Naruto Writer Announces Boruto’s Next Anime Arc

Naruto is busy this week with its new manga, and as always, Boruto Uzumaki has his own story to tell. The manga just released an update for readers, and the anime is in the midst of Kawaki’s Academy arc. And according to a new report, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is about to welcome a new arc.

The update comes from Honda Masaya, the current scriptwriter for Boruto. The writer took to Twitter this week to update fans on the anime, and it was there they admitted a new anime-original arc is on the horizon.

What Can We Expect From Boruto?

According to Masaya, the short arc will kick off in November, so Kawaki’s Academy stint is just about done. As for what this new arc will be about, Masaya is not telling, but he does call the story interesting.

“Boruto is starting a new short arc in November and I am in uncharge of writing the script. It’s an original anime episode, but I think I’ve written an interesting arc, so for those fans who can’t wait to see the original, please stay tuned,” the writer shared.

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Of course, fans are curious to see what this original arc will cover, but others are simply ready for the anime to get back in line with the manga. Boruto is an annual title, so the anime relies on filler arcs to sustain weekly episodes since the manga updates monthly. So far, a number of filler episodes and many are considered anime canon because the manga updates infrequently. But as of right now, the last manga canon update audiences got was episode 220 last October.

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