Agent Nightfall Could Be the Fall Anime Season’s Best Girl

The following contains minor spoilers from the Spy x Family manga by Tatsuya Endo, Casey Loe and Rina Mapa, now available in English through Viz Media.

The first half of Spy x Family didn’t contain too many female characters for fans to debate for the title of “best girl” — it was basically Yor or Anya. Both females can be considered winners in this category. In each episode, Yor showcases her badass mentality as an assassin and puts exceptional effort into being a housewife for Loid Forger and a loving mother to Anya. As for Anya, she is always there to use her telepathic abilities to help her father Loid with his missions.

However, Yor and Anya may have to step aside as a new and sophisticated woman is in town. The next half of the anime introduces a fellow spy in Loid’s intelligence organization named Fiona Frost, also known as Nightfall. With her introduction in the anime, a possible debate may begin brewing among fans as to who gets the “best girl” title in Spy x Family.

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The Definition of “Best Girl” in Anime

The definition of “best girl” is subjective and can vary based on opinion. Some anime fans argue that a “best girl” is commonly found only in a slice-of-life or rom-com series. Although Spy x Family is classified as shonen and not a rom-com, it does have some slice-of-life elements. One example is the ups and downs of parenting, qualifying the show as a wholesome series to watch.

Furthermore, the “best girl” has to be a supporting character with great looks and a girl-next-door personality. She has kind, optimistic and supportive qualities, always supports the male protagonist’s quest and cheers him on to achieve his goals. The “best girl” is usually the best friend of the male character and ideally should be with him, but unfortunately the male protagonist doesn’t feel the spark between them.

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Is Fiona Frost Worthy of Spy x Family’s “Best Girl” Title?

Fiona Frost, also known as Nightfall, has the potential of being the “best girl” in Spy x Family. As agents of the same organization, Fiona wants Loid to succeed in all his missions, including Operation Strix. She sees herself as a well-suited partner and wife for Loid in the Operation Strix mission, but couldn’t pursue the role herself due to other obligations. Fiona and Loid live similar lifestyles, and thus she understands the dangers of being a spy. Just as crucially, her motivation to help Loid stems from her adoration of him. She knows practically everything about him, even his preference for black coffee.

Furthermore, Fiona’s feelings indicate that she would do anything for Loid. For example, she would have trained Anya more strictly than Yor has so the young girl can receive the Stella Stars more quickly for Loid’s mission. Fiona is devoted to her spy career and will do anything to succeed in her missions. With this drive and devotion as a spy, it makes perfect sense as to why she is the ideal candidate to be Loid’s wife.

Fiona arguably shows some “best girl” characteristics as well, being a supporting character who supports Loid and his missions. However, with the anime’s second cour having just kicked off, Spy x Family fans can decide if Fiona Frost should be crowned “best girl” for the Fall 2022 season.

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