10 Anime Characters Who Would Hate A Quiet Life

Japanese anime characters, just like real people, live all kinds of lifestyles. They might party all day and night, be married to their 9-5 job, or perhaps live a Bohemian lifestyle, or even a life as a punkish delinquent. If life has to be reduced to two different styles, they are loud or quiet, and plenty of excitable anime characters know which of those two lifestyles they prefer.

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On one hand, living a quiet life means having stability, comforting alone time, and literally not making much noise with excessive music, chatter, or anything like that. Introverted anime characters like Shoto Todoroki and Byakuya Kuchiki would prefer that, but for extroverted, fun-loving anime characters, such a lifestyle would be just so dull and frustrating.

10/10 Marin Kitagawa Wants To Be Seen & Heard

My Dress-Up Darling

As opposed to her introverted new friend Wakana Gojo, the lively genki girl Marin Kitagawa loves to meet new people, talk loudly about fun stuff, and steal the spotlight with her outstanding video game and anime cosplays. The more people showering her with attention, the better.

Marin is a party girl who makes up life as it goes, and she would be so bored and lonely if she had to spend a week all on her own. No one can force her to be an introvert; Marin simply must fly free and make some noise everywhere she goes.

9/10 Valac Clara Loves Making A Scene

Welcome To Demon School, Iruma-Kun!

Much like Marin, the green-haired Valac Clara is an energetic schoolgirl who is somehow best friends with a quiet, unassuming boy who is almost her total opposite. Clara tends to overwhelm Iruma Suzuki and Asmodeus Alice with her wild antics, but she never means any harm.

Clara is happiest when she can take part in a group song or dance routine, and she enjoys being the center of attention whenever possible. Clara is all about noise, fun, and games, and she would get pretty restless trying to live a quiet, routine life if she had to try it.

8/10 Katsuki Bakugo Must Stand On A Pedestal

My Hero Academia

Pro Heroes are usually meant to inspire the crowds with the public displays of heroism while fighting villains or saving lives, though there are exceptions, such as the unsung heroes who work as support-oriented Pro Heroes. Izuku wishes to stand out as the new symbol of peace, and so does his friend turned rival, Katsuki Bakugo.

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Bakugo can sit still and study to get good grades, but aside from that, he is always moving, talking loudly, or fighting. He can’t stand to be ignored or taken for granted, and he won’t just live a quiet, stable life in the corner. He won’t support society from the shadows; he must stand at the forefront and be a star.

7/10 Hayase Nagatoro Keeps Looking For Trouble

Don’t Toy With Me, Ms. Nagatoro!

Hayase Nagatoro is a restless high school girl who will be the first to make a ruckus if things are getting too quiet. Hayase might be better behaved at home, but at school and while hanging out with friends, Hayase likes to make things up as she goes — the louder, the better.

Hayase isn’t a humble or diligent person. Instead, she thrives in group scenes where everyone’s having fun. If her friends are in trouble, Hayase is quick to act, even if she makes an even bigger mess along the way. It’s tough to imagine Hayase living in a quiet corner of society working a 9-5 job when she’s older.

6/10 Ren Yamai Keeps Showing Off

Komi Can’t Communicate

Ren Yamai is a yandere who likes to be the center of attention, usually by forming a group of gal-pals and gossiping loudly with them. Ren i also a total show-off, flaunting her family’s wealth by having the newest smartphones with a colorful case, well-polished nails, and even goes on trips to Hawaii.

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Ren would definitely pout and feel insulted if everyone started ignoring her, and if she changed schools, she would feel uncomfortable being the new girl whom no one knows. If that happened, Ren would quickly assemble a new squad of popular girls and dominate that school’s social scene.

5/10 Keigo Asano Wants To Know Where The Party Is


Protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki will kick around punks and bullies, but otherwise, he prefers a quiet, stable life where nothing goes wrong. Meanwhile, the same isn’t true of his classmate and friend, the loud and wild Keigo Asano. He’s the type to keep asking who’s hosting a party this weekend.

Keigo doesn’t like it when things are too quiet, serious or tense. He will become a total class clown and make a scene just to stir things up, and he reacts with comical outrage when people ignore or dismiss him. Blending into the background just isn’t Keigo’s style.

4/10 Anya Forger Seeks Adventure

Spy X Family

The young telepath Anya Forger is an excitable kid who thinks every day is an adventure that should not be wasted. Anya knows that her cool spy father Loid needs her to be a good student for the sake of world peace, but alas, Anya just can’t sit still or stay quiet in class.

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Anya would rather go out there and find some fun, and her new pet dog Bond is always invited. Anya fancies herself a rookie spy, a cool agent who can defuse bombs, beat up bad guys, and rescue hostages, all in time for dinner. Being some boring, book-loving student isn’t for her.

3/10 Naruto Uzumaki Must Make His Mark


The shonen protagonist Naruto Uzumaki has always been an attention-seeking troublemaker, and his antics stemmed from his bitter loneliness and lack of validation growing up. Naruto aims to become Hokage, a great ninja whom everyone can look up to and admire, and no one is going to stop him.

Naruto is compassionate and kind, but he is also a spotlight stealer who can’t stand being ignored or sidelined. If something needs to be said or done, Naruto will leap right into the fray and do it himself, no matter what. It’s unthinkable for this future Hokage to live a quiet, obscure life.

2/10 Chika Fujiwara Wants To Party

Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

Unlike the bookish Miko Iino, the reclusive Yu Ishigami, or the duty-bound Miyuki Shirogane, the pink-haired Chika is only happy when life is a total rager of a party. Chika can sit down and study to pass her classes, but that’s no fun. She only feels alive when life is like a game.

Chika refuses to be a background nobody, nor will she be taken for granted. Chika is everyone’s friend, and she expresses her love with wild party games and nosy but well-meaning questions. She is quick to act if someone needs her help, too. She’s no bystander.

1/10 Milim Nava Must Be Constantly Entertained

Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

The dragonoid demon lord Milim Nava is a vastly powerful but also childish warrior who happens to be Rimuru Tempest’s new BFF in this isekai world. Milim, being so extroverted and lacking any serious rivals, is bored easily — so, she constantly seeks out new entertainment.

Milim refuses to just sit still and mind her own business. For better or worse, she makes everything else her business and is totally the type to roam around Rimuru’s city asking everyone what they’re doing. In short, Milim isn’t the type to lurk in her lair plotting world domination, despite her demon lord title. She’d rather have some hands-on fun.

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