10 Popular Anime Where The Main Character Is Evil

The anime in which the main character has a dark side and commits his dark deeds was a huge hit with the viewers due to their humor, openness, and vibrant plot. But, that doesn’t hinder us from experiencing real enjoyment from the anime in our selection. It is extremely rare to be able to tell the tale of a shady individual so that the audience can’t put it down for more than a minute.

The most classic characters typically accept the sympathy of the audience. It’s not unusual for characters who fulfill these standards to be evil. It is straightforward to make an antagonist whose sole motivation is to do wicked things. But, when an anime series puts the villain in the protagonist’s position. It’s a chance to present them as real individuals with motives behind the actions they take. Additionally, these characters are frequently popular with the general public. And many eventually feel empathy for them even if, to interpret their motives, the main characters are not acting with the highest morality.

Youjo Senki

The office worker was unfortunate enough to provoke the creature who claimed to be God, who was sent to a different world as an infant girl named Tanya. As a punishment for the past, God threatens to send the hero into hell for eternity, and he is then forced to follow his orders. Then Tanya turns into a vicious soldier in the army of the empire.

Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing is an organization that is designed to kill monsters. Its most potent weapon is the vampire named Alucard, who has decided to fight creatures similar to his. The main character won’t just have to battle demons but also take part in the battle between various organizations.

Code Geass: Risen Lelouch

The British Empire was the most powerful military power in the world and quickly managed to take on Japan and renamed Sector 11. Sector 11. Lelouch Lamperouge is a young man from Britain who holds animus toward the empire’s leader. A few days later, Lelouch discovers himself caught in fighting between rebels from The 11th Sector and the Imperial army. Luckily, a mysterious girl known as S.S. rescues him when she gives her the strength of Giath. Giath’s power lets Lelouch absolutely control anyone who gazes at his eyes. Lelouch adopts the appearance of a vigilante dubbed Zero and is determined to exact revenge on Britain even if this causes a conflict.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

After making the transition away from Tokyo to the tiny town located in Hinamizawa, Keiichi Maebara spends time in silence, talking to her fellow students. But, just before the school’s celebration, Keiichi learns about a horrible local legend that every year someone is killed just before the festival. When he confronts his peers about it, they’re mostly silent.Higurashi no Naku Koro ni also know “When They Cry” is a ecchi harem anime full of  suspenseful, dramatic and horror story plot.

Michiko to Hatchin

Hana Morenos, a small girl that her cruel foster parents force to do servant work. A day later, she finds herself saved by Michiko, a woman with a violent temper who has recently gotten out of prison. They must escape the pursuit of police to locate Hiroshi Hana’s father as well as Michiko’s ex-love.

Death Note

Ryuk is a Shinigami God of death. In the midst of boredom, he throws his Death Note into the human world to observe how people utilize it. Death Note can kill any person if their name is written on it. Prodigy Light Yagami stumbles across the notebook and is the witness to its power by writing on that notebook the identity of the person responsible.

With the aid from the Notebook, Light can continue killing every criminal in the hopes of creating the world to be a better place. But, the police quickly realize the connection between the deaths of criminals, but they are unable to identify the culprit. Japanese investigators seek the assistance of a famous detective called L. From here, commences the fight of wits and deceit with L as well as Light.

Zankyou no Terror

A terrorist organization targeted the nuclear plant. However, it was impossible to locate the criminals. During six years, there was silence. The terrorist group emerged from the shadows and this time released strange footage posted on the Internet. The video featured two masked teens who referred to themselves as Sphinx. The teens challenged Tokyo police by using a riddle. If they failed, the teens threatened to create chaos in Tokyo.

When the police did not solve the puzzles, they were able to conclude that the two teens weren’t playing games by blowing up the mall and police headquarters. Kenjiro Shibazaki is a Tokyo Police Department detective who was involved in the bizarre game. As Kenjiro starts to work in the investigation, he learns about the secrets of government-sponsored experiments as well as the tragic story of two teens who were the catalyst for the current situation.

Black Lagoon

Rokuro Okajima was an average Japanese employee until, as a consequence of one of the orders by their superiors. He is forced to end being a prisoner aboard the ship of pirates “Laguna”. The directors’ board at the company in which Rokuro was employed decides to eliminate pirates and classified data and its employees. Rokuro is a young man who helps pirates get out of trouble. And then his life is changed abruptly—becoming Rock, who is one part of “Laguna” – a team of savage but humorous criminals.

Elfen Lied

As evolution proceeds and evolution, a new kind of creature emerges on Earth. The creature is named Diclonius, a new stage in the evolution of humanity. Diclonius are distinguished from humans through small horns, giving them the ability to use telekinesis. Because of this, Diclonii is hunted down by the authorities and is subjected to horrific experiments.

Lucy is a psychotic Diclonius girl. She is able to escape from the lab by killing guards. However, she’s still wounded. Due to her injuries, she is unable to speak in the nude exclamation. A young boy named Kota who discovered Lucy is allowing Lucy to remain with her. Who knows what she’s doing?


The servers for the cult game Yggdrasil are about to shut down. Momonga is the head in one of the most ranked guilds in the game and has been spending his last moment in the game. To his surprise, the game continues to play. He is still able to manage his character. However, it is impossible to leave the game. He appeared to be trapped in this virtual realm. Additionally, the NPCs within his guild started to take on personalities. Like any skilled player, Momonga commands his NPC agents to investigate the unusual situation and then think about the next step in discovering the reason for the sudden change in things.

These were the top 10 well-known popular anime series within the genre of horror, mystery, and science fiction, in which the main character is an evil.