10 Strongest Gohan’s Transformations, Ranked

Son Gohan is probably the most powerful hybrid saiyan in all of Dragon Ball. He’s had insane potential since his childhood. However, his focus was never on improving his fighting skills, so he never unlocked his peak potential. That said, Gohan’s transformations are some of the strongest ones in the franchise.

In this article, I’ll be listing down all the super saiyan forms of Son Gohan and ranking them according to power.

Top 10 Strongest Gohan’s Transformations Of All Time

The Dragon Ball series draws inspiration from the 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West and Hong Kong martial arts films. It chronicles the life and adventures of Son Goku, who practices martial arts from childhood to adulthood. Along his journey to find the seven orbs of the Dragon Balls, Goku uncovers his alien heritage and battles villains for the legendary Dragon Balls.

Goku’s eldest son, Gohan, is a prodigy, born of a human and a Saiyan, wielding powers surpassing those of pure-blooded Saiyans. Throughout the series, Gohan’s abilities evolve, with forms ranked from weakest to strongest: Base, SS1, SS2 (Adult), SS2 (Teen), Mystic (Unleashed), and Beast (Super Hero).

Most of these forms look badass, which is why they are made into figurines, which you can find on the Dragon Ball Store. After all, who wouldn’t want a cool Saiyan figure standing on their showcase?

10. Angry Kid Gohan

Angry Kid Gohan

When Gohan was a child, he didn’t know about his hidden power until Raditz attacked Goku. During their battle, Gohan unleashed energy, surrounded by a yellow aura, saving Goku.

He lost consciousness right after, but Goku explained it as his hidden potential. Angry Kid Gohan easily surpassed Goku, Piccolo, and Raditz at that point in the story.

As a hybrid saiyan, his powers were out of the world, making him the saiyan kid of all time.

9. Gohan Great Ape

Gohan’s transformation into the Great Ape did not really hold as much weight in the story compared to Goku’s. However, it was still formidable and probably much stronger than Goku’s Great Ape form.

For those who don’t know, the Great Ape mode is something that only the Saiyan race can achieve under full moon. This form would give them an insane power boost but would make their mind uncontrollable. Only experienced Saiyans such as Vegeta could retain consciousness in that form.

In Dragon Ball Z’s Vegeta Saga, Gohan’s Great Ape emerged for the first and last time.

Since Earth’s moon was destroyed, Vegeta created an artificial one. This resulted in Gohan transforming into a Great Ape and fighting Vegeta.

Since Gohan had no control over his body, he was fighting like an animal without tactics. This led to Vegeta severing Gohan’s tail, halting the transformation.

8. Unlock Potential Kid Gohan

Gohan was never trained as a fighter when he was a kid. Thanks to Chi Chi’s efforts, he was leading a normal life. However, this was until he got mixed up in the fight between Saiyans and Frieza.

While on planet Namek, Gohan received training from Guru, unlocking his potential. This state made him stronger, surprising even Vegeta.

Unfortunately, this was not enough to make him the strongest saiyan at that time, as Goku and Vegeta surpassed him through near death experiences.

7. Great Saiyaman

Most peculiar of all Gohan’s transformations is the Great Saiyaman. In the Great Saiyaman Saga, he wears a costume in his base form, which was his unique way of fighting crime incognito.

Gohan adopted this alter ego to conceal his identity while battling Earth’s villains. His costume, featuring a green outfit, a red cape, and a motorcycle helmet, provided anonymity.

However, his secret was soon uncovered by Videl, Mr. Satan’s daughter. Despite this, Gohan continued to use his alter ego.

Videl convinced Gohan to train her for the Martial Arts World Tournament. During the tournament, Gohan replaced his helmet with a white bandana.

6. Super Saiyan 1 Adult Gohan

As an adult, Gohan didn’t train much, he actually became weaker as he grew.

He was fully focused on getting a degree and passing out of college with flying colors. This led to a decrease in strength compared to his prime. His Super Saiyan form weakened.

He is fully capable of controlling the SSJ 1 form, but the overall power output wasn’t as impressive.

5. Super Saiyan 1 Teen Gohan

During the Cell Games Saga, 12 year old Gohan achieved the Super Saiyan form swiftly while training with Goku in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Like Goku, Gohan’s transformation into Super Saiyan 1 caused his hair to turn bright yellow and stand upright.

His energy aura also turned yellow, and his muscles enlarged, signifying increased strength.

Except, he was much stronger than his father in this form.

After mastering the Super Saiyan form, he achieved the Super Saiyan Full Power form. This form allowed them to maintain their Super Saiyan state without stamina loss.

4. Super Saiyan 2 Adult Gohan

Even though Gohan lost much of his energy control as an adult, he transformed into Super Saiyan 2 when Earth was threatened by Majin Buu.

He even lifted the Z Sword, a feat even Supreme Kais couldn’t accomplish. Though his muscle density didn’t increase much, the transformation’s visual impact was significant.

3. Super Saiyan 2 Teen Gohan

Fans witnessed one of Gohan’s greatest moments in Dragon Ball history during his battle with Cell. Gohan surpassed Super Saiyan.

His Super Saiyan 2 transformation made him incredibly powerful, easily defeating Cell but leading to overconfidence and tragedy.

Gohan’s transformation into SSJ-2 is considered one of the best moments in the franchise, showcasing his true potential. It was also featured in the Bojack Unbound movie.

2. Ultimate Gohan/Potential Unleashed

  • Power Level: 225 quintillion

This Gohan’s transformation has a huge power boost. In the Fusion Saga, Old Kai unlocks Ultimate Gohan’s Potential Unleashed form to fight Majin Buu, enhancing his Namek Saga power.

After that, in the later arcs, he keeps increasing the power of his base, SSJ1, SSJ2, and potential unleashed forms. I have not mentioned in this article because there are at least 5 or more variants of each form. It’s simply too much for this article.

However, eventually, in the Super Hero Saga, all of Gohan’s forms get an insane power boost. Especially, the Potential Unleashed Ultimate Gohan was enough to destroy solar systems.

Ultimate Gohan surpasses his previous Super Saiyan forms. His hair stays the same but emits Super Saiyan 2 energy.

1. Gohan Beast

  • Power Level: 32 Septillion

In 2022, Dragon Ball Super Super Hero introduced the most powerful of all Gohan’s transformations. It is by far the most loved, fan-favorite Saiyan form.

Gohan, who is now a family man, gets entangled in some insane villain’s plot. As usual, he has to stand up in order to protect everything he loves.

However, he lost Piccolo, his mentor and father figure, in a fight. This led Gohan to rage and unlock an all-new Beast form.

He unlocked all his untapped potential, and became the strongest person in the entire galaxy. He is even stronger than Goku and Vegeta, making him the most powerful Saiyan in the series.