Cocoa Domyoji Held Birthday Concert Live Stream, Set To Hold Live Event in Shibuya Next Month!

RIOT MUSIC’s Cocoa Domyoji sets new milestones with her many birthday events, the successfully concluded “Time Files” free concert livestream and upcoming “Cocoa Space in Shibuya” live event in October!

What You Need to Know:

  • Brave group, and its subsidiary SuperYellow who manages the virtual music production IP RIOT MUSIC, have announced that RIOT MUSIC’s Cocoa Domyoji held her free concert livestream “Time Files” this month in celebration of her birthday, and will hold a live event “Cocoa Space in Shibuya” with a bonus discussion in Shibuya next month!

    When: September 20, 2022 (Tues.) 9PM JST
    Where: Cocoa Domyoji’s Youtube Channel


    The “Domyoji Staff” membership level, priced at 490 yen, includes a variety of custom badges and stamps tailor-made for the comments section! You’ll also gain access to exclusive mini-live shows, limited-time only streams, special archives, and more. Those who want to become a “Domyoji Secretary,” this membership level priced at 6,000 yen, will have access to exclusive privileges regarding goods, including the sale of merchandise only available to this level, and extra-exclusive members only events.

    About RIOT MUSIC

    RIOT OF EMOTIONS – Creating Life-Changing Emotions-

    RIOT MUSIC dedicates itself to manifesting “songs that move you” as a music production company. Using the raw emotion our artists labor into their music to shake the soul, we strive to evoke unknown feelings.

    If we change our emotions, we can change our actions, and if we change our actions, we can change our lives.

    Our philosophy is to “create life-changing emotions” of this nature. By transcending countries and generations, we desperately want to make the world a little bit of a better place by sculpting songs that anyone can find strength in. “RIOT OF EMOTIONS” carries that weight.

    While the word “RIOT” may at times be used negatively, it carries sentiments of being “uninhibited”, “multi-colored,” and “captivating.” We’ll make songs with “multi-colored”, “captivating” emotions that will “uninhibit” the walls in our hearts and start a more thoughtful “RIOT!”

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