Ashito Needs Motivation! Release Date & Plot


Finally, the youth team won the match, and now they will head to practice for their next tournament in Ao Ashi Chapter 312. Well, Ashito did his best to stay a part of this team. He even went north to help his team beat their rival team. But nothing happened as per his plan. However, he managed to get on good terms with Shiba, who taught him plenty of tricks to improve his game. But will Ashito continue to follow Shiba? Keep reading to know more.

In the upcoming chapter, Ashito will have a word of wisdom with his coach. He believes his coach can help him in such a challenging situation. He will get his answers, but the path won’t be easy. Ashito should prepare himself to fight in a tough situation.

Ao Ashi Chapter 312: What Will Happen Next?

The following chapter will focus on Ashito and his doubts. Well, he wants to be a part of the senior team. But it isn’t that easy for him to join the team. He has promised Shiba that he will continue to practice and follow his path. He will never miss any thread and will continue to improve. But something is bothering him, and it’s none other than a match with Barcelona.

But he needs to find his true path. Well, his senior found his goal while he played for Spain and was defeated by Damian Kant, and now he wanted to beat him in his game. So Ashito will speak to his coach to find his main goal. He might head to Spain to practice more and come back stronger. Apart from this, the senior team will finally relax after winning the tournament.

A Quick Recap!

In the 311th chapter of Ao Ashi, Esperion Youth won the cup, and now they were gathered to celebrate their victory. All were in high spirits as they succeeded in winning the dual championship. It was the biggest moment for the first year as they finally won the Big Three J. Youth Titles. These include the Japan Club Youth Senshuken, U-18 Takamadonomiya Cup, and J Youth Cup. Apart from this, they finally defeated their main rivals Ganon Osaka and became the number one in Japan. Besides this, winning the Takamadonomiya Cup was something they would remember till death.

Sadly it was the third year would graduate this year, passing the baton to the first-year students. Ashito and Yuuma entered when everyone was busy enjoying their meal. They revealed that they were asked to start the next season with the youth team until they managed to beat Barcelona. If they managed to do it, they would be called to practice with the senior team. But Ashito wondered how he could manage to do it. While contemplating, he suddenly realized that he should share this with their coach to get his answers.

Ao Ashi Chapter 312: Release Date

Ashito will work on his skills to excel in joining the senior team. But will it be easy? You will learn in Ao Ashi Chapter 312, which will come out on November 15, 2022. It will be available on Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.