10 Book Series That Would Make A Great Anime

Animation is a beautiful visual medium that can be used to enrich a story. The anime industry is built off the backbone of adaptation, usually adapting manga or light novels into an animated medium. Anime has also been used to adapt stories like comics or movies. Audiences have already seen how movie properties like Star Wars can be enhanced by anime like Star Wars: Visions.

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Similarly, books present an untapped well-spring of stories practically begging to be animated. Though there is already an adaptation of J. R. R. Tolkein’s work The Lord of the Ringsgetting turned into an anime, many fans wish more book series would be given the same treatment.

10/10 A Song Of Ice And Fire Would Be A Critical Success

Game of Thrones, and later House of the Dragon, have garnered plenty of critical acclaim and commercial success. The book series both properties are based on, A Song of Ice and Fire, has also been a hit with critics and audiences alike.

A series like this would make a perfect anime adaptation for its high fantasy elements, rich character writing, and intense plot. Turning A Song of Ice and Fire into an anime would help breathe new life into the story. A series like this would be similar to the tone of something like Berserk.

9/10 The Hunger Games Trilogy Would Make A Perfect Shonen Battle Anime

The Hunger Games has already had success on the big screen as a four part movie series. However, there is always room for new ways of story-telling and new ways of presenting the story.

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Turning The Hunger Games trilogy into a TV anime could allow for a greater exploration of its characters and events in the books that weren’t previously adapted. Animation could help show off the different settings and allow for greater exploration of the technology and environments used for the games. This would undoubtedly make a great shonen battle anime.

8/10 The Darkest Minds Series Would Make A Thrilling Anime Adaptation

The Darkest Minds series isn’t as well-known as some other book series, with only a recent movie adaptation having been made. The story takes place in the aftermath of a deadly disease that killed nearly all children. The ones that survived gained special abilities.

An anime adaptation of The Darkest Minds would make for some very fun action scenes and intense drama. Through the use of stunning visuals, fans of the book series could see this story come to life. A series like this would be similar to something like Seraph of the End.

7/10 The Dork Diaries Series Already Feels Like A Slice-Of-Life Shojo Anime

The writing and illustrations from the Dork Diaries series already invoke some ideas and tropes mirrored in slice-of-life shojo series of the past. Dork Diaries follows the plight of teenager Nikki Maxwell as she navigates high school bullies, crushes, and growing up.

The Dork Diaries series would be perfect for a shojo anime. It has mean girls, crushes, comedy and a ditzy protagonist for viewers to be endeared to. Fans of the series would definitely enjoy seeing Dork Diaries come to life through the power of animation.

6/10 The Earthsea Cycle Deserves Another Anime Adaptation

The Earthsea Cycle is a high-fantasy book series written by Ursula K. Le Guin. Interestingly enough, an anime movie loosely based on her books was created by Studio Ghibli in 2006. However, Le Guin was critical of the movie and did not feel it was representative of her book.

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Seeing a TV anime series based on The Earthsea Cycle would allow for Le Guin’s story to be actualized with a much more accurate portrayal of her books. An anime series could allow for more exploration into her world while still holding the aesthetic beauty anime has to offer.

5/10 The Lunar Chronicles’ Unique Story & Setting Would Benefit From An Anime Adaptation

The Lunar Chronicles are an interesting series of books that take many wayward elements and turn them into a whole, cohesive story. It’s a science fiction dystopia that also moonlights as a retelling of classic fairytales.

Anime is no stranger to weird premises smashed together to make a fun story, which makes something like The Lunar Chronicles perfect for an anime series. Beyond that, The Lunar Chronicles would also benefit from the freedom animation offers in depicting its scenes, as most of the series involves intergalactic conflict at its forefront.

4/10 A Court Of Thorns & Roses Would Be A Gripping & Engaging Anime Adaptation

A Court of Thorns and Roses is a young adult fantasy book series by Sarah J Maas. The series starts as a retelling of Beauty and the Beast with faeries thrown into the mix. As the series goes on, it begins to develop a life of its own and becomes a story beyond its fairytale roots.

A Court of Thorns and Roses would make for a great josei anime. Its combination of dark themes, fantasy setting, and romance plot would make for an engaging watch. The use of animation could help bring the world to life in a way live-action could only hope of.

3/10 The Twilight Saga’s Campy & Melodramatic Story Is Perfect For Anime

The Twilight Saga needs no introduction. Fans and critics alike are already aware of this campy vampire and werewolf romance that took pop culture by storm and sent teenagers everywhere into a frenzy. The series is often ridiculed for its cheesiness, nonsensical love triangle, and its overuse of plot twist melodrama.


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However, it is for these reasons that The Twilight Saga would make for a fun anime. Anime is no stranger to cheese or camp and often leans into trope-filled stories with vigor. Making the Twilight saga into an anime could make for a fun retelling of such an infamous story.

2/10 The Waterfire Saga Is The Magical Mermaid Anime Audiences Deserve

The Waterfire Saga is a book series about six teenage mermaids from different realms who must band together to defeat a powerful monster amidst a coming war. This series has all the fixings of a fun teen fantasy novel with mermaids, princesses, action, and plenty of adventure.

The Waterfire Saga would no doubt thrive as a magical girl anime. The premise of it is not dissimilar to something like Sailor Moon or Tokyo Mew Mew and fans of those series would absolutely enjoy a series with an underwater twist.

1/10 Percy Jackson & The Olympians Fits The Shonen Anime Mold

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a well-loved urban-fantasy book series by Rick Riordan following Percy Jackson and his adventures with the Greek Gods. This series already has two live-action movies and an upcoming live-action TV series.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians has a charm about it that would fit well in a shonen anime series. It’s got great character writing, well-written comedy, and a fleshed-out adventure. The series also has the benefit of having two spin-off series to pull from and add to. An anime series would really amplify its already wonderful story.

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