Chainsaw Man Creator Shares Reaction to the Anime’s Premiere

Chainsaw Man has beaten every odd there is at this point to become one of manga’s biggest series. Tatsuki Fujimoto never saw its success coming, and as its anime looms overhead, all eyes are on Denji’s move to television. Once October rolls in, Chainsaw Man will make its debut under Studio MAPPA, and a special premiere in Japan has assured fans the adaptation lives up to expectations. And if you don’t believe those accounts, well – maybe you will believe Fujimoto himself.

After all, the creator took to Twitter recently to share his take on the anime’s first episodes. It seems like Fujimoto is a fan of the anime, and he’s got a thing for its opening themes.

Over on social media, Fujimoto took fans by surprise when he posted about Chainsaw Man’s premiere on Twitter. His profile, nagayama_koharu, is rarely straightforward when it comes to work. The page is run by Fujimoto where he uses an alias of an elementary student who loves Fire Punch and Chainsaw Man. Whenever Fujimoto nixes the alias, fans know they should pay attention, so they read his reaction to the anime’s premiere very carefully.

“The animation of Chainsaw Man gets my recommendation because the OP, ED, and footage are good,” he wrote. “It seems the footage changes for every ED, so I recommend watching. The OP is a good, catchy song, so I recommend it as well. The animation is also very good.”

Obviously, Fujimoto is a fan, and his review is even in character as you can tell. It won’t be long before fans globally have the chance to check out Chainsaw Man for themselves, so they can compare reviews soon. The anime is slated to debut on October 11th, and it will be simulcasted outside of Japan by Crunchyroll. 

What do you think about Fujimoto’s comment here? Are you excited to check out Chainsaw Man when it drops? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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