlord and the Deep Sea King would be too formidable a challenge for Denji, but lesser foes such as the Beast King are a different story. The lion-like Beast King and the cyborg gorilla are fearsome fighters, but they’d learn to fear Chainsaw Man.

The Beast King’s claws and fangs would be no match for the brutal ferocity of Denji’s chainsaws, and Chainsaw Man could easily rip his way through the Beast King to finish this fight. Beast King’s creator, Dr. Genus, will need to make a stronger monster than this to defeat Chainsaw Man in mortal combat.

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