5 Yuri Games on Itch.io that are very, very Enjoyable (18+)

Did someone say Yuri Games on Itch.io? We’re diving into the deep end of the gaming pool – the end that’s mysteriously warm and makes you slightly uncomfortable (cause some games are just woah what was that about). We’re talking about a genre that’s spicier than a ghost pepper on your taco – Yuri Games on Itch.io. But, hey, we’re not just here to fan the flames of love; we’re here to explore the catacombs of romance, adventure, and the sort of existential dread that only comes from student loans or realizing you might have to save the world from your ex-girlfriend.

We’ve got a lineup that’s as varied as my Spotify playlists during an identity crisis. From battling financial ruin in a world where magic is cheaper than a finance degree, to chasing down an armor-clad heartbreaker who’s decided world domination is her new aesthetic, we’re covering it all. So, grab your preferred snack and let’s get into this quirky quintet of games that promise to be more entertaining than watching paint dry – and potentially more life-altering than deciding to cut your own bangs at 3 AM. Yeah…don’t do that.

*Note: Some of these games are 18+ only which means you gotta be 18+ to play. Also some games don’t just have G+G romances, some are G+M, with G+G options/routes. Just wanted to give a heads up before you continue reading!

5 Yuri Games on Itch.io you’re gonna love

Rise of the Whiteflower

Here’s the deal: Catherine Belrose graduates from the Hogwarts of the financially doomed, saddled with more debt than a millennial after a Starbucks binge. Her brilliant plan? Swing a sword around and hope money falls out of monsters like candy from a piñata. This game’s got everything: magic, debt, and the kind of love life decisions you make at 2 AM when your judgment’s as sharp as a spoon. Will Catherine dodge the debt collector, or will she end up as the world’s most magical barista? 

Luxaren Allure Game

Luxaren Allure

Your best gal pal dons evil armor, names herself Darkloft (because why the heck not?), and goes on a world domination spree. Karuna’s left holding the “But I still love you” bag, chasing after her like it’s a dramatic airport scene but with more magic and less TSA. It’s a classic tale of “girl meets girl, girl loses girl to dark side, girl tries to save world from girl.” With enough female bonding to make a biker gang look like a knitting circle, this RPG’s got jokes, jabs, and jousting.


Enter a kingdom more deserted than my last birthday party. Mica, our wandering heroine, bumps into Cyrille, who’s hell-bent on fixing the ghostly ghosting situation. Together, they’re like Mulder and Scully, if Scully had a crush on Mulder and ghosts were their only lead. Expect adventures, emotional baggage handling, and the kind of ending choices that make you question your life decisions.

Serment – Contract with a Devil

Woke up indebted to a hottie from hell? Welcome to Serment, where the devil’s in the details (and your financials). Our leading lady’s soul is on layaway, and if she doesn’t cough up the cash, it’s eternal damnation time. It’s like if your student loans came with a curse. Cue the dungeon crawling, heart-melting, and cash-scrabbling in a world where “cute” is probably how they spell “deadly.”

Our Lovely Escape

Ever dreamt of making otome games while navigating your own rom-com nightmare? Our Lovely Escape is your backstage pass to drama, deadlines, and maybe a dash of desk romance. With the artistic quality of a high-budget indie film and the emotional depth of my first attempt at poetry, this game offers the chance to find love or lose yourself in the code. Either way, you’re in for a lot of late nights and coffee that’s as bitter as your love life prospects.

Do you have any Yuri Games on Itch.io for recommendations?

So, there you have it for more Yuri Games on Itch.io. A lineup of games that promise to tug at your heartstrings, tickle your funny bone, and maybe kick your wallet in the feels. Remember, in the world of adult gaming, it’s all about the journey… especially if it involves dodging creditors or rescuing your dark lord ex-girlfriend.

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