10 Anime Characters Who Died Too Soon

Anime is full of a lot of memorable characters who met an untimely end due to unfortunate circumstances. Their deaths were a heavy blow to their fans as they expected much more from these characters and longed to see them achieve great things. These characters died before they could truly show their worth or achieve whatever goal they set for themselves.

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They were characters with a lot of potential and could have achieved a lot had they lived a little longer. Anime fans still begrudge these characters’ deaths and will do anything to get their hands on a version of the story where these characters survived ’til the very end.

10/10 Miche Zacharius Died An Unexpected & Gruesome Death

Attack On Titan

Miche from Attack On Titan was one truly formidable fighter, rumored to be second in skill and strength only to Captain Levi. When it was believed that Wall Rose had fallen, Miche took charge of the cadets and the other veteran scouts and sprung into action.

Titans ambushed them, and after leaving Gelgar in charge, Miche bravely faced the Titans head-on. Unbeknownst to his comrades, that was the last time they would ever see Miche. He was able to take out several Titans before falling victim to a surprise attack from the Beast Titan.

9/10 Igneel’s Death Was Completely Unexpected

Fairy Tail

Igneel, known as the Fire Dragon King, was Natsu’s foster father and one of the most powerful dragons in history. He was absent for most of the Fairy Tail anime, and Natsu spent most of his life in search of him. He emerged magnificently to battle Acnologia and save Natsu and his friends from the Black Dragon.

Igneel put up a good fight and was able to gravely injure Acnologia. However, Igneel was fighting with just a fraction of the power he once had, so Acnologia was able to gain the upper hand in the fight and defeat Igneel.

8/10 Simon Died Before Fans Got To See His Full Strength

Fairy Tail

Simon from Fairy Tail was a friend of Erza’s, and though initially perceived to be a villain, he soon revealed his true motives to Erza and her friends. He was in deeply infatuated with Erza, to the point that he was willing to lay down his life for her sake.

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During their battle against Jellal, Natsu and Erza were practically sitting ducks and completely at the mercy of Jellal, who was about to obliterate them with a very powerful spell. Simon showed up and bore the full brunt of the attack on their behalf, paying the ultimate price to save Erza.

7/10 Vahris Was An Adviser To The King & Arslan’s Ally

Arslan Senki

In Arslan Senki, Vahris trained Arslan in swordsmanship and still saw to his duties as the highest-ranked minister in the Kingdom of Pars. Due to King Andragoras’ stubbornness, the Parsian army was defeated spectacularly in the battle of Atropatene.

During their retreat, the King and Vahris were caught in an ambush. Vahris put up a very impressive display of strength and skill with the sword, but he was no match for Hilmes, who was able to dispatch him with relative ease. His death was unexpected, and it shocked Arslan and Daryun, Vahris’ nephew.

6/10 Hajiki’s Death Was Unbelievable

Fire Force

The titular Fire Force met heavy resistance from the infernals and the White-Clad during their mission in the Nether. Among the fighters sent to investigate the Nether was Platoon Leader Hajiki. Hajiki showed much promise as he was a very skilled pyrokinetic soldier.

Hajiki was able to take out lots of infernals single-handedly and with much ease. Fans were eager to see his performance in subsequent battles. However, those hopes were cut short when a White-Clad member showed up and quickly dispatched Hajiki before his comrades even realized it.

5/10 Shizu Became A Beloved Character With So Little Screen Time

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

In That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, Shizu was known as the conqueror of flames as she was able to contain Ifrit, the Fire Spirit. She’s one of many characters who don’t look their age, as she is quite old. She was a legendary hero and, in a short while after meeting Rimuru Tempest, became his very dear friend.

Due to Shizu’s age and waning magic power, she was unable to keep Ifrit under control for much longer. Rimuru was able to defeat the Fire Spirit, but by then, the damage had been done. Shizu met a merciful end at the hands of Rimuru as per her final request, and after doing so, Rimuru took on her appearance and her will.

4/10 Nighteye Was A Beloved Pro Hero ‘Til The Very End

My Hero Academia

All Might’s former assistant and veteran hero, Nighteye, was easy to like, and My Hero Academia fans took a liking to him the moment he was introduced. He later went on to prove his worth as a tactician and a veteran hero during the raid of the Yakuza base. His formidable ability allows him to see into the future.

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During the battle against the Yakuza, Nighteye was unable to see a future where they won the battle. He was gravely injured by Overhaul, but he saw that the future could indeed be altered when Midoriya defeated Overhaul. Nighteye would eventually succumb to his injuries and die in the hospital.

3/10 Erwin Smith Died Before Reaching The Cellar

Attack On Titan

In Attack On Titan, Erwin Smith was the first to put his trust in Eren and his Titan abilities, as the scouts were all for using whatever means necessary to end the war with the Titans. Erwin believed that Eren was the key to humanity’s continuous survival and subsequent prosperity, so he trusted Eren wholeheartedly.

Erwin decided to lead a campaign to retake Eren’s homeland in order to learn the Titan’s secret. Unfortunately, Erwin and his scouts were overwhelmed and fought their most desperate battle yet, a battle which ultimately claimed Erwin’s life before he could reach the cellar that contained the truth.

2/10 Hughes’ Death Came As A Huge Shock

Fullmetal Alchemist & Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Hughes was a very kind man who was dedicated to serving his country. He was great friends with the Elric brothers, Mustang, and a fan-favorite character. He was a brilliant detective whose exceptional mind led to his demise.

Hughes’ investigations were a real problem for the homunculi ruling the country from the shadows, and it wasn’t long before they sought to eliminate him. Despite Hughes’ death in both Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, watching him die in the latter series didn’t sting any less.

1/10 Kyojuro Rengoku Set A Tanjiro’s Heart Ablaze Before His Death

Demon Slayer

In Demon Slayer, Kyojuro was the Flame Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps. Being a Hashira, Kyojuro was undoubtedly uncommonly powerful. Besides his incredible strength, Kyjuro possessed a truly noble soul. His determination to see his mission true to the end was admirable indeed.

However, as strong as he was, Kyojuro faced a force too powerful for even him to withstand in the form of Akaza, the Upper Rank 3 demon. Akaza defeated Kyojuro and fled the scene before daybreak. In Kyojuro’s short time on screen, he hugely impacted the lives of Zenitsu, Tanjiro, and Inosuke.

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