10 Anime Characters Who Are Just Like Iruma-Kun!’s Azazel Ameri

Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun! is a colorful, exciting isekai anime series starring the protagonist Iruma Suzuki, who found himself in the demonic Netherworld as the Babyls school’s one and only human student. At least Iruma has friends and allies now, from the uptight Asmodeus Alice and the goofy Valac Clara, and certainly the powerful, esteemed Azazel Ameri.

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Azazel Ameri is the undisputed campus queen of Babyls. She is the much-admired student council president and a powerful fighter, and she is also tough but fair as a big sister type. Ameri can be scary at times, but she also has a warm, loving heart and a strong sense of loyalty and commitment, and even a few minor insecurities to round out her character. With all that in mind, Azazel Ameri should remind Iruma-Kun! fans of many similar anime characters, too.

10/10 Momo Yaoyorozu Is Also The Ojou-Sama Type

My Hero Academia

In terms of powers and abilities, the ace student Momo Yaoyorozu is actually more like Valac Clara, who can create items from thin air with her pockets. Otherwise, though, Momo Yaoyorozu has much more in common with Azazel Ameri, including their personalities and general image.

Ameri and Momo are both the mature, responsible big sister type, and their classmates all look up to them as role models and leaders, too. They are smart, serious girls who put duty first, but they also love their classmates and friends and will show it from time to time.

9/10 Erza Scarlet Is Strong & Kind

Fairy Tail

In some ways, Azazel Ameri has overlap with the powerful Mirajane Strauss, who is one of the Fairy Tail guild’s strongest members, but it’s really the S-ranked wizard Erza Scarlet who has the most in common with her. These powerhouse anime girls have red hair and command a great deal of respect.

On top of that, Erza and Azazel Ameri both have the “tough big sister” personality type, being stern to troublemakers while having lots of love to give to the people they like. They are a bit like tsunderes in the way, and they tend to get flustered around their love interests, too.

8/10 Kaguya Shinomiya Is A Student Council Ojou-Sama

Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

Kaguya Shinomiya lacks magical powers, and she can’t do much in a serious fight, but she doesn’t have to, either. Kaguya is the scion of the ultra-wealthy Shinomiya family, meaning anything she needs, she gets, from protection and chauffeurs to fine meals and, of course, a top-tier education. No one can touch her.

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Kaguya used to be a friendless ice queen, but no longer. She is a warm-hearted but hot-tempered girl whose tsundere ways add to her charm, and the same can be said of Ameri, too. These student council girls are part of society’s elite, but they also appreciate true friendship with their supposed lessers.

7/10 Erina Nakiri is The Food Princess

Food Wars!

The tsundere chef Erina Nakiri is definitely the Azazel Ameri of the culinary world found in the Food Wars! anime. Both characters are at the top of their game, and they know it. That, along with their highborn status, leads to their ojou-sama personalities.

Erina may be a lofty girl with himedere tendencies, but she’s not cruel. Like Ameri, Erina learned the value of true friendship, which made her much happier while also making her more approachable, a win-win for all. Erina also became fond of Totsuki’s own Iruma, Soma Yukihira.

6/10 Fubuki, AKA Blizzard, Melted Her Icy Heart

One-Punch Man

The powerhouse sisters Tatsumaki and Fubuki are members of the Hero Association, and they are both rather conceited, but in different ways. Tatsumaki has a lone wolf mentality, while her younger sister Fubuki acts like a himedere, being the ojou-sama boss of her own Blizzard Group.

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Fubuki is the type who wants to hear “Yes, mistress” in response to her commands, but she’s not a bad person deep down. She’s just insecure and wants to impress others, and she is even capable of friendship. Azazel Ameri had similar experiences early in her own arc.

5/10 Princess Hibana Showed Her Kinder Side Before Long

Fire Force

The captain of Company 5, going by the name Princess Hibana, is a bit of a himedere scientist who literally walks all over her underlings in those high-heeled shoes of hers. She is rather conceited and vain, but she also has her kinder side, which she usually shows to Shinra in particular.

Hibana, like Azazel Ameri, likes to be in charge and has little patience for fools or games, but she also appreciates the value of friendship and even true love. Hibana can be difficult to get along with sometimes, but she is a wonderful lady deep down who has simply been through some bad experiences.

4/10 Futaba Igarashi Is A Lovable Tsundere

My Senpai Is Annoying

The green-haired sales rep Futaba Igarashi isn’t a council president or boss of any kind, but aside from that, fans of Azazel Ameri should love this josei protagonist and see plenty of Ameri in her. Just like Ameri, Futaba is tough but fair, and she has little patience for nonsense or goofballs.

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Futaba and Ameri have a lot to prove, so they tend to wind themselves tight, but they might burn themselves out if they’re not careful. Fortunately, each of them has a wonderful romantic interest to spend time with, which can help them relax and enjoy life a bit more.

3/10 Trish Una Learned To Fight For Friendship

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Trish Una is the pink-haired daughter of the mysterious boss, Diavolo, and she used to be so spoiled as a result. Early in the Golden Wind story arc, Trish had a himedere attitude, but after seeing the reality of Stand-based combat, Trish learned the value of true friendship with Giorno and the others.

Just like Azazel Ameri, Trish is a stern but well-meaning girl who tends to impress or intimidate everyone around her. But Trish also has her kinder side, and like Ameri, Trish learned that prestige and wealth mean nothing without friends, and perhaps a lover, to keep their company.

2/10 Nobara Kugisaki Is Tough & Cool

Jujutsu Kaisen

The jujutsu sorcerer Nobara Kugisaki is a student at a magical school, like Azazel Ameri, though Nobara isn’t on the student council. Instead, Nobara has a similar personality and character arc as Ameri, since they are both lovable tsundere types who are pretty good in a fight.

These inspiring anime girls know how to be powerful and beautiful without having to compromise one for the other, for which they are respected. These girls were a bit prickly at first, but they soon became best friends with each series’ lovable male lead. Nobara and Ameri will defend Yuji and Iruma with their very lives, and vice versa.

1/10 Misaki Ayuzawa Makes The Rules Around Here


Misaki Ayuzawa may not have magical powers, but she is the well-respected and feared student council president of Seika high school. This school is a scary place for the female students at this formerly all-boys school, so Misaki goes above and beyond to look after those girls and prove her worth.

Just like Azazel Ameri, Misaki is tough but fair, and she has a compassionate, generous side that she will show to the right people. Misaki didn’t like Takumi Usui, the “pervy alien,” at first, but they later grew much closer, and Misaki found love at last. This is the kind of shojo love story Ameri dreams of having.

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