Big News for ‘The Devil Is a Part-Timer!’ Fans as Anime Lead to Arrest

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It’s been a big week for anime fans and as it continues we now have more news of new content headed to screens around the globe. Crunchyroll is gearing up to add new films to its offerings while big news has surfaced for fans of The Devil Is a Part-Timer!! On a more serious note anime has led to an arrest in Japan. Here’s all you may have missed in anime over the last 24 hours.

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A man in Sapporo Japan has been arrested and accused of running websites that would link to pirated anime material. The Content Overseas Distribution Agency announced the arrest which was reported via AnimeNewsNetwork earlier today.

Police say that the man ran multiple websites that included around 2000 different links to anime that had been illegally uploaded and hosted outside of Japan. To make money the man allegedly ran advertisements on his pages linking to the illegal content.

While he did not host or upload the content on his own sites, they still managed to land around two million visitors each month on one and another with 1.3 million meaning that the man was likely making quite a paycheck from this business.

The Devil Is a Part-Timer!! Set for a sequel in 2023

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Fans of The Devil is a Part-Timer!! Will be stoked to hear that in the new year more content from the series is headed to screens.

It was announced via the official website for the show that the series will be getting a sequel in 2023 and not just that, fans also got a glimpse at what’s to come thanks to a new promo poster. Included in this visual is a brand new character called Acieth Alla.

As fans will know, the show just aired its final episode for season two and now fans can relax knowing the wait won’t be long for more. If you aren’t yet up to date with the show, both seasons of The Devil is a Part-Timer!! can be streamed now on Crunchyroll.

Fairy Tail, Fruits Basket films headed to Crunchyroll in October

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Speaking of Crunchyroll, the streaming service has today announced the upcoming addition of two massive movies. Fans of Fairy Tail will be pleased to learn that Dragon Cry is headed to the service alongside Fruits Basket: Prelude. Both of these movies will arrive on Oct. 6.

Initially launching back in 2017, Dragon Cry is the second movie in the Fairy Tail franchise and a favorite amongst fans. If you’re still working on watching through the series you’ll first want to reach the Avatar arc which starts at episode 276 before watching the film.

Launching earlier this year, Fruits Basket: Prelude is set to be available to stream for the first time next month. The film is a prequel to the 2019 version of the Fruits Basket anime so if you’re looking to get into something new perhaps this film will be the perfect jumping-on point to give the anime a try.

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