10 Best Anime Like Overlord

Overlord easily outshines every single anime in the Isekai genre. But, despite having immense popularity among anime fans, the creators took a long gap of four years to bring the fourth season of Overlord. And now that it has ended, there’s no promise from the creators to bring the next season anytime soon. So, it leaves the fans with no choice but to wait for the sequel, no matter how long it takes.

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But, until Overlord does not return with a new season, we can watch something that gives us similar vibes. That said, the list we created doesn’t include the anime series that only act as a substitute to Overlord, but they have their own cult following. So, even if Overlord doesn’t return for a dog’s age, these shows won’t let you crave it.


10 The Misfit Of Demon King Academy

This series doesn’t have anything to do with gaming like Overlord but follows the concept of an overly powerful main character. While Momonga finds himself transported into the new world, Anos Voldigoad gets reincarnated, only to take back his title of the Demon King. Season 2 of the series just got an official announcement and will air in 2023.

To put an end to a long-going war between humans and demons, Anos Voldigoad sacrifices his life. Now, he is born 2000 years later, retaining his knowledge and powers from his previous self. But, before becoming the Demon King again, he must first graduate from the Demon King Academy.

9 That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Based on a Japanese fantasy light novel by Fuse, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is a highly popular isekai anime. However, the series has 51 episodes, so you have to invest significant time in the series. But it’s definitely worth watching if you like Overlord.

Satoru Mikami is a 37 years old man living in Tokyo. He lives a decent life but meets an unfortunate fate as he gets killed by an assailant. While taking his last breaths, a sound in his mind tells him to follow some commands, and the next thing we know, he gets reincarnated as a slime in an unknown world where he possesses supernatural powers.

8 One-Punch Man

There’s a vast difference between Overlord and One Punch Man, but what makes them somewhat similar is the god-like potential of the main protagonists. Ainz and Saitama can’t find an opponent who could stand against them for a long time. While Saitama worked hard on his body to gain strength, Momonga showed the same dedication in the video game to reach the highest level of power.

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Where most anime characters lust for more power, Saitama is so strong that he only wishes to meet a worthy opponent. He also joins the Hero Association, which deals with new threats upon the world, but not even a single being could endure Saitama’s punch.

7 The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Summoning of the characters playing video games into a different world, mystical powers and objects, uninvited troubles, and a lot can be seen in common between Overlord and The Rising of the Shield Hero. The second season of the series aired recently, and with an IMDB rating of 8.0, the show speaks for its success.

The story of the anime goes like this – Four heroes are summoned to an unknown world to save it from the catastrophe known as Waves. All four heroes are equipped with a special weapon that helps them survive in that world. The main character of the series, Naofumi, becomes the Shield Hero, considered the weakest among all. But, his dedication and trustworthy friends prove everyone wrong.

6 No Game, No Life

Imagine a die-hard gamer given a chance to live in a world of games, and that too with no harm to their lives. Just like any other gamer, Sora and Shiro also don’t miss the chance and enter the magical world where the results of the games decide everything. No Game, No Life has an unmatched contribution to the isekai genre, so it’s worth watching, especially if you love Overlord.

This tale is about siblings Sora and Shiro; a duo considered the best gamers in the world. After beating Tet, the god of games from another reality, they are given a chance to live in a world of gaming. First, they consider it a joke, but then they find themselves in another reality known as Disboard, where their new gaming adventure starts.

5 The King’s Avatar

This series is not an anime, but a donghua (Chinese animation.) So, watching The King’s Avatar would be a completely new experience for the anime fans while still getting a feel of watching Overlord. Just like Suzuki Satoru, Ye Xiu is also the top drawer player in its world. He doesn’t get transported to another world like Ainz but is forced to leave the team by his friends.

Despite being kicked out by his friends from the team, Ye Xio became the greatest player of MMORPG Glory. He creates his account from scratch and returns to earn the same glory that was snatched from him.

4 Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody

This anime is not about a gaming enthusiast but a game developer who finds himself transformed into the world he created. So it seems fair to give a treat to someone who spreads joy by working day and night to develop exciting games. The series has only one season with 12 episodes – perfect for those who crave short isekai anime.

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Ichiro Suzuki is 29-year-old, but when he transports into the game, he finds himself in the body of a 15-year-old boy. With his immense power and skills, Ichiro becomes the strongest one in the other world. The plot of the story is plain and easy to catch, definitely something Overlord fans should look forward to.

3 Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

Gods, demons, magical powers, mystical weapons, romance, and everything you want in a fantasy anime is easy to find in this show. The desire of the main character to gain fame and become the strongest one in the world matches Ainz’s wish to become the greatest adventurer.

The show is set in the fictional city of Orario, where the adventurers fight different monsters in the Dungeon and increase their levels. Once, Bell Cranel, the series’ main protagonist, was saved by an attractive swordswoman, and since then, he gets determined to become the strongest adventurer and date her.

2 Re: Zero − Starting Life In Another World

Re: Zero is a popular name in the anime world, and the title of the series is self-explanatory. The main character finds himself in another world and possesses extraordinary powers, with the prominent one being the alteration of time that he uses to get back to life every time he dies. The different abilities of Subaru Natsuki will definitely remind you of Ainz’s.

Right after he is summoned to another reality, Subaru and his companion die. But soon, he realizes that he has been brought back to life a few hours before the incident. He uses this ability to bring her companion Emilia back to life and help her become the next queen.

1 Gate

Ever wondered what it would be like when advanced military fights against beings from another world with magical powers? This is what happens in Gate when a mysterious portal opens in Tokyo that brings monsters, dragons, and other supernatural beings into the real world.

A special unit called the Japanese Self-Defense Force is then created with a mission to go to the other side of the gate and negotiate peace with them. Yōji Itami, an Otaku, leads the unit, and the Japanese government closely monitors all their activities.

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