Chainsaw Man Cosplay Celebrates Anime’s Debut With Power

Chainsaw Man is now working its way through its premiere anime season this Fall, and one awesome cosplay is helping to celebrate the anime’s debut by bringing Power to life! The anime taking on Tatsuki Fujimoto’s massively popular manga series has been massive in its own right as it was not only the most anticipated new anime release of the year overall, but it has also already been one of the biggest premieres. Things got off to an explosive start in the first couple of episodes as fans were introduced to some heavy hitters from the manga like Power. 

With Denji joining the Special Division 4 of the Public Safety Devil Extermination Unit for his future fights as the titular Chainsaw Man, he was introduced to two other members of his crew, Aki Hayakawa and Power. While we have yet to see Aki in the midst of a new fight, Power herself has already showcased the kinds of “power” at her disposal with her immediately interesting dynamic with Denji. Now artist @sparklekonplay has perfectly tapped into Power’s wild energy with a cosplay on Instagram fit for the fiend! Check it out: 

What is Chainsaw Man? 

Chainsaw Man is currently the biggest new anime of the season, and will be running for 12 episodes for its first order (with a new ending theme accompanying each episode). You can now find the series streaming with Crunchyroll, and as for what to expect, they hype the series as such, “Denji is a teenage boy living with a Chainsaw Devil named Pochita. Due to the debt his father left behind, he has been living a rock-bottom life while repaying his debt by harvesting devil corpses with Pochita. One day, Denji is betrayed and killed. As his consciousness fades, he makes a contract with Pochita and gets revived as ‘Chainsaw Man’–a man with a devil’s heart.”

Power is only one of the standout characters that fans will meet over the course of this new anime series, and she is far from the only fiend or devil we’ll see too. Things are about to get a lot more brutal and bloody before it’s all over, so now is the perfect time to jump in and see what Power and the other fan favorites will be getting into! But how are you liking Chainsaw Man’s anime so far? Let us know all of your thoughts about it and everything anime in the comments! 

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