10 Best Anime To Watch During The Fall

Autumn brings many wonderful sights and feelings to the world, and some anime even give audiences the same fall feelings that they crave during the cooler months. Whether they are cozy mysteries or spooky thrillers, these anime put audiences in mind for fall.

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While not all of these shows specifically feature autumn, they do give audiences the same cozy, spooky, or mysterious vibes that seem to go hand in hand with fall. The shows cover a wide range of genres, so any fan looking for an autumn feeling can find one that suits them the best.

10/10 Death Parade Is An Eerie Portrait Of The Afterlife

Death Parade is a horror anime about what happens in the afterlife. The Quindecim Bar is the meeting place for people who died simultaneously. Once there, they must compete to see whether their souls are sent for reincarnation or to the void. However, the games are not always as they seem.

Death Parade is the perfect story for someone looking for a spooky show to watch in autumn. The high-stakes games and the mystery of the Black-Haired Woman give audiences the thrills and chills they are looking for as the days get colder and the nights grow longer.

9/10 The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited Is A Buddy Cop Anime

Haru Kato and Daisuke Kanbe are unlikely partners in The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited. Kato is living in disgrace after a mission went bad, while Daisuke is the unthinkably wealthy newcomer who uses his riches to his advantage. Though the two have differing viewpoints, they manage to combine their strengths to solve crimes.

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This show is perfect for fans of crime dramas and intrigue. Plus, the relationship between Kato and Daisuke is dynamic and, at times, hilarious. This anime makes for the perfect fall story because of its tense crime sequences and darker tone.

8/10 The Events Of Sword Art Online Began In November 2022

Sword Art Online is the story of a full-dive video game experience that goes horribly wrong. Hundreds of players are trapped in the virtual world by its sinister creator. The only way out is for someone to clear each level and reach the top of the mysterious tower.

Sword Art Online is a fun isekai that once took place in the future. However, The date mentioned in the show when the players become trapped is November 6, 2022. This show is perfect for people to watch on the upcoming fall November day to make the events feel even more real.

7/10 Food Wars! Serves Up Comforting Meals

Souma Yukihira takes Totsuki Culinary Academy by storm in the show, Food Wars! While the show spans various seasons and types of cuisine, the show’s “Autumn Election” arc is perfect for fans to watch in the fall.

The arc highlights everything fans love about autumn, from the falling leaves to seasonal ingredients and warm, comforting meals. This show will surely make fans’ stomachs growl and long for a taste of Yukihira’s Beef Stew.

6/10 Your Name Is A Heart-Wrenching Romance

Your Name is a beautiful romantic movie about the power of love to transcend time and space. Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu find that they randomly switch bodies and attempt to help each other in their daily struggles. However, an incoming comet threatens all that they have shared.

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This anime movie is a great autumn watch because of its emphasis on transience and cycles. Much like the changing seasons, the characters are in a state of transformation as they discover who they want to become. Your Name is a wonderful show for anyone looking for a poignant movie about life, death, and love.

5/10 Given Highlights The Struggles In Relationships

Given is the story of Mafuyu Sato and his journey in learning to play the guitar. After a harrowing event, Sato comes into possession of a guitar that he does not know how to play. Yet, with the help of Ritsuka Uenoyama and his band, Sato learns to overcome his past and put his emotions into music.

Given is a great anime for fall due to its combination of drama, romance, and comedy. Much like autumn is a mixture of cooler weather and warmer meals, this show meshes different tones and themes for the perfect fall anime medley.

4/10 Komi Can’t Communicate Is Adorable & Fun

Shoko Komi tries hard to make one hundred friends with the help of Hitohito Tadano in the adorably wonderful Komi Can’t Communicate. The endearing tale of Komi trying to gain friends and overcome her social anxiety is so wholesome that it is certain to warm audiences’ hearts as fall begins.

Furthermore, Season 2 of the show is set in colder months, and the friends she gains along the way and their antics are a lot of fun to watch. Komi Can’t Communicate is a delightful anime that soothes the soul.

3/10 Jujutsu Kaisen Is A Spooky Shonen

Jujutsu Kaisen is much like a lot of shonen anime, but with a spookier twist. The Cursed Spirits alone are enough to make chills run down the spines of viewers. However, the high-paced action and fight scenes are just what fans need to get their blood pumping on colder days.

This show is not only great for its terrifying monsters but also for its incredible animation. The detail that goes into each scene is a treat for the eyes when cloudier days start to set in. Jujutsu Kaisen is an anime fans will want to check out (or rewatch) this autumn.

2/10 Hyouka Is Full Of Mysteries

Hyouka is a mystery anime that follows a literature club. However, their task goes beyond reading words on a page as they soon find themselves trying to uncover the mystery of one of their members’ missing uncle. Houtarou Oreki and his club mates work hard to uncover the disappearance of Eru Chitanda’s uncle and end up unearthing a decades’-old mystery about their club in the process.

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This anime is great to watch in the fall for the mysterious cases that the club encounters. The show also has a very relaxed tone, making it perfect for cozy nights indoors. Hyouka is an underrated anime full of romance, intrigue, and school hijinks that more mystery fans should check out.

1/10 Silver Spoon Gets Fans Ready For The Harvest

Silver Spoon is a slice-of-life anime about a boy named Yuugo Hachiken who attends an agricultural high school to escape burnout from his preparatory middle school. The entire show focuses on Hachiken learning about crops, livestock, and other aspects of farm life.

Silver Spoon is a powerful show to watch in the fall not only because it is harvest season but also because of its emphasis on transition, with Hachiken getting used to farm life. Much like autumn, this show teaches fans about life, death, and how transformation can happen in the most unlikely of times.

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