10 Anime That Use Color As Symbolism

Character development and feelings take form through many outlets. For anime, colors represent times of change for a character’s growth and the relationships they may have with others. Although music is the main way to see this change happen, these anime focus on the physical attributes of what it means to grow and be in the presence of others.

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Colors within the animation not only appeal to audiences, but they foreshadow the main ideas. The easiest way for people to understand change is to see it happening. Loss, hope, and bittersweet moments are all taken into perspective with color changes and color schemes.

10/10 Kaori Embodies Color In Your Lie In April

Your Lie In April shows the life of a struggling teenage pianist name Kousei Arima. After his mother’s death, Kousei could no longer hear the keys of the piano when playing. Taking his one passion and mother had left Kousei’s life dull and monotone.

It was only when a violinist named Kaori entered Kousei’s life that he was able to face his fear of performing the piano. Kaori had shown Kousei the light of being on stage and the light of life. Paying attention to the animation, little by little, color schemes become brighter and brighter with Kaori. As Kousei begins to drown in the darkness, Kaori literally brightens his life with her color until the very end.

9/10 Iroduku: The World In Colors Shows The Importance Of Colors & Friendships

Iroduku follows a young witch named Hitomi who has lost her ability to see color. Her grandmother sends Hitomi back several decades to see if her younger self could help. As Hitomi goes back in time, she begins to go to the same high school as her grandmother and meets many new people.

Hitomi meets a boy named Yuito, who seemingly creates drawings and allows Hitomi to see colors. Although Hitomi can physically see the drawing’s colors, it symbolizes her coming out of her isolation. As Hitomi has always felt outcasted due to her color blindness, she isolated herself from people. Yuito and their friends show Hitomi how colorful life is when there are people to share the moments with.

8/10 Mob Psycho 100 Relates Emotions With Colors

Mob Psycho 100 shows the life of a middle schooler named Mob, who has telekinesis powers. Little by little, Mob tries to express himself better without being overwhelmed and letting his powers get out of control. Paying attention to Mob’s colors around him shows the viewers how in control he is over his powers.

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When Mob’s powers are lighter, it usually means he is in control, but darker colors show that he is out of control. When Mob is overwhelmed, his meter finally hits 100 and shows the emotion is overwhelmed with. If he is angry, the color scheme will match with red. Mob Psycho 100 symbolizes feelings with colors and how they can be uncontrollable.

7/10 Hunter X Hunter Shows The Importance Of Color Dynamics

Hunter x Hunter is heavily influenced by the aspect of yin and yang, primarily light and dark. Gon, who is Killua’s light, shows the optimistic side of things, while Killua shows the darker reality.

In the Chimera Ant arc, Gon and Killua’s color dynamic seems to switch. When Gon is about to fight Pitou, all the color and life seem to have left Gon’s presence. When Killua finally comes to Gon’s side, he is left in the darkness of the reality of what he did. Gon is left in a coma where Killua has to be bright and optimistic in hopes of saving his dear friend.

6/10 Howl’s Moving Castle Represents Time With Hair Color

Howl’s Moving Castle shows the adventures of Sophie and Howl throughout time. These characters’ colors symbolize the past and present as Howl finds Sophie in his future.

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Howl begins to become obsessed with his looks in the hope of attracting Sophie to him. One of his obsessions was his blonde hair, which later Sohpie caused to become his natural hair color. This hair color is also seen when Sophie sees him first becoming a wizard and eating a fallen star. Viewers can see how the past and history show Sophie and Howl’s development when they take colors into perspective.

5/10 Colors Means Comfort & Development For Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden took place during the wartimes, leaving Violet as nothing more than a weapon. Violet’s developmental growth has been cut short due to her employment with the war. Violet has nothing to belong to, so Gilbert’s eyes act as her comfort, as he is always there for her.

Violet then becomes attached to a green pendant that reminds her of their relationship with each other. The green pendant symbolizes her comfort for Gilbert and the way for Violet to be herself and live without being a machine. Even during Violet’s saddest times, the colors take her back to when she first met Gilbert.

4/10 A Silent Voice Symbolizes Color With Redemption

Blocking out everyone had taken its toll on Shoya from A Silent Voice. Shoya struggles with being outcasted due to his past and can’t look at another person properly. The effects of bullying and isolation have left Shoya in a bad place mentally. Coming to terms with his faults in his childhood, Shouko is able to bring back color for him.

As they both struggle with their past, the colors of these animations seem to follow their darkest moments. From thoughts of suicide to the bright fireworks, glimpses of a second chance take form as color. In the final moments of A Silent Voice, Shoya can properly look at people and continue with his life.

3/10 Clannad’s Yellow Orbs Allow For A Second Chance

Clannad shows the life of a high schooler named Tomoya and how he struggles going forward with his future. When Tomoya meets Nagisa, he finally understands what it means to have a family and to have a future.

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Throughout Clannad, little yellow orbs are mentioned, but they don’t play a part until Tomoya loses his family. As Tomoya finally is able to come to terms with his past, he is given a second chance at a happy life. The colors of this animation are symbolized by the orbs as they show redemption and love of the people who surround Tomoya.

2/10 March Comes In Like A Lion Shows What It Means To Come Out Of Dark Time With Color

March Comes In Like A Lion showcases the life of an orphan named Rei, who spends his time playing Shogi. Living every day like the rest, he finally comes across a family of girls who take him in and show him what family means. Each of the girls teaches him a lesson about self-care and when it’s okay to ask someone for help.

Color means growth in the shape of a brand-new life for Rei moving forward. The bright colors signify anytime he can overcome a challenge from his past, as the girls symbolize the light in his life. As Rei is still young, he learns what it means to mature and to live for himself.

1/10 Your Name Reunites Its Characters With Colors

Your Name shows what it takes for Mitsuha and Taki to be with each other. Taki and Mitsuha can communicate with each other as they switch between each other’s bodies. The nights usually separate them, while the day allows them to switch. The time of the day has represented color, which impacts when they can communicate.

These characters single-handily represent opposites coming together. When a person mixes night and day or even colors, there is always a middle ground. The colors of Your Name follow the time when they can communicate and when they are separated. These characters have to be patient as twilight will come when they can reunite.

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