Anime Loves Great Pyrenees Dogs

In the world of Japanese anime, characters sometimes keep pets, with cats being some of the most popular, not to mention parakeets and other birds. Meanwhile, many dog breeds are also represented in anime, and some of these canine friends even have human-level intelligence or in rare cases, special powers. Man’s best friend just got an upgrade, including the Great Pyrenees breed.

The Great Pyrenees is one of many dog breeds officially recognized by the American Kennel Club, or AKC — a huge working dog that often finds work guarding sheep against wolves. These gentle giants are famed for their easygoing but responsible personalities and their snow-white fur, though they may come in other colors too. Moreover, plenty of these majestic canines appear in a remarkable variety of anime series, either as a genuine Great Pyrenees or something very similar.

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Bond Is a Great Pyrenees Who Sees the Future in Spy x Family

The massive canine in Spy x Family, which manga readers know will soon be named Bond, is already the best animal by far in this Cold War-inspired comedy anime adventure. Bond was one of several trained dogs with a role to play in a terrorist bombing mission in Berlint, only for the good-hearted creature to rebel against his criminal owners and side with the heroic Anya Forger to save the day. Bond is Anya’s friend, mount and guide in this adventure, with this Great Pyrenees boasting the unique ability to see future events a few hours before they happen. Anya can then read Bond’s mind and see his visions, allowing her to save the day even faster than her spy dad Loid. By now, Bond and Anya are already inseparable, and Spy x Family fans will surely see more of this oracle Great Pyrenees in the future.

Tadakichi-San Is Chiyo’s Great Pyrenees Pet in Azumanga Daioh

In the slice-of-life comedy anime Azumanga Daioh, the character Chiyo Mihama stands out for a few reasons, including her status as a child genius who skipped several grades and her more formal speech compared to her goofy classmates like Tomo and Osaka. Chiyo is also responsible and hardworking beyond her years, doing everything from cooking at home to taking her huge white dog Tadakichi-san for walks every day. Chiyo even specified this dog’s Great Pyrenees status to her kuudere friend Sakaki, who couldn’t stop petting his head. Amusingly, Tadakichi-san is strong enough and Chiyo small enough that she can ride home atop Tadakichi-san as though he were a horse.

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Reina Aharen Has What Looks Like a Great Pyrenees in Aharen-San Is Indecipherable

In the Spring 2022 anime Aharen-San is Indecipherable, the kuudere girl Reina Aharen is responsible not just for her younger sister and brother but also for the family dog Nui — a huge, gentle canine with light brown fur and a red collar. The anime didn’t specify this hound’s breed or name, but given Nui’s appearance and the general trend in anime, it’s likely that Nui is meant to be a Great Pyrenees — an example of how these big dogs don’t always have white coats. At the very least, Nui looks and acts like a Great Pyrenees, and it’s a smart dog too, as he ran all the way to Reina’s campsite to deliver a forgotten item. Reina was both grateful and impressed when her eager-to-please canine friend showed up out of nowhere.

Anime fans are still haunted by the memory of State Alchemist Shou Tucker combining his dog Alexander and his young daughter Nina into a talking chimera, but before then, Alexander was a fine example of anime’s love of this huge, helpful dog breed. No one specified Alexander’s breed, but like Reina’s dog, Alexander looks and acts just like a Great Pyrenees, so it’s safe to assume he is one. Nina, with her mother gone and her father always busy with his research, only has her Great Pyrenees friend for company, and she played with him every day until the Elric brothers showed up one day. Alexander pounced on Ed a few times and infuriated the petite state alchemist, but the gentle, animal-loving Alphonse Elric thought Alexander was a delight, and even the tsundere Edward eventually agreed.

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