10 Anime Fantasy Worlds Inspired By Europe

Anime has been transporting viewers to some of the best and most intricate fantasy worlds through worldbuilding and gorgeous visuals. Many of these fictional nations have become as important and iconic as the characters who live in them and are staple locations for any fantasy anime fan.

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While some of these worlds have taken inspiration from Japan and other Asian countries, others have turned to Europe’s architecture and style for new ideas and aesthetics. From fairytale lands to militarized countries, these European-inspired states have taken the best the continent has to offer and given it a creative spin.

10/10 Shin Makoku Was Home To The Mazoku Demons

Kyo Kara Maoh!

Kyo Kara Maoh! follows the adventures of a high school student named Yuuri who, after being suddenly transported to the world of Shin Makoku, becomes the country’s 27th ruler, or Maoh. Soon after, Yuuri gets engaged to the proud and selfish Wolfram von Bielefelt, the son of the previous king.

Also known as the Great Demon Kingdom, Shin Makoku was a 4000-year-old nation that housed the magical Mazoku demons. It was divided into a capital city directly under the Maoh’s jurisdiction, and ten provinces, each named after and governed by one of the ten most powerful aristocratic clans in the land. These families had Germanic last names, which linked Shin Makoku to Europe.

9/10 Jade Country Was A Prosperous World Plagued By A Tragic Past

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

In Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, the main characters travel through various dimensions in search of Princess Sakura’s memories, which have been transformed into feathers. On one occasion, they land in Jade Country, a large and prosperous world with a tragic past involving a golden-haired princess and her mysterious powers.

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In the northern region of Jade Country was Spirit, a snowy and cold town with a fast-flowing river and several inns that took inspiration from medieval English architecture. There was an old and dilapidated castle to the north that frightened travelers and seemed to attract the town’s children with its magic.

8/10 The Kingdom Of Sauville Was A Fictional French-Speaking European Country


Based on the light novel series of the same name, Gosick revolves around Kazuya Kujo, a Japanese exchange student in the fictional European Kingdom of Sauville. After he meets a mysterious yet brilliant girl named Victorique du Blois, the two soon begin solving criminal cases in and outside their school.

Gosick‘s Sauville was a French-speaking country situated between France, Switzerland, and Italy. Its capital city of Saubrème was home to important establishments like the Police Headquarters and the Royal Palace. Sauville’s remote town of Horowitz was near the small and enigmatic Kingdom of Saillune.

7/10 Neo-Venezia Imitated Venice’s Architecture And Culture


Set in the early 24th century, Aria tells the story of Akari, a young woman from the planet Manhome (or Earth) who has recently moved to the city of Neo-Venezia to become a gondolier. The slice-of-life anime then recounts Akari’s adventures as she makes new friends and trains to become an Undine, one of Neo-Venezia’s prestigious tour guides.

As its name suggests, Neo-Venezia was based on the real-life city of Venice, Italy, and imitated its architecture and culture. In Aria, it was constructed in Aqua, formerly known as Mars, after the planet had become habitable about 150 years prior. Like Venice, Neo-Venezia also had narrow canals for gondolas to travel through.

6/10 Gold Crown Was A Fantasy Town Inspired By European Fairytales

Princess Tutu

Inspired by European stories like The Ugly Duckling and Swan Lake, Princess Tutu follows a duck who uses a magical pendant to turn into a human girl. Later on, she discovers she can use the pendant to acquire magical powers and become Princess Tutu, an elegant ballerina who must restore a prince’s broken heart.

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Princess Tutu took place in Gold Crown, a fantasy town that had been taken over by fairytale characters and was governed by Prince Siegfried until he shattered his own heart to seal The Raven away. Gold Crown was based on the German town of Nördlingen. Most of the characters also attended the city’s famed art school, Gold Crown Academy, where the story took place.

5/10 Alvarez Empire Employed Some Of The Strongest Mages In Earth-Land

Fairy Tail

In 2009, Hiro Mashima’s shonen series, Fairy Tail, was adapted into a popular anime that would run for an entire decade. The story centered on Natsu Dragneel, a mage of the Fairy Tail guild, and his quest to find the dragon Igneel as he travels the vast and whimsical world of Earth-land.

Earth-land was divided into various countries, but none were as mighty and dangerous as the Alvarez Empire. Located in the Western continent of Alakitasia, the Alvarez Empire was formed when over 700 guilds joined forces to create an unbeatable militia. It was ruled by an emperor or king and employed some of the strongest mages in the land. Many of the Alakitasian countries’ names use Italian and Spanish words.

4/10 The United Republic Of Europia Was The Largest Superpower In Code Geass

Code Geass

Code Geass is set in an alternate timeline where the world was divided into three superpowers: the Holy Britannia Empire, the Chinese Federation, and the United Republic of Europia. The story centers around the exiled prince of the Holy Britannia Empire, Lelouch, as he begins a revolution with the help of a mysterious magical power and mecha.

Code Geass‘ Europia featured the real-life territories of Africa, Europe, and parts of Russia and the Middle East, and was known for its corruption and bureaucracy. Its large military headquarters and council were located in Paris, the country’s designated capital. Europia was also home to Japanese citizens who had escaped the Empire’s wrath.

3/10 Neo-Verona Was A Floating Island With Italian-Inspired Architecture

Romeo X Juliet

Loosely based on Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo x Juliet recounts the tragic and bloody love story between Juliet de Capulet and Romeo de Montague, two young lovers from rival families. 14 years after her family’s demise, Juliet meets Romeo when he saves her from falling to her death. The two connect and begin a love affair later on.

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In the story, Neo-Verona was a floating island full of intricate Italian-inspired architecture from cities like Florence and Rome. It was originally under the command of the Capulet family, but after they were overthrown and murdered, the power was transferred to the Montagues.

2/10 Marley Was A Highly-Militarized Nation With Major Knowledge About The Titans

Attack On Titan

One of the most popular anime of all time, Attack On Titan follows Eren Yaeger and his friends as they dedicate their lives to eradicating a race of gigantic humanoids known as Titans. Most of Attack On Titan is set in Paradis, an island where cities and districts are protected by three enormous walls, but Eren later travels across the ocean to Marley.

Significantly larger than Paradis, Marley was a highly-militarized nation inspired by early 20th-century Germany. It was under Eldian rule for centuries before eventually obtaining its freedom after the Great Titan War. Marleyans researched Titans for decades, gaining a far better understanding of their biology and behavior than anyone in Paradis.

1/10 Amestris’ Government Was Protected By Its Powerful State Alchemists

Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist follows Edward and Alphonse Elric, two alchemist brothers on a journey to find the only thing that will restore their bodies, the mythical philosopher’s stone. Most of the Elric brothers’ adventures take place in Amestris, a unitary state led by the all-powerful head of government and the military, the Führer.

Amestris was divided into four areas surrounding the central city and had a diverse population of over 50 million. Most of its architecture and culture were based on Western European countries like England and Germany during the Industrial Revolution. The 2003 adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist also took particular inspiration from Germany’s Republic of Weimar at the start of the 20th century.

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