002’s Next Plan! Release Date & More

On the bright side, there is no break in the release of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 127. Thus, Ijin’s storyline will not be facing any delay here. In the last chapter, Ijin was ready to help out Yungchan, the boy who was being troubled by bullies. Not only this, but the expenses of his house were also hindering his studies. But a lot of resolved in the last chapter itself. So, without taking much of your time, here is all you need to know about the next one.

The next storyline will take the arcs back to 002. This is a long-term storyline that shall take quite a lot of time to brew. And the ending shall come with the death of one of these two. What are your highest bets for the new one?

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 127: What Will Happen Next?

In the final scene of the last one, the boy ended up claiming that he was going to run a store after his mother. And this plan was to open a snack bar. His mother had always wanted to run a bar like this. But because of all the hardships and money troubles, she was stuck with the grocery store. Some parts of the next episode will take up this storyline. Only after this, we will be able to catch up with Ijin and all that is happening in his life.

The arc of agent 002 is yet to come to the front. The man has always been keen on killing 001. From his family to his whereabouts, he now knows everything about him. But the one thing that he still wants to know is about Ijin’s memories. More answers will come out in the next one, Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 127!

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the opening scene of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 126, the students realized that the Lunch Break was almost over and Yungchan was not coming to the class. In the next scene, we see the kid sitting with his mother, who was asking him about trouble at school. He replied that he was staying back because of his mother’s health. The boy went on to think about his school, high school, and university all at once. He was also thinking about the expenses that he would have to deal with.

He was jealous that most of the people had already decided on their futures. But Yungchan saw his phone and saw as many texts from his friends. As he was walking back to school, some people tried troubling him. Jaehyung was right there to help him out. In the last act, Yungchan decided to sit for a talk with his mother. And he had also decided what he wanted to do in life.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 127: Release Date

No such break has been announced for the latest outing. Thus, Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 127 shall come out in the next two days. The final release date of this chapter is March 11, 2023. All chapters of the manhwa will be found only on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. At last, The Anime Daily to your place to catch up with all the intel on this right here.