Darkest Dungeons effects transform iconic anime scenes into comedy gold in a hilarious fan-edit

The video game and the anime industry have a long-standing relationship. Over the years, many video games have been created based on anime. For instance, anime-inspired video games like Black Clover and Attack on Titan have made their way over the years. But it’s also true that many anime are based on video games, including Steins; Gate and Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works.

However, what if anime and video games were combined? This happened recently when YouTube user Zaikozila posted a video combining several well-known anime scenes with special effects from the game Darkest Dungeon. Unsurprisingly, the video was deemed hilarious by otaku fans worldwide.

Since its release, Red Hook Studios’ roguelike role-playing game Darkest Dungeon has become a favorite among players. In addition, the game has garnered numerous accolades.

“Truly outstanding”: Fans love video that combines three anime scenes with special effects from Darkest Dungeons

On August 3, 2023, a YouTube channel, Zaikozila, posted a video with Darkest Dungeons-inspired special effects. According to the creator, the video took 35 days to edit and contained 236 audio files, 14 video files, 240 images, and texts. The video was later shared on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms. Within two days, the video amassed over 2.5k upvotes and more than 180 comments.

The six minutes and 37 seconds long video included clips from three illustrious anime. The first scene in the video was from the spin-off series Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu’s episode 5, where Sousuke Sagara was seen defeating and beating members of the karate club. Kaname Chidori was also seen in the video.

The scene in Durarara!!, where a trash can struck Izaya Orihara, was shown in the video. The scene in the video is originally cut from Durarara!! episode 3. The video also featured Shizuo Heiwajima battling thugs. Following Shizuo’s victory over everyone, a scene in which Simon Brezhnev intervenes to stop Shizuo is also shown.

A still of Garou from One Punch Man season 2 (Image via J. C. Staff)

Following this, the last scene from One Punch Man was shown in the final minute of the clip. The scene in the video was taken from One Punch Man season 2, episodes 10 and 11, where Garou is initially seen in his hideout recovering from his wounds. However, Death Gatling, Stinger, Chain’n’toad, Smile Man, Gun Gun, Shooter, Glasses, and Wild Horn soon arrive to battle Garou.

The video had the same animation and action as the original, but the text and audio effects were from the Darkest Dungeons. Fans are demanding more similar content to be created. Some even considered the video to be the best Darkest Dungeons meme. Here are some of the reactions to the video:

Reddit users react to the fan-edit (Image via Reddit/ Anicat17, LaDrezz, Zaikozila)

While some considered the work outstanding, others suggested that the next work be based on the fight scene from Eminence in Shadow. One Reddit user even requested that the next edit feature the popular DoroHedoro manga and the Obligatory Jojo replacements, to which the creator responded positively.

Reddit users react to the fan-edit (Image via Reddit/Clayman8, mr_bombo, Zaikozila)
Reddit users react to the fan-edit (Image via Reddit/LadyLuxlord, theDolphinator25, Zaikozila)

This is not the first time the user has posted content of this nature. In the past, Zaikozila posted a video that featured clips from Made in Abyss, A Certain Scientific Railgun, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, One Punch Man, and Overlord, and featured Darkest Dungeons special effects. Thus, those who want to watch similar content of the same nature can do so and enjoy it.

Stay tuned for more anime and manga updates as 2023 progresses.

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