Best Halloween Episodes In Anime

Many anime shows have been inspired by Western movies, myths, fairy tales, and various holiday celebrations. Naturally, Halloween’s fun, spooky, and unique vibe inspired anime artists to create their very own Halloween-themed episodes that resulted in some of the most hilarious and chilling anime moments. Anime fans can meet scary anime characters while following their favorites on special adventures during Halloween movie nights.

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Some of the funniest anime characters also have their very own Halloween episodes. Thanks to these special animes, fans could spend Halloween night with their favorite anime characters and go on spooky, hilarious, and feel-good adventures with them as well as learn about popular Halloween traditions.


7/7 Hyouka – Wild Fire

Hyouka is one of the best school anime series about a young boy called Oreki and his Classic Literature Club. This slice-of-life anime is one of the best of its genre with entertaining mysteries and well-written characters.

While Hyouka has many twisty mysteries, one of its best is in its Halloween episode titled Wild Fire. It’s a sweet and light Halloween anime episode in which The Classic Literature Club enters the Wild Fire cooking competition and wants to win it desperately. This Halloween-themed anime episode is perfect for those who love upbeat animes with ordinary but relatable characters.

6/7 The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. – Holding a Halloween Party

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is one of the funniest new anime series with one of the most powerful anime children who can destroy the world. Even though Saiki is an immensely skilled psychic he wants nothing to do with fighting and just prefers to live a quiet and cozy life with his family and friends.

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This vibrant and unique slice-of-life anime not only has fun characters but one of the most wholesome anime Halloween episodes. The story follows Saiki who reluctantly agrees to attend Kaido’s Halloween party but no one actually has a clue what the holiday is actually about or how it’s celebrated.

5/7 The Melancholy Of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya

The Melancholy Of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya is one of the best parody anime of all time with a charming and classic art style and a great selection of unique characters. While it’s set in the modern world and the characters each have supernatural abilities they mostly live normal lives and struggle with everyday problems.

The show also has a sweet Halloween-themed episode in which the group wants to throw Halloween trick-or-treat party but has no idea how to get started. However, Haruhi takes matters into her hands and gives tasks to her friends in the SOS Brigade while she goes out and gets all the stuff they need for a perfectly spooky Halloween night.

4/7 Gabriel Dropout – Satania’s Counterattack

Gabriel Dropout is one of the greatest reverse Isekai anime with some of the cutest anime angels. The story follows a group of young angel girls who just graduated from heaven’s school and now have to live among humans to be able to become true angels.

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The problem is that Gabriel gets addicted to video games and complicates not only her own but the other angels’ and even demons’ lives too. It’s a sweet and funny anime series with a fun Halloween-themed episode in which Gabriel and the other angel girls go trick-or-treating and decide to pay a visit to one of their teachers as well.

3/7 Bleach – Gaiden Again! This Time’s Enemy Is A Monster?

Bleach is one of the most iconic action anime shows of all time with powerful anime heroes who love to fight. The anime is about the adventures of Ichigo, who after obtaining the powers of a Soul Reaper goes on to fight epic battles and solve the mysteries of the spirit and human realm.

Bleach has one of the most action-filled and funny Halloween-themed anime episodes in which Ichigo has a nightmare. He and his friends are all Halloween-inspired monsters and are trying to survive the monster hunters who arrived at their castle. While it’s not the series’ best it’s still one of the most memorable and enjoyable anime Halloween episodes of all time.

2/7 Love Live! School Idol Project – Happy Halloween

Love Live! School Idol Project is a vibrant and fun anime about a group of schoolgirls whose school is in danger of closing down since they don’t have enough students. The girls decide to form an idol group and save their school by becoming Japan’s most popular musicians.

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It’s one of the most feel-good anime shows with a quirky story, charming characters, and a beautiful art style. Its Halloween episode is about a Halloween festival in Akihabara to which the girls and A-Rise are invited, so they hope they can gain some traction thanks to cute new looks.

1/7 Ouran High School Host Club – Until the Day it Becomes a Pumpkin!

Ouran High School Host Club is one of the most wholesome and entertaining anime series of all time. Its story follows the shy Haruhi, an intelligent but clumsy scholarship student at the Ouran Academy who has to join the popular OHS host club to pay off her debt after breaking an expensive vase.

The anime has brilliantly written characters, hilarious and touching storylines, and a beautiful art style. Its Halloween episode is one of the most interesting and beautifully designed ones. It follows the host club as they throw an epically fun and kind of spooky Halloween event and a competition to help out one of their classmates.

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