Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones (Anime-Style!)

Tis the season for giving. Don’t know yet what to give to your family, friends or that special someone?
Why not give something that will be significant? Significant because your favorite anime characters gave it to their own loved one.

Now let them be your guide through this Christmas Gifts Catalog. 

Anything Goes Scarf 

Item code: Ranma 1/2 
Yellow, made from wool or cotton, rather raggedy with the initials RS embroidered at one end.

Yes, this was Akane’s present to Ranma during the Tendo Family Christmas Scramble. The martial arts boy accepted it, graciously saying that he was probably the only one who could stand wearing something like it. 

Cookies A La Sora 

Item code: Digimon Adventures 02 
Homemade cookies by a Digidestined.

It’s not so much the gift but the circumstances that sometimes make a gift quite significant. Sora baked some cookies for her Yamato and decided to give them to him just before his concert. But she got cold feet and who was there to help her to go on but the person said to be in love with her, Taichi. 

Here was a classic case of giving up your change so long as your loved one is happy. Perfect for the season of giving. 

Blood and Snow Painting 

Item code: Vandread 

A blue and white painting depicting the flow of blood with snow mixed with it.

Coming from a man who knew nothing about gift-giving and only lived for science, Duero sure came up with something romantic. Sure the other men gave presents but his gift surpassed them all (okay maybe the flower from Hibiki was nice too, flowers do have a good effect on most girls). 

First off, Duero painted his gift by himself, with just the intention of giving something that will give pleasure to someone. Sure it was still quite technical since it was supposed to depict the flow of blood in the bloodstream. 

But still, the addition of snow was unique and romantic in itself. Giving it to a special someone whom he couldn’t quite understand was an added bonus. 

Dangling Earring 

Item code: Weiss Kreuz 
Gold with a dangling extension.

Just before a car hit the real Aya Fujimiya, her brother Ran gave her a pair of gold dangling earrings as a gift. When her accident happened, her brother took on her name, and one of the earrings, as he began his new life as an assassin. 

The earring was to remind the new Aya that his ultimate purpose in life was now to avenge his comatose sister by hunting down Reiji Takatori and making him pay for ruining his family, his life, his imouto. 

Gaean Necklace with Atlantean Pendant 

Item code: The Vision of Escaflowne 

A golden necklace with a red obelisk-shaped pendant. It can grant wishes, shape destiny, see invisible enemies, predict the future, be an impromptu stopwatch, and can even double as a dowsing tool to find missing objects or people.

Hitomi Kanzaki got this necklace from her grandmother who in turn, got it from a man named Leon when she was transported for a brief period to the planet Gaea. Atlantis and thus has the power of Atlantis to turn thoughts into reality. 

It was first introduced in the show when Amano, Hitomi’s crush, saw it and commented that it was unusual. Hitomi then told him of its secret use. It can swing a whole arc every second even though, according to the  Escaflowne Compendium (a famous Escaflowne fandom site in the past), a pendulum must be one meter long for it to swing in an arc every second. 

Later on, Hitomi learned of it other and more potent power. It can grant wishes and change the fate of someone. She used this ability until she learned that you shouldn’t play with other people’s lives because we all must decide for ourselves how we want our lives to be. 

Heirloom Dagger 

Item code: Voltes V 
A small dagger with a dove engraved on the handle.

A family heirloom would be good as a gift at any time. For example, the dagger of Lord Zardos of the Bozanian army. He got it from his mom who got it from his dad. 

Later on, he found out that the people he was fighting against and the man he despised was actually his family. His real father had been discriminated against because he did not have the horns that proved that a Boazanian had royal blood. 

His real father escaped to Earth after giving a farewell present to his wife, the dagger that had been handed down to him. 

On Earth, his father became Dr. Armstrong, who recognized the dagger just as Zardos was about to stab his younger brother with it. 



Item code: Yu Yu Hakusho 
A simple yet elegant necklace made from leather with a pearl as a pendant.

This is the heritage the twins, Hiei and Yukina, got from their mother. Their mother had shed two tears when she had given birth to the two. 

The tears crystallized and became pearls just like any tears Koorime shed. It was the only object that connected Hiei with his past and his family. 

Yukina gave hers to Hiei and asked him to find her brother, not knowing that the person she was looking for was right in front of her. 

Model Dinosaur 

Item code: Kodomo no Omocha (Kodocha) 
A small model dinosaur.

Sana gave this to Hayama for a Christmas present. She was so happy when he said that he didn’t hate it (meaning he actually liked it). What she didn’t know was that Hayama had a model dino in his house that looked just like her present. 

Six-year-old Hayama had stared at it from a shop window until his dad bought it for him. ‘Course the snowman and kiss that Hayama gave to Sana probably equaled her gift if not in price, at least in sentimental value. 

Plastic Picture Frame 

Item code: Ranma 1/2 

A simple yet elegant plastic frame. 

Free picture of the whole Ranma 1/2 gang plus some other characters from the Ranma 1/2 Movie.

For those without any talent for homemade gifts and have only a little cash in their pockets, he/she might as well just buy something cheap like the frame Ranma gave to Akane. 

Put something equally cheap like that only picture lying around the house. Practical. Plus, you’ll still have change for your trip to and from the shop. As Ranma said, “It’s not much… but hey it’s Christmas !” 

Promise Ring 

Item code: Ah My Goddess 

Circular. Gold. Worth ¥58,000.

Several years before he made that fateful call, the young Keiichi made friends with a little girl underneath a cherry blossom tree growing near a temple. They played together for several days and even went around town where his friend saw some pretty toy rings. 

Keiichi didn’t have enough money to buy her one so he made her promise to come back to that spot the next day so he could get her one. His friend agreed and they made a pact of underneath the tree. But the next day, his friend didn’t come to the meeting place and when he went to the temple, he found out that she was scolded for making that pact. 

As punishment, she had to erase his memory of their meeting. He agreed but his friend promised that one day, she would go back to him to fulfill their pact. 

Several years later, Keiichi met Belldandy and the completion of a promise began to revolve and connect just like the never-ending circle of a ring. 

A ring that Keiichi fights heaven and Earth for just to be able to give to his beloved. 


Item code: Rurouni Kenshin 

Meiji-era reverse edged sword. The blunt side cannot cut people. Optional sword-fighting lessons from a former hitokiri available.

In the second OVA, Kenshin gave his sakabatou to Yahiko after teaching the young man the ways of the Hiten Mitsurugi. This was his graduation gift and the sign that Yahiko could now take over the saving-the-ones-you-love business. 

Just like the bokken that Kaoru gave to Yutaro before the boy went back to Germany, it was a reminder of the defender in Yahiko that he must never forget. 

Transformation Brooch 

Item code: Sailor Moon 

Red circular crystal surrounded by intricate golden trimmings. Free black cat with every purchase.

When Luna, the black guardian cat from the moon, was saved from some naughty kids by a teener named Usagi Tsukino, she didn’t know that her mission of finding the princess of the moon was at an end. 

When she saw the golden moon symbol on the forehead of the blond 14-year-old girl with hair buns, she thought she’d found just one of the Sailor warriors. She gave Usagi the transformation brooch which could transform the girl into Sailormoon. 

She gave Usagi the mission to fight evil and find the Princess of the Moon not knowing that she was really giving the princess what was her by birthright. 

Twilight Gemini 

Item code: Lupin the Third 
Pinkish diamond, rather large.

Lupin’s grandfather gave him the Twilight Gemini as a present while the old man was on his deathbed. 

This gem was supposedly the key to the treasure of a legendary kingdom called Gelf, located in Morocco, which was destroyed a long time ago. 

Hoax or not, Lupin and company could not resist the temptation of a bounty so off they went to Morocco for some dangerous treasure hunting. 

Wedding Necklace 

Item code: Fushigi Yuugi 

Local craft made from beads and feathers.

Little Yuiren made this as a wedding gift to Tamahome’s “bride” Miaka. She wanted to give this on their wedding day but was never given the chance because she and the rest of Tamahome’s family were killed. She was clasping it when Tamahome found her before she breathed her last.