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If you are looking to check out a new Webtoon be sure to read Acts of Justus the Cold Case of 4 Inventors. This amazing comic showcases the adventure of four main characters working together to create a better world. But what is it all about?

“Season one builds by introducing a “Dream-Team” of diverse modern-day superheroes tapped in by Julius Flowood, an Inventor and man of mystery. They will use their sleek tech talents, and intellect to edge one step closer to stopping Julius Flowood’s aarchnemesis The Infringe. After reading, enjoy the digital trailer with character voiceover, and all episodes dubbed to the Acts of Justus theme song at Youtube: “Acts of Justus Comics””

This comic is perfect for anyone who loves solving cases and entertaining, intellegent, and strong characters. The Webtoon does not shy away from real world problems and truly opens the eyes of the readers. This Webtoon also has its very own NFT collection that represents scenes and characters in the comic.

To learn more about the NFT collection be sure to check out our video review:

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Opensea page YouTube page with storyline Trailer Character teasers and NFT intro Auction winner Episode 1 4k Finale Full version with glitch puzzle 1080p Fan giveaways in a spy theme format Webtoon version Website

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